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Original Comic Art Tips #148 - Byrne, Simonson, Ottley!

Welcome to #148 of Original Comic Art Tips! Original Comic Art Auction Resultsebay: The Hellboy 25th
July 31 · Issue #148 · View online
Original Comic Art Tips
Welcome to #148 of Original Comic Art Tips!
Original Comic Art Auction Results
ebay: The Hellboy 25th illustration by Mike Mignola went for $2,3k, Hellboy and Octopus for $2,275, Hellboy and demon for the same price, the bust for almost $2k, Skeletor for $1,5k.
The Fafhrd page was sold for $1k and then again for $1,3k.
A great Whilce Portacio 1991 X-Men splash was sold for $1,1k, a Teen Titans cover by Tom Grummett for $2,1k, a Scrooge drawing by Don Rosa for a Best Offer of $1,2k, a Spidey/X-Men DPS by Mark Bagley for a $1,3k B.O., a CGC Joker cover sketch by Jim Lee went for a $2k B.O.
The New Mutants prelim by Rob Liefeld went for $7,8k.
Heritage Weekly Auction: The highest price was (who knew?) for the cover to Visitors #1 by Eduardo Barreto, sold for $6,6k, it went way higher than the Machine Man page by Trimpe/Windsor-Smith, sold for $4,8k.
Sgt. Fury beating Nazis brought this Dick Ayers page higher than usual at $4,5k, the great Pogo daily went for $3,1k, the Hellboy pinup by Mignola for $2,8k, the Spidey page by Romita Jr for the same price. There were many other high prices, last week, here’s a link to see them all.
A daily with Pogo and Albert for less than $500 is a great catch, a Defenders page by Trimpe went for $400, not the best Joe Quesada page from The Ray, but $370 is a good price. Superman by Andru for $360, a 1960 B.C. daily for $300.
Catawiki: the illustration by Enrico Marini went for €1,1k, a page by Fernandez for €1,3k, a Salgarone illustration by Jacovitti for €420, the Torpedo pinup by Bernet for €200 and an X-Men page by Greg Land for €230.

This week on eBay
Carlos D'Anda - Batman Original Comic Art
Carlos D'Anda - Batman Original Comic Art
Four new Mike Mignola Charity Auctions, Hellboy bust with hand, with snake, with dragon and a Robo-Hellboy vs. giant snake illustration.
Drawn by Mignola we also have two World of Krypton pages (one, two), the original art for a BPRD cover and another Hellboy bust with a starting price that 6 months ago seemed crazy.
DC: a Superman page by John Byrne, one by Kerry Gammill, Flash by Irv Novick, a nice Wonder Woman page by Don Heck.
A Catwoman sketch by Jim Lee, a Batman page by Paul Pelletier, a Batman sketch by Alan Davis, a Batman splash by Carlos D'Anda.
A Blue Beetle cover by Cully Hamner.
Marvel: a Thor page by John Buscema, Red Sonja original art by Frank Thorne. A powerful Thor cover by John Romita Jr. The price is not bad.
Ghost Rider pages by Kyle Hotz, Leonardo Manco and Trent Kaniuga, Wolverine by Humbert Ramos, an X-Men splash by Tom Grummett, X-Factor by Jan Duursema.
Look: a 1991 Super Mario cover is at $1,5k and still under the reserve.
Nice Invincible original art by Ryan Ottley, an Usagi Yojimbo tribute book with dozens of sketches.
Heritage Weekly Auction
Ken Kelly - Original Conan Painting
Ken Kelly - Original Conan Painting
DC: a JLA page by Bernie Wrightson, one by Murphy Anderson, Teen Titans by George Perez, World’s Finest by Curt Swan, WF by Mike Mignola.
A war page by Joe Kubert and a nice Vigilante splash by Chuck Patton.
Marvel: Namor original art by Sal Buscema and Wrightson, then a Hulk page by Sal, and another one, Hulk by Marie Severin, a Hulk splash by Herb Trimpe.
Two in One by Kupperberg, Daredevil by Heck, Wolverine by Cowan/Sienkiewicz, nice X-Men page by John Cassaday.
Great Conan painting by Ken Kelly, a sketch by Jeff Jones, I like this page from The Abyss by Mike Kaluta.
A Power & Glory cover by Chaykin, a Love & Rockets page by Jaime and a Tarzan page by Jesse Marsh.
New Post: Walt Simonson Art and Commissions
Walt Simonson Original Comic Art
Walt Simonson Original Comic Art
Last week I finally went back to my office, after 6 months of trying to work from home, and I already found the time to do two new blog posts…
The pandemic left Mr. Simonson with spare time to do a few charity illustrations and open a small commission list. Rare enough to do a post for future price reference!
See you next week!!
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