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Original Comic Art Tips #152 - Neal Adams, Madureira, McFarlane!

Welcome to #152 of Original Comic Art Tips! Original Comic Art Auction Results:ebay: look at this auc
August 28 · Issue #152 · View online
Original Comic Art Tips
Welcome to #152 of Original Comic Art Tips!
Original Comic Art Auction Results:
ebay: look at this auction, a page by Dan Jurgens depicting the death of Superman was sold for $39k..!
Jim Lee finished another charity sketch, #53 - Batman, that went for $16,9k, a Spider-Gwen cover by Jenny Frison went for $4k, a Danger Girl page by J. Scott Campbell went for $6k, the Batman by Frank Miller blue-line inked by Klaus Janson for charity went for $3k, a Superpowers page by Kirby for $1k.
I can’t tell you the best offer for this Hellboy pinup by Mike Mignola because the tool I used is down, but less than $2k…
Heritage Weekly: the Superman page by Curt Swan went for $5,5k, a Spidey DPS by Mike Deodato for $840 is not bad, a Green Arrow half splash by Jim Aparo and Bill Sienkiewicz for $300 is better, a JLA page by Butch Guice went for only $180.

This week on eBay
John Buscema - Marvel Heroes Original Comic Art
John Buscema - Marvel Heroes Original Comic Art
The mystery of the incredible original Marvel heroes poster on sale was solved on the John Buscema Facebook group. It’s original, sold by his nephew who got it when JB passed almost 20 years ago. It’s already at $39k and ending tomorrow..!
Mike Mignola this week is auctioning a Batman painting, a Batman pinup, a Batman bust and Batman Vs. mummy.
DC: a nice Aquaman page by Jim Aparo, Batman by Bob Brown, Swamp Thing by Ernie Chan, a nice Batman page by Matt Wagner, great Doomsday Clock page by Gary Frank, look at this Tom Strong page by Chris Sprouse.
Flash pages by Don Heck, some Superman pages by Alex Saviuk, here’s the best one, nice Ring page by Gil Kane.
Marvel: a rare Wolverine sketch by Joe Madureira, really nice Wolvie page by Marc Silvestri, Wolverine by Ryan Stegman, Wolvie by Humberto Ramos, 1985 Wolvie commission by Bob McLeod.
Invaders by Frank Robbins, Spider-Woman by Infantino, X-Men by Steve Epting.
A Red Monika sketch by Joe Mad, an Invincible page by Ryan Ottley, I like this Next Men page by John Byrne.
Cerebus by Dave Sim, great L&R page by Gilbert Hernandez.
Heritage Weekly Auction
Another weak auction, I only saved a Thanos page by Jim Starlin, an Howard the Duck by Gene Colan and a Superman by Curt Swan.
Heritage Signature Auction: Covers special
Neal Adams - Batman Original Cover Art
Neal Adams - Batman Original Cover Art
A look at the covers coming to auction in a few weeks. There’s not a great number of classic covers as usual, only a few great pieces.
A perfect Batman cover by Neal Adams, a classic Chamber of Chills cover by Lee Elias, the Princess of Mars cover by Frank Frazetta.
A Thor cover and a specialty drawing by Jack Kirby, New Mutants by Barry Smith, a painted Marvel Heroes cover by John Romita, Firestorm #1 by Pat Broderick.
A Jonah Hex cover by Darwin Cooke, a Painted Swamp Thing by Bernie Wrightson, Batman by Rafael Grampà and a cover by Daniel Clowes.
Comiclink Auction
Todd McFarlane - Spider-Man Original Comic Art
Todd McFarlane - Spider-Man Original Comic Art
Look at this auction, I had to edit out at least half of the lots, great selection with many historic pieces.
A Thing pinup by Art Adams, a Batman cover by Neal Adams, great Ghost Rider cover by Bret Blevins, a Batman cover by Brian Bolland, the first appearance of Deathlok by Rich Buckler.
An Avengers cover and a page by John Buscema, an Hulk page by Sal and a Fantastic Four page by John Byrne.
A John Wayne page by Williamson/Frazetta, a Batman page by Alan Davis, an X-Men cover by David Finch, a Catwoman cover by Adam Hughes, a Batman illustration by Kelley Jones, a Daredevil cover by Gil Kane.
Captain America original art by Jack Kirby, a top X-Men page by Jim Lee, New Mutants by Rob Liefeld, some great Infinity Gauntlet pages by Ron Lim, Spider-Man by Todd McFarlane.
A Superman cover by Ed McGuinness, a painted Hellboy cover by Mike Mignola, great Marv pinup by Frank Miller, great Infinity Gauntlet page by George Perez.
A Thor cover by John Romita, a great Disney page by Don Rosa, a Ghost Rider cover by Javier Saltares, a classic Wolverine page by Marc Silvestri, a Red Sonja splash by Frank Thorne, an Iron-Man cover by Tuska, an incredible Conan page by Barry Smith, a complete Cap issue by Mike Zeck.
Just a few pieces at Millon, nothing interesting. Here’s a general link if you want to take a look.
See you Next Week!!
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