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Original Comic Art Tips #156 - Capullo, Charest, Cho!!!

Welcome to #156 of Original Comic Art Tips! Last week's newsletter was too long again, and it went in
September 25 · Issue #156 · View online
Original Comic Art Tips
Welcome to #156 of Original Comic Art Tips! Last week’s newsletter was too long again, and it went in some spam filters, if you haven’t received it here’s a link. Great week, with a long ebay section and many different auctions!
Original Comic Art Auction Results:
ebay: I can’t tell you the final Best Offer for this $7k Lady Death cover by Steven Hughes, because all online tools have been down for weeks…
The Skeleton Head painting by Mike Mignola went for $ 6,5k, The Elektra commission by Bill Sienkiewicz went for $2,3k, a nice Conan cover by Geoff Isherwood went for under $3,5k, a Marvel Age cover by Gabriel Hardman went for $2,3k, a war page by Joe Kubert for $2,2k.
This very nice Morbius page by Frank Robbins was sold for $1,4k, a Believe it or Not panel from the 30’s went for $2,5k, a Spy vs Spy splash by Prohias went for less than $3,5k.
Heritage Weekly Auction: a Wildcats page by Jim Lee went for $5,2k, The Elektra Assassin splash by Bill Sienkiewicz for the same price, the Frank Cho illustration for $4,3k, the TMNT pinup by Peter Laird for $2,2k.
The nice Jim Mooney Spidey page was sold for $2,1k, the MTU by Gil Kane for $1,9k. Pencil only commissions by Adam Hughes usually went for less than $1k
Hake’s Comic Art Auction: a Gertie frame by Winsor McCay wins with $13k, a Buster Brown Sunday by Outcault for $11,7k.
The Beast origin splash by Jim Starlin went for $13k, a Marvel Monsters cover for $5,4, a nice Dick Dillin JLA page makes $2,2k, a Galactus DPS by Doug Braithwaite $4,5k, a Spidey page by Sal Buscema $850.
2 panels from an unpublished Black Canary page by Infantino were sold for $1,7k, 2 Wonder Woman panels by H.G. Peter for $1,6k.
$2k for a Williamson/Frazetta John Wayne page is not bad, considering prices for tiny Frazetta sketches, a nice Wally Wood inked and signed page for $650, a Nick Fury page with Kirby layouts for $1,6k, a 6 page Wonder Wart-Hog story by Shelton was sold for $3,3k.
An Incredible Hulk page by Gary Frank went for $600, one by Sal Buscema for $500.
Funny how a Bob Kane Batman sketch, with an almost certain provenance, got only one bid at $590, when clearly fake sketches on ebay regularly go for much more.
Hero Initiative Batman Auction: many high prices, with 34 blanks going for over $1k. Art Adamscover went for $4,5k, Jim Lee for $4k, Alan Davis for $3,8k and here’s a link for the others.
Catawiki: a Corto Maltese strip by Hugo Pratt was sold for €3,2k, a Trigan page by Don Lawrence for €550, the sketched book by Gabriele Dell'Otto for €80, the Will Eisner prelim for €430 and a 100 Bullets page by Risso for €400.

This week on eBay
Frank Cho - Harley Quinn Original Cover Art
Frank Cho - Harley Quinn Original Cover Art
Another really great week, for ebay, with many high end pieces and nice cheaper pieces.
Mike Mignola is selling four inked pieces, a full Hellboy pinup, Lobster Johnson, an Hellboy bust and a skeleton head.
DC: no less than two Harley Quinn covers by Frank Cho, #14 and #17.
Hey there’s even more, an early (and great) Batman page by Jim Lee.
Speaking of Batman, commissions by Jim Balent, Steve Lieber, a sketch by Sean Murphy and a page by Ron Frenz.
A Wonder Woman Vs She-Hulk and another Wonder Woman commission by George Perez, all full figures, a Wonder Woman bust by Travis Charest.
In the days of the Mob by Kirby, an Hawkgirl splash by Dick Dillin, a Death sketch by Bill Sienkiewicz.
Marvel: this seller has a dozen cheap Marvel covers by Carlos Pacheco, here’s an Avengers one. A Spidey/Deadpool cover by Ed McGuinness, a Jay Anacleto cover, a full figure Wolverine commission by Lee Bermejo, a Venom painting by Francesco Mattina.
A great Nova splash by Carmine Infantino, a Fantastic Four cover recreation by Frenz/Sinnott, an Avengers cover recreation and a Doom page by Sal Buscema.
Vintage Spidey sketches by Mark Bagley and Lee Weeks, a Mary Jane sketch card by John Romita and a Fantastic Four sketch page by John Byrne.
A Black Cat title splash by Lee Elias with a good starting price, a Fathom commission by Michael Turner, a Ghost splash by Terry Dodson, Invincible art by Ryan Ottley, a cover by Mirka Andolfo, the Authority by Bryan Hitch, a Why I hate Saturn splash by Kyle Baker.
Heritage Weekly Auction
Gil Kane - Spider-Man Original Comic Art
Gil Kane - Spider-Man Original Comic Art
An incredible Spidey/Captain Marvel page by Gil Kane, Spidey by Alex Saviuk and Power Man/Iron Fist art by Herb Trimpe.
A Jimmy Olsen page by Jack Kirby, two 100 Bullets pages by Risso.
First time ever I see a Savage Dragon page by Jim Lee for sale, I liked that issue a lot as a kid… a nude girl by Frank Cho, a 1986 Michelangelo by Peter Laird, a Fold-In by Jaffee and Luba by Gilbert Hernandez.
Strips: a Terry daily by Caniff, a 1961 B.C. Sunday, a Donald Duck by Taliaferro, Mickey Mouse by Gottfredson.
Heritage European Comic Art Auction part 1 of 2
Milo Manara - Original Comic Art
Milo Manara - Original Comic Art
Great auction, much better than this month’s Signature..!
Many classic pages from: Bilal, Ted Benoit, a Largo Winch cover by Francq, Matteo by Gibrat, a beautiful Blueberry page by Giraud, Tillieux, Hermann, Mezieres and many more.
A Fridman cover by Giardino, Valentina by Crepax, the infamous SpiderWoman cover by Milo Manara, I prefer his classic work.
Several classic Carlos Ezquerra pages from the “Ezquerra collection” here’s a Dredd DPS.
A few Tank Girl pages by Jamie Hewlett as well, here’s the best one.
An Avengers page by John Buscema and a Thor splash, Two in One original art by John Byrne, a Fantastic Four page by Kirby, a Thor cover by Marie Severin.
White Indian by Frazetta, Rip Kirby by Raymond, a Spirit cover by Eisner and a great page by Corben.
Comic link Focused Auction
Greg Capullo - X-Force Original Comic Art
Greg Capullo - X-Force Original Comic Art
Here we are with another monthly auction, I browsed for you 500+ lots and condensed them in the next five lines… 😓 too many cheap, filler pieces.
A Batman cover by Dick Giordano, Batgirl by Don Heck, a Red Sonja cover prelim by Frank Thorne, Infinity Gauntlet pages by George Perez and Ron Lim, Batman by Don Newton, an X-Force splash by Greg Capullo.
Iron-Man original art by Joe Quesada, a Captain America cover prelim by Alex Ross, a Flash cover by Manapul, a Batgirl splash by Gary Frank.
See you next week!!
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