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Original Comic Art Tips #157 - Art Adams, Alex Ross, Tim Sale!!

Welcome to #157 of Original Comic Art Tips!! A regular week, with many results and a few nice things
October 2 · Issue #157 · View online
Original Comic Art Tips
Welcome to #157 of Original Comic Art Tips!! A regular week, with many results and a few nice things on ebay.
Original Comic Art Auction Results:
ebay: the Batman page by Jim Lee was sold for $7,5k, the Harley covers by Frank Cho for $6,3k and $4k, the Fathom pinup by Michael Turner for $3,6k, a great Longshot page by Art Adams went for “only” $3,2k, the Nova splash by Carmine Infantino for $3k.
Interesting results, as usual, for Mike Mignola original art. Remember the Hellboy 25th pinup that was sold at the end of July for $3,2k? After exactly two months it was sold again for $6k… prices for Mignola original art in 2020 have been dominated by the fear of missing out, or better, the fear of prices going too high to afford an original. And strangely enough in a year when Mike produced and sold a high amount of HB illustrations.
Speaking of this, Mike sold this full figure Hellboy for $2,2k, a bust for $1,6k, Lobster Johnson and Skeleton Head for $1,5k. Somebody else sold for (now a low price) $1,2k another HB pinup.
If that wasn’t enough, a 2 page set from World of Krypton, with Superman’s origin was sold for a pretty low $2k.
Then a Spidey/Deadpool cover by Ed McGuinness went for $2,3k, the Sal Buscema cover recreation for $1,5k, the Frenz/Sinnott one and a Paolo Rivera Guardians cover for $1,7k, a Flash Gordon pinup by Al Williamson for $2k.
A Mary Jane sketch card by John Romita went for a crazy $1,5k…
Heritage Weekly Auction: the Gil Kane Spidey page went for $5,5k, the pinup by Frank Cho for $3,8k, an early erotic page by Gilbert Hernandez for $2k, a Brer Rabbit Sunday by Dick Moores for $1,9k.
The Savage Dragon page by Jim Lee went for a pretty affordable $1k, a Spidey page by Alex Saviuk for $300.

This week on eBay
Art Adams - Excalibur Original Comic Art
Art Adams - Excalibur Original Comic Art
Marvel: three pieces by Sal Buscema, the Dr. Doom page is still going, a Vulture splash and ROM. A Conan page by John Buscema, a Fantastic Four storyboard by Jack Kirby, a Fantastic Four page by Bill Sienkiewicz.
An Excalibur page by Art Adams, Avengers by George Perez (one and two), Micronauts by Gil Kane, Rick Jones by Dale Keown.
An X-Men page by Greg Land, a Hulk commission by Gary Frank.
DC: if you like Big Barda somebody is selling his collection of 20 commissions for a pretty low price.
A Superman page by Gil Kane, a Superman splash by Chaykin, a great Batman illustration by Dave Johnson, Batman by Shane Davis and Dick Dillin, Robin by Graham Nolan, Flash by Don Heck, Wonder Woman by Mirka Andolfo, Omac by John Byrne.
A Cerebus page by Dave Sim, Mr. Punch by Dave McKean, a Promethea DPS by Dave McKean, a nice Hellboy sketch by Mike Mignola.
Strips: a Terry daily by Milton Caniff and a Terry Sunday by George Wunder.
Heritage Weekly Auction
Alex Ross Original Comic Art
Alex Ross Original Comic Art
DC: a Superman page by Alex Ross, Superboy by Dave Cockrum, World’s Finest by Garcia Lopez, some Batman pages by Jim Aparo and Flash by Carmine Infantino.
A She-Hulk page by John Byrne, Silver Surfer by Tom Grindberg and a Man-Thing page by John Buscema.
Another nude girl pinup by Frank Cho, a 1985 TMNT pinup by Kevin Eastman, a great Love & Rockets page by Gilbert and one by Jaime, a detailed Alex Nino illustration, an Usagi Yogimbo cover, a King of the World page by Wally Wood.
Strips: all of the usual ones and this very nice Casey Ruggles daily.
Heritage European Auction part 2 of 2
A beautiful Swamp Thing cover by Charles Vess, an X-Men page by Marc Silvestri, many great Tim Sale pages like this one, Batman pages by Gary Frank and David Finch, a Peanuts Sunday and a Flash Gordon Sunday by Alex Raymond.
Some Druuna pages by Serpieri, a Portugal page by Cyril Pedrosa and a panel by Osamu Tezuka.
See you next week!!
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