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Original Comic Art Tips #144 - Bolland, Bradstreet Miller!

Welcome to #144 of Original Comic Art Tips, another very long update, this week, with many ending auc
July 3 · Issue #144 · View online
Original Comic Art Tips
Welcome to #144 of Original Comic Art Tips, another very long update, this week, with many ending auctions, I’ll have to keep a short results section to keep this email out of spam filters..!
Original Comic Art Auction Results:
ebay: the Superman painting by Jim Lee went for $14,5k, Jim also sold an Harley Quinn painted by Olivia for $6,5k, the Thor pinup by Walt Simonson went for $2,6k, if you don’t consider a premium for a charity auction we’re again higher than the price asked for recent (and bigger) commissions.
The Bela Lugosi drawing by Mike Mignola went for $1,4k.
A Conan page by Barry Smith went for $7,3k, a nice Storm commission by Darwyn Cooke for $1,8k, a Batman commission by Tim Sale for a $1,780 Best Offer, a Black Canary commission by Bruce Timm for $2,6k.
Heritage Weekly Auction: Leinil Yu’s X-Force cover went for $2,6k, the Batman page by Carmine Infantino for $2k.
An Aquaman color pinup by Stephen Segovia went for only $400, Gasoline Alley strips from the ‘30s are still affordable, this funny one went for $400.
B.C. and Wizard of ID strips go for less on HA than on ebay.

This week on eBay
Ryan Sook - Original Batman Comic Art
Ryan Sook - Original Batman Comic Art
Jim Lee’s 50th charity piece is a painted Batman, ending tonight.
Mike Mignola original art ending tonight too: Mr. Peapod, Corn Man, Onion Lady, Hobo Turnip.
DC: Doom Patrol by John Byrne, Wonder Woman by Don Heck, three very nice pieces: a Rorschach page by Gary Frank, a Batman illustration by Paul Smith, a Batman commission by Ryan Sook.
Marvel: an X-Men Elsewhen page by John Byrne, an Avengers DPS by Paul Pelletier, an Avengers page by Ed McGuinness.
Joe Sinnott original art is starting to come out, this 1984 F4 sketch is great.
A beautiful page of sketches by Bernie Wrightson, a Dejah Thoris pinup by Bruce Timm, a Juliet Jones Sunday by Stan Drake.
Heritage Weekly Auction
Not much to see, this week…
DC: a Superpowers page by Jack Kirby, an horror cover by Rich Buckler, a Batman splash by Tom Derenick and a Madame Xanadu page by Mike Kaluta.
A Batman sketch by Walt Simonson and a 1994 Batman commission by Graham Nolan.
A Jaguar page by Steve Ditko, 1982 Garfield daily, a 1969 B.C. and a Wizard of ID.
Heritage Signature Auction part 1 of 2
John Buscema - Thor Original Comic Art
John Buscema - Thor Original Comic Art
The auction will start next Thursday, so I’ll have to look at the “ending soonest” section, this time.
First is Neal Adams with a Batman cover, a Killing Joke page by Brian Bolland, a Battlestar Galactica painting by Frazetta, a Tank Girl cover by Jamie Hewlett and some great covers: Ghost Rider #2 by Gil Kane, Hulk by Dale Keown, Fantastic Four #95 by Jack Kirby.
Full Harvey Kurtzman art in this complete EC story.
Sandman #6 cover by Dave McKean.
A Spidey cover by John Romita Sr., many lots by Art Adams, here’s a Black Spidey page, an early Conan splash and a Thor splash by John Buscema.
After many sketches, finally, a published Blacksad page by Guarnido.
An original Star Wars cover by Carmine Infantino, nice Spider-Man original art by Todd McFarlane, I like a lot this classic Spider-Man cover by Charles Vess.
A Wolverine page by Frank Miller, a Freak Brothers cover by Shelton and the best art job ever done by Kevin Nowlan: the first, 8 page, Jack B. Quick story.
Comic link Focused Auction part 1 of 2
Tradd Moore - Ghost Rider Original Cover Art
Tradd Moore - Ghost Rider Original Cover Art
Here we are with another monthly original art auction from ComicLink, I took a look at half of the lots, come back next week for the other half.
Art Adams, a Longshot page, a Spider-Man: Reign cover by Kaare Andrews, a nice Namor page by Ross Andru, many pages by Chris Bachalo, here’s a Death commission.
A classic Spidey page by Mark Bagley, a Spawn splash by Greg Capullo, a Black Canary cover by Cliff Chiang.
A nice Spidey page by Sal Buscema, a DC cover by Gary Frank, not really familiar with Aaron Conley, but I really like this DPS.
A Wonder Woman illustration by Jim Lee, great Flash page by Clayton Henry, many ‘90s DC pages by Stuart Immonen, some Sean Murphy pages, I like this one.
A Ghost Rider cover by Tradd Moore, many Batman pages by Irv Novick, an Invincible cover by Ryan Ottley and a rare Battle Chasers DPS by Joe Madureira.
Cornette de Saint Cyr Auction
Tim Bradstreet - Punisher original Cover Art
Tim Bradstreet - Punisher original Cover Art
Many multiple pieces from the same artists, it’s called “collection d’un amateur” for a reason, all of the pieces are in a similar vein, based on the tastes of the collector who bought them.
An impressive collection of 8 Punisher covers by Tim Bradstreet, here’s a color one.
Many DMZ covers by J.P. Leon, I like this one.
A good collection of Eduardo Risso original art, some by Michael Lark, several TWD pages by Charlie Adlard, all of them with zombies and high starting prices.
Career spanning collection of R.M. Guera pieces, here’s a color Django cover.
Some Criminal covers by Sean Phillips and even a Tom Strong cover by Art Adams and a DPS from The Wake by Sean Murphy.
I don’t know why anybody would buy a Nightcrawler (or Thor) cover by Milo Manara
See you next week!!!
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