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Original Comic Art Tips #150 - Dell'Otto, Perez, Adams!

Welcome to #150 of Original Comic Art Tips!! I've been doing this thing every week for the last 150 w
August 14 · Issue #150 · View online
Original Comic Art Tips
Welcome to #150 of Original Comic Art Tips!! I’ve been doing this thing every week for the last 150 weeks… 😱 as I usually write on anniversaries, if you enjoy this newsletter, the best way to help me growing it is by sharing an issue with your friends and on social media/groups/forums, and thanks for reading!
Original Comic Art Auction Results:
eBay: The Elfquest painting by Wendy Pini was sold for $4k, a sketch by Tim Burton was sold for $3,5k. I wouldn’t trust anybody but Tim Burton himself in selling me something like this, but I can’t say if its real or not.
I don’t know why the Skeleton Head illustrations by Mike Mignola were sold for such different prices, two were sold for $1,7k, and $1,5k, and they don’t seem better than the two sold for $960 and $940.
The Superman page by Jim Lee was sold for a pre-Covid-auctions price of $1,5k, somebody paid $2,7k for a 2 minute Jim Lee remark. One of the best nude girl pinups by Bruce Timm I’ve seen went for $1,1k, a TMNT page by Eastman/Laird went for $3,250.
Heritage Weekly Auction: no surprises, this week. The Steve Dillon Preacher page went for $3,6k, the Katzenjammer Kids Sunday by Knerr for $2,6k, the Frazetta sketch for $2,5k, a Doonesbury daily for $2,4k.
Classic Beetle Bailey strips continue to sell for very low prices, this Sunday went for less than $400, the nice Barney Google Sunday for less than $200.
ComicLink: the winner is George Perez with an Infinity Gauntlet page sold for $5,1k and one for $4,7k, the Gauntlet page by Ron Lim went for $4,8k.
The cover for Exiles #1 by Jeff Matsuda went for $4,4k, a Wonder Woman cover by Jenny Frison for $3,4k.
A Recreation by Carl Potts of a Punisher cover he did with Jim Lee went for $750, pretty high for a recreation. The Wolverine page by Joe Mad was sold for $1,6k.

This week on eBay
Art Suydam - Batman/Predator original cover art
Art Suydam - Batman/Predator original cover art
Mike Mignola, this week, is selling a Skeleton Head painted illustration, somebody is selling an Hellboy bust. Mignola’s World of Krypton pages one and two.
Marvel: Dazzler by John Romita Jr., Iron-Man by Don Heck, an X-Men page by Mike Grell, Hellcat by Ron Frenz and an Incredible Hulk cover by Jim Starlin.
A great Hero Initiative coaster drawn by Art Adams, a Venom page by Ryan Stegman, Fantastic Four and Avengers pages by Ed McGuinness, a Guardians illustration by Tom Grummett, very nice Wolverine commission by Declan Shalvey.
DC: a Man-Bat page by Michael Golden, Guy Gardner by John Byrne, a Crucible cover by Joe Quesada, a Joker sketch by Bill Sienkiewicz.
Doc Manhattan and the JLA by Gary Frank, great Teen Titans cover by Khoi Pham, a Batman commission by Chris Bachalo.
Look at this Batman Vs Predator painting by Art Suydam.
EC Weird Science and Tales from the Crypt pages, a painted Aliens page by Denis Beauvais.
Strips: a nice Terry and the Pirates daily by Milton Caniff and a Hagar daily by Dik Browne.
Heritage Weekly Auction
Alex Saviuk - Spider-Man Original Comic Art
Alex Saviuk - Spider-Man Original Comic Art
DC: Superman, Grundy and Swamp Thing in this page by Murphy Anderson, a nice Superman page by Curt Swan, Teen Titans original art by George Perez and Legion by Keith Giffen.
Marvel: Daredevil card art by Rick Leonardi, Daredevil by Gabriele Dell'Otto and a splash by Tom Grindberg, a Tarzan page by John Buscema, Spidey pages by Alex Saviuk.
A True Love cover by Al Avison, a complete Phantom story by Pat Boyette, an Archie cover by Dan De Carlo, another rare Knerr Katzenjammer Kids Sunday with its topper.
Catawiki Auctions
Gabriele Dell'Otto - Incredible Hulk sketch
Gabriele Dell'Otto - Incredible Hulk sketch
A Hulk sketch by Gabriele Dell'Otto, Scarlet Witch by Simone Bianchi, a sketched hardcover by Mirka Andolfo, a pinup by Alessandro Barbucci, a Namor splash by Geof Isherwood, an Ant-Man commission by Bob Layton.
A great Captain Erik page by Micheluzzi, Dylan Dog by Nicola Mari, a sketched hardcover by Giorgio Cavazzano, a Scrooge illustration by Alessandro Gottardo. A preliminary page by Don Rosa.
See you next week!!
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