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Original Comic Art Tips #146 - Perez, Kirby, Toppi!

Welcome to #146 of Original Comic Art Tips, long results section, be ready! Original Comic Art Auctio
July 17 · Issue #146 · View online
Original Comic Art Tips
Welcome to #146 of Original Comic Art Tips, long results section, be ready!
Original Comic Art Auction Results:
eBay: the Hellboy bust by Mike Mignola, sold last week for $1,8k, was put for sale again, probably the first buyer had second thoughts, and this time it went for more than $3k… people are getting crazier every week.
Of the 4 Marvel villains sold by Mike only Scorpion barely passed $1k, an Hellboy Junior sketch went for $1,350.
The Question by Jim Lee (#52/60) went for $6,6k, Jim also sold a Batman/Catwoman illustration by Joelle Jones for $10,6k and a Harley illustration by Bernard Chang for $2,9k, an action figure with a Jim sketch went for a Best Offer of $1k, a color pinup by Bruce Timm went for $1,3k, a Phoenix pinup by Alan Davis went for $1,5k.
Heritage Weekly: many high prices, last Monday, the Spidey page by Ross Andru made $8,4k, the Cap splash by Sal Buscema $3,6k, the Stardust illustration by Vess was sold for $3k.
The three Garfield dailies all went for very high prices, the Christmas day one for $2,6k. The Silver Surfer page by John Buscema for $2,4k.
Good deals: the Infinity Abyss page by Jim Starlin went for $660, the Batman commission by George Perez for $440, a nice Logan page by Risso for $430, an Aquaman DPS by Paul Pelletier for $380.
Heritage Signature Auction: Brian Bolland makes again his personal record with a Killing Joke page sold for $156k. Really high price $132k, for the splash to X-Men #4 by Jack Kirby, $78k for the cover to NYX #3 by Joshua Middleton, probably the highest price paid for post-2000 original comic art (was the TWD #1 cover sold in public? I don’t remember, reply if you do!).
Harvey Kurtzman makes his own record, with an EC story sold for $67k, $50k paid for the cover to Sandman #6 by Dave McKean, $38k for a Star Wars cover by Carmine Infantino, really high record for a Fantastic Four cover drawn by Keith Pollard, $38k, it’s time to buy the best Pollard/Sinnott pages… the Daredevil page by Frank Miller was sold for $33k, really high for an interior FM Marvel page.
The first (and beautiful) Conan splash drawn by John Buscema makes $31k, higher than most of his superhero interior pages. $30k for the Spidey cover by Charles Vess, $22k for the Batman cover by Garcia Lopez.
The Blacksad page by Guarnido was sold for $12k, a Batman splash by Sean Murphy for $6,6k, the complete Spidey issue by John Romita Jr. went for $13k, very good price considering the number of action pages.
The Marvel Heroes illustration by Sal Buscema resurfaced again in this auction (go see #126 of this newsletter for the story so far), went for $4,8k, nobody wanted it one year ago for $1,7k… without premiums the seller earned less than $200 from the sale.
ComicLink: the usual mix of high prices and good bargains, let’s see the highest, a Battle Chasers DPS by Joe Mad (drawn on a single sheet) was sold for $4,6k, the full Superman issue by Leinil Yu for $4,2k and its cover for $2k.
A Longshot page by Art Adams went for $3,6k, an Invincible cover (#69) for $3,2k, the Wonder Woman illustration by Jim Lee for $2,7k, the Ghost Rider cover by Tradd Moore and the Spawn splash by Greg Capullo for $2,4k, the Inhumans cover by Skottie Young for $1,2k.

This week on eBay
Mike Mignola - Hellboy Original Comic Art
Mike Mignola - Hellboy Original Comic Art
Mike Mignola: a 25th Hellboy anniversary pinup. This week he’s drawn Cavemans for charity… regular, big, woman, doctor. A cavemen comic written and drawn by MM would be great.
Marvel: a Daredevil page by Syd Shores, a MOKF page by David Mazzucchelli, a Daredevil commission by Gene Colan, a Battlestar Galactica page by Walt Simonson.
A Thor splash by Alan Kupperberg, The Thing Vs Hulk by Garney/Buscema, a Hulk sketch by David Finch, Iron-Man by Don Heck.
DC: Justice League and Justice League pages by Dick Dillin, great Superman cover by Eduardo Barreto, nice Dracula page by Ernie Chan.
Doomsday Clock by Gary Frank, a Deadman commission by John Byrne.
A Bruce Timm pinup, a Big Guy & Rusty pinup by Geoff Darrow.
Heritage Weekly Auction
Carl Potts - Dr. Strange Original Cover Art
Carl Potts - Dr. Strange Original Cover Art
DC: A Teen Titans page by George Perez, a Batcave splash by Russ Heath, a faded Batman action page by Gil Kane, nice Superman page and a Batman pinup by Curt Swan, a Batman pinup by Neal Adams.
A Just Imagine page by Jim Lee, Superman original art by Tony Daniel, a Fourth World page by John Byrne.
Marvel: Very nice Machine Man page by Jack Kirby, great Dr. Strange page by Dan Adkins, a painted Strange Tales cover by Carl Potts.
A vintage and faded Warlock commission by Jim Starlin, a Shogun Warriors splash by Herb Trimpe, a Power Man page by Chan/Mignola.
An Elektra commission by Bill Sienkiewicz, Logan by Eduardo Risso.
An EC page by John Severin, a Walking Dead page by Charlie Adlard, Love & Rockets by Jaime.
Coutau Bégarie auction
Sergio Toppi - Original Comic Art
Sergio Toppi - Original Comic Art
The best piece is this tome 3 Largo Winch page by Franq, a Belloy page and an Obelix sketch by Uderzo, many lots by Derib, here’s a Yakari cover.
A Comanche pinup by Hermann, Blake & Mortimer original art by Juillard, beautiful page by Tillier.
Great half splash by Sergio Toppi, an illustration by Brecht Evens.
Thor by John Buscema, Avengers by Jim Cheung.
See you Next Week!
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