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Original Comic Art Tips #145 - Skottie Young, Sal Buscema and... Jim Lee.

Welcome to #145 of Original Comic Art Tips, many auctions ending again, the Heritage Signature Auctio
July 10 · Issue #145 · View online
Original Comic Art Tips
Welcome to #145 of Original Comic Art Tips, many auctions ending again, the Heritage Signature Auction is live now.
Original Comic Art Auction Results:
Ebay: Jim Lee’s “sketch” #50, painted Batman went for $22,1k. #51 went in the direction I supposed for the last 10 pieces, cover quality art. Joker and Harley was sold for $24,1k.
Mike Mignola’s weird vegetables all sold for $1,200-1,500, Turnip was the higher. In the meantime four other auctions started and ended, remember those Hellboy pencil busts sold at conventions for a few $100’s until last year? Hear this: one sold for $3,6k, two for $3k, three for $2,4k and four for $2k. These were the entry point prices for published Hellboy pages…
Somebody bought a complete DKIII 9 volume set with 9 Frank Miller Batman sketches for $4,2k… That’s a nice collectible, if you want to burn four thousand dollars.
A Spidey page by John Romita Jr. was sold for a $2,750 Best Offer, a Venom cover by Todd Nauck for $3,5k, an All Star page by Estrada and Wood was sold for $5,5k, a Venom cover by Ryan Stegman for a B.O. of $3,2k,
Heritage Weekly Auction: Rich Buckler’s DC Horror covers went pretty high, this one was sold for $4k, the Kirby Superpowers page for $2,9k, a Love & Rockets page by Jaime for $3,6k, probably also due to naked girls, the Walt Simonson Batman went for $2,9k.
B.C. and Wizard of ID dailies go even lower than last week, we’re at $330, time to buy. 1960, hand colored, Brenda Starr Sunday strips are sold every week for very low prices.
Cornette De Saint Cyr: many of the lots went unsold or for less than the estimated prices, the highest price was paid for the Delacroix homage painting by Milo Manara, sold for €26k, the Thor cover went for €9,1k.
All of the Punisher covers by Tim Bradstreet were sold, this one for €3,9k, the others for very affordable prices, like the painted one that went for €1,4k.
The Walking Dead splash by Charlie Adlard went for €1,5k, a Zombie fight page for €1,3k. A Judge Dredd painted page by Frank Quitely went for €850, the Tom Strong cover by Art Adams for €3,6k.

This week on eBay
Jim Lee - Batman: Hush Original Comic Art
Jim Lee - Batman: Hush Original Comic Art
Jim Lee is selling #52, a nice depiction of The Question and a great Batman/Catwoman illustration by Joelle Jones.
Mike Mignola is auctioning very nice pinups of Marvel villains, Electro, Rhino, Super Skrull, The Scorpion and an Hellboy bust that looks like a relisted one from last week.
Another charity piece is this Batman/Question illustration by Denys Cowan.
DC: speaking of Jim Lee we have a new all-Harley page from Hush, another Harley sketch + action figure here, The Comedian by Gary Frank, a JLA page by Scott Kolins, The Demon by Gene Colan, a Batman page by Jim Aparo.
Great Batman commission by Matteo Scalera.
Marvel: Nice Conan page by John Buscema and a Fantastic Four Vs. Doom page by Ed McGuinness. Nothing else.
Thinking of this week’s prices for Hellboy busts by Mike Mignola, seems like $1k is not bad anymore
An early Love & Rockets page by Jaime, a Preacher page by Steve Dillon and a Tarzan commission by Neal Adams.

Heritage Weekly Auction
Sal Buscema - Captain America Original Comic Art
Sal Buscema - Captain America Original Comic Art
Some very nice pieces, this week, probably to use the peak of traffic due to the Signature Auction.
Marvel: a Ross Andru Spider-Man page, a Captain America splash by Sal Buscema, a Buscema/Sienkiewicz Silver Surfer page, a Captain America page by Steve McNiven, I like a lot this Deathlock splash by Leonardo Manco.
Thanos, Warlock, Captain Marvel, Pip and even more characters in this Infinity Abyss page by Jim Starlin.
DC: Batman original art by Tony Daniel, early Batman pinup by Cully Hamner, Batman and Catwoman sketches by David Mazzucchelli, a Batman commission by George Perez.
Some nice pages by Eduardo Risso, Batman by Tyler Kirkham, a Haunted Tank page by Sam Glanzman.
A Stardust page by Charles Vess, an Incal page by Zoran Janjetov.
Some other great Judd Saxon strips by Ken Bald, a Christmas day Garfield strip.
Heritage Signature Auction part 2 of 2
Dave Johnson - 100 Bullets Original Cover Art
Dave Johnson - 100 Bullets Original Cover Art
The first lots ended yesterday come back next week for a full recap.
Now let’s see lots closing today and on the weekend: X-Men original art by Dave Cockrum, a Dracula cover by Gil Kane, a beautiful Elektra splash by John Romita Jr., a Fantastic Four title splash by John Byrne, a Batman half splash by Lee Bermejo, I like this Batman DPS by Tony Daniel.
Many early Garfield strips, a great Superfriends cover by Ramona Fradon, some great Dick Tracy 1947 Sunday strips, here’s one, a Prince Valiant title panel by Hal Foster, a nice Black Cat page by Lee Elias, some James Jean illustrations.
A 100 Bullets cover by Dave Johnson, a 1951 Pogo Sunday by Walt Kelly, a very nice Golden Age cover by Alex Kotzky, Viking Prince original art by Joe Kubert, several covers by Ed McGuinness.
Ghost Rider by Don Perlin, an Uncle Scrooge page by Don Rosa, a Spidey cover by Terry Dodson.
Comic link Focused Auction part 2 of 2
Skottie Young - Rocket Raccoon Original Comic Art
Skottie Young - Rocket Raccoon Original Comic Art
Great Street Fighter Vs. G.I. Joe cover by Nick Pitarra, an Aquaman cover by Howard Porter, very nice Spidey page and many commissions by Humberto Ramos, a Spidey page by Paolo Rivera, a Nova cover by Chris Samnee, Hulk and Daredevil by Matteo Scalera.
Many covers, pages and sketches by Skottie Young, here’s an X-Men splash, and here’s all the rest.
Many pages by Leinil Yu, like this complete Superman issue with its cover.
Cambi Aste
An auction of erotic comic art (you’re warned).
Swann Galleries
Great selection of mostly illustrations and magazine cartoons.
Al Hirshfeld draws Gershwin, a Babar illustration by De Brunhoff, Dr. Seuss, a book cover by Steinberg, Charles Addams, a Felix Sunday by Messmer, a war comics splash by Joe Kubert.
See you next week!!
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