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Original Comic Art Tips #154 - Cassaday, Alan Davis, Kirby!

Welcome to #154 of Original Comic Art Tips! a big ebay section and great pieces on Heritage. Original
September 11 · Issue #154 · View online
Original Comic Art Tips
Welcome to #154 of Original Comic Art Tips! a big ebay section and great pieces on Heritage.
Original Comic Art Auction Results:
ebay: the Red Death pinup by Jim Lee went for $5,6k, take away the ebay fee and the seller lost almost $4k on it in a couple months… A page from Avengers #38 by Don Heck went for $5k, a Kingdom Come page by Alex Ross for more than $3k, a Dick Tracy daily was sold for $2,6k, it was sold on Heritage in January for the same price.
A Conan page by John Buscema was sold for $1,4k, a painted Harley Quinn commission by Neal Adams for $1,5k, this Snoopy sketch doesn’t look like it was drawn by Schultz, but it went for $1,5k.
Mignola original art: Godzilla went for $1,3k, Ultraman for $1,1k, a 2003 Hellboy bust for $860.
Heritage Weekly: the Mickey Mouse cover by Dick Moores went for $5,2k, the Paul Murry one for $3,3k. Just for the record, a 2012 Hellboy bust by Mike Mignola went for $850.

This week on eBay
Alan Davis - Excalibur Original Comic Art
Alan Davis - Excalibur Original Comic Art
A great week! since the pandemic started, ebay listings have always been a little boring, this time there’s so much to see, and I had to edit out many pieces for space constraints.
Mike Mignola is selling a dead spaceman painting, it’s already at $13k…
Also for charity are this Mary Jane sketch by John Romita, Batman, Batman 2 and Daredevil sketch covers by Scott McDaniel.
Marvel: some pieces by Gene Colan. Daredevil, Dracula, Iron-Man.
A Spider-Man page and a ROM title page by Sal Buscema, a G.I. Joe page by Herb Trimpe.
Some great modern original art, like this death of Gwen Stacy splash by Terry Dodson, a Black Panther cover by John Cassaday (still at a very low price), a Punisher cover by Leinil Yu, a Spider-Man splash and a Venom cover by Greg Land.
The original art for one of the classic Excalibur posters drawn by Alan Davis, the price is high…
An X-Force cover by Pepe Larraz, a Black Panther pinup by Carlos Pacheco, a painted Hulk/Wolverine commission by Brandon Peterson, a Wolverine page by Jock, a Conan cover by Jay Anacleto, a nice Black Cat commission by Chris Bachalo, ruined by one of those yellow sleeves.
DC: a nice Superman page by Curt Swan, for all of Gary Frank’s fans comes a great Superman page, a Superman cover by Ed Benes.
Batman and WW by Tony Daniel, Batman by Doug Mahnke, Batman by Matt Wagner, Batman and Harley busts by Bruce Timm.
A Green Arrow cover by Aaron Lopresti, an Infinity Inc. page by Todd McFarlane, a Sandman page by John J. Muth and an Hellblazer page by Jock.
A G.I. Joe cover by David Williams, a color commission of The Maxx by Ryan Ottley, Promethea by J.H. Williams, a Prime splash by Norm Breyfogle, a Cerebus page by Dave Sim.
A print with nice Wolverine and Grifter remarks by Jim Lee.
Strips: a lot of 21 very early B.C. dailies is ending in a few hours, at the moment the price is at $200 for each strip, very low.
A Li'l Abner daily with Frazetta ghosting, a Flintstones daily by Gene Hazelton and a Bugs Bunny daily by Ralph Heimdahl.
Heritage Weekly Auction
Dick Giordano - Superman Original Comic Art
Dick Giordano - Superman Original Comic Art
DC: Flash by Carmine Infantino, Superman and Swamp Thing by Murphy Anderson, a Superman pinup by Dick Giordano, Superboy by Dave Cockrum.
Marvel: Conan original art by John Buscema, Captain America by Sal, Daredevil by Tuska, a Human Torch page by Alex Saviuk.
An X-Men page by Marc Silvestri, X-Force by Greg Capullo, Avengers by Mark Bagley, a Spidey page by Greg Land.
An early Luba page by Gilbert Hernandez, a Stormwatch splash and a Divine Right DPS by Jim Lee.
A Mickey Mouse Sunday by Gottfredson, a Donald daily by Taliaferro, an early B.C. Sunday.
Heritage Signature Auction: Panel Pages Special
Sean Murphy - Batman Original Comic Art
Sean Murphy - Batman Original Comic Art
This is part 3 of 3, for covers and comic strips see the previous issues.
Marvel: great Fantastic Four title splash by Bob Powell, a Kree/Skrull war title splash by Sal Buscema, some Incredible Hulk pages by Herb Trimpe.
Great Spider-Man page by Erik Larsen, Wolverine original art by Marc Silvestri, Full issues: Avengers by Perez and Spidey by Romita Jr.
DC: powerful Kamandi title splash by Jack Kirby, a Batman one by Irv Novick, several great Superman splashes by Curt Swan and many by Murphy Anderson.
A Superman splash by Jim Lee and a Batman page by Sean Murphy.
Look at this Judge Dredd page by Brian Bolland, an inkwash Creepy page by Ditko, a complete Panic! story by Wally Wood.
A Quimby page by Chris Ware, a Freak Brothers splash by Shelton, a nice Indian Summer page by Milo Manara.
Catawiki Auctions
Massimiliano Frezzato - Maser Original Comic Art
Massimiliano Frezzato - Maser Original Comic Art
A Spider-Girl page by Frenz/Buscema, a Wolverine sketch by David Finch, a Spidey page by Sean Phillips, a Sketchbook with an original drawing by Gabriele Dell'Otto, a Hagar daily strip.
A Dylan Dog page by Ferdinando Tacconi, a nice color drawing by Andrea Pazienza, Capitan Erik by Attilio Micheluzzi, a Maser page by Massimiliano Frezzato.
See you next week!!
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