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Original Comic Art Tips #147 - Are 11 Mignola Auctions Enough?

July 24 · Issue #147 · View online
Original Comic Art Tips
Welcome to #147 of Original Comic Art Tips! a slow week but with some gems here and there…
Original Comic Art Auction Results
eBay: a Spider-Man sketch by Stan Lee was sold for a Best Offer of $5k… that very nice Superman cover by Eduardo Barreto was sold for $3k, an unpublished Spidey cover by Jim Craig went for a $2,5k Best Offer, an Earth X page by J.P. Leon for $1,5k.
A Battlestar Galactica page by Walt Simonson went for $2,7k, a Superman sketch by Jim Lee for $1,1k, a Goat by Mike Mignola for $850, a Chicken for $1k, a DPS from Cable #1 by Art Thibert for $3k.
A 1938 Terry & the Pirates specialty piece was sold for $1k, a great 1937 Alley Oop daily for $950.
Heritage Weekly Auction: the Machine Man page by Jack Kirby went for $7,2k, the Batman pinup by Neal Adams for $4,3k, the Dr. Strange cover by Carl Potts for $3,7k, the Shogun Warriors title splash by Herb Trimpe for $3,6k, one of the Superman pages by Curt Swan was sold for $3,1k, the Teen Titans page by George Perez for $2,1k.
A nice Infinity Abyss page by Jim Starlin went for $700, the Chan/Mignola Power Man page and the Milgrom/Gammill Spidey page were sold for $400, a Superman page by Tony Daniel for $160.
Coutau Bégarie: not all of the lots were sold, but many went way beyond the highest estimation. Very high prices for Derib, with the Yakari cover sold for more than €17k, while an interior page was sold for €9k.
The Largo Winch page by Francq went for €28k, the Belloy page by Uderzo for €5k and the Obelix sketch for €1,7k.
The Brecht Evens illustration for €3,2k and a page by Lauzier for €4,1k.
Catawiki: a sexy illustration by Enrico Marini went for €1k, an X-Men page by Greg Land for €230, a Big Guy and Rusty pinup by Geoff Darrow for €120, a 100 Bullets page by Risso for €350.

This week on eBay
Gerald Parel - Sersi Original Comic Art
Gerald Parel - Sersi Original Comic Art
Mike Mignola: last week’s 25th anniversary Hellboy pinup is ending tomorrow, Mike is selling 3 Hellboy pieces: a full figure inked pinup, a Bust, another one and a Skeletor illustration.
A very nice Fafhrd page, and an Hellboy sketch in pencil.
Marvel: Rob Liefeld is selling a prelim to one of his classic New Mutants covers, a Spidey page by Ross Andru, a Thor sketch by Neal Adams.
A Sersi commission painted by Gerald Parel, Iron-Man art by Greg Land.
DC: nice Batman page by Ed McGuinness, a Batman splash by Dustin Nguyen, one by Matt Wagner, a Batman commission by Neal Adams.
The Comedian by Gary Frank, an Aquaman splash by Paul Pelletier, Green Lantern by Norm Breyfogle, Superman and Flash commissions by Neal Adams, a Flash page by Don Heck.
A Promethea DPS by J.H. Williams, a nice Invincible page by Ryan Ottley, a 1991 Crow commission by O'Barr, a late in life but nice Steve Ditko page.
Heritage Weekly Auction
Barry Windsor-Smith - Machine Man Original Comic Art
Barry Windsor-Smith - Machine Man Original Comic Art
Some great pages from Marvel: a Machine Man page by Trimpe/Windsor-Smith, a Spidey page by Gil Kane, Daredevil by David Mazzucchelli.
Great Black Spidey page by Rich Buckler, Spidey by Sal Buscema and Romita Jr./Sinnott, a Daredevil DPS by Bob Brown, a Man-Thing cover by Bob Wiacek, a Classic X-Men page by Dwyer/Austin.
A Hulk page by Sal Buscema, a Captain America illustration by Paul Ryan, a Daredevil page by Scott McDaniel and a Wolverine page by Adam Kubert.
DC: Superman pages by Tim Sale, Ross Andru, Curt Swan, a Superboy DPS by Bob Brown.
The cover to Visitors #1 and a Batman cover by Eduardo Barreto, JLA original art by George Perez, a Sea Devils page by Russ Heath.
The Ray by Joe Quesada and Green Lantern art by Travis Charest.
A Hellboy pinup by Mike Mignola, a Spawn sketch by Todd McFarlane, a 1954 Pogo daily, a 1960 B.C., a Nancy Sunday and a 1947 Halloween daily.
Catawiki Comic Art Auctions
Gene Colan - Original Self Portrait
Gene Colan - Original Self Portrait
There are not many auctions in the mid of summer, so I’ll do a tour of Catawiki, be prepared for some great pieces!
A beautiful Thorgal page by Rozinsky, a Derib page, a nice Lester Cockney by Franz, a Spirou illustration by Yoann, a sketch by Marini, a color illustration by Meynet, a Tintin sketch by Hergé, a cover by Andre Juillard.
Three painted head commissions by Mark Texeira: Weapon X, Magneto, Mystique.
A nice Johnny Hazard daily by Frank Robbins, and a self-portrait by Gene Colan with his characters.
A Torpedo sketch by Bernet, a beautiful Mermoz page by Micheluzzi, a painted page by Don Lawrence, a page from the Maser by Frezzato.
A Dylan Dog page by Stano, I Briganti and Kriminal by Magnus, a sketch of La Linea by Cavandoli and an incredible panel illustration by Andrea Pazienza.
New Blog Post: Jim Lee Original Art #41-50
I finally found the time to do the latest recap of the Jim Lee Charity auctions. We have two new records, and the total raised went well over $500k!
See you next week!!
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