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Original Comic Art Tips #142 - Tim Sale, Liefeld, Silvestri!

Welcome to #142 of Original Comic Art Tips! Many different auctions this week. Original Comic Art Auc
June 19 · Issue #142 · View online
Original Comic Art Tips
Welcome to #142 of Original Comic Art Tips! Many different auctions this week.
Original Comic Art Auction Results:
eBay Charity Auctions: the Hulk/Wolvie sketch by Sam Kieth went for $1,2k, the Hellboy illustration by Mike Mignola for $2,8k, then Wolverine for $2,2k, Screw-On Head for $1,2k and Gigantor for $1,3k.
Another round of Mignola auctions: Zoola went for $1,7k, Skeleton Head for $1,5k, another Zoola for $1,3k.
The Superman DPS by Gene Ha was sold for almost $2k and the Superman original art by Kevin Nowlan for $500.
Non Charity: a Marc Silvestri Darkness cover went for a $12k Best Offer, the Thor illustration by Walt Simonson went for almost $6k, the $2k asked for the recent round of commissions seems cheap now.
A beautiful 1982 horror illustration by Mike Mignola went for a B.O. of $3k, the cover with Hellboy for $4,5k, a 1993 Spidey/Venom page by Mark Bagley for $4,7k. Last summer Bruce Timm head sketches had a $200 price tag, don’t know what happened.
I can’t follow well auctions on social media, but it seems like the Jim Lee X-Men page was sold on Twitter for $23k.
Catawiki: a painted illustration by Moebius was sold for €3,6k, every week a color pinup by Alessandro Barbucci is sold for about €300, a Torpedo sketch by Jordi Bernet went for €170.
Heritage Weekly Auction: Norm Breyfogle wins with his Hellcat #1 cover sold for $4k, the Sgt Fury page by Dick Ayers makes more than usual at $3,3k, a bit surprised by this (exceptional) Conan/Sonja page by Buscema sold for $3,1k.
The early Beetle Bailey Sunday went for almost $1k, the 1910 Foxy Grampa for a bit less.
The Batman family pinup by Mike Deodato went for only $500, the Batman commission by Dave Cockrum for less than $400, a great Dr Strange page by Butch Guice for $370.
Sketches by Adam Kubert go for a lot of money if bought from reps, on auction you get one for $300.
The historic Animan origin layout by Wally Wood wasn’t seen by many historians, and was sold for $250…

This week on eBay
Rob Liefeld - New Mutants Original Cover Art
Rob Liefeld - New Mutants Original Cover Art
Charity: Mike Mignola is drawing beautiful illustrations based on Chess pieces, Knight, Horse, Bishop, Rook.
A Spider-Man/Spawn illustration by Philip Tan, a Batman page by John Romita Jr, a copy of a Hulk drawing by JRJR inked by Tommy Lee Edwards, I like the combo.
DC: a Hush page by Jim Lee, Batman pages by Norm Breyfogle, Paul Ryan, Jim Aparo and Irv Novick.
Rorshach original art by Gary Frank, Teen Titans by Chuck Patton, Starman by Steve Ditko.
Marvel: Rob Liefeld is selling an unused New Mutants cover, a great Galactus splash by Sean Phillips from Marvel Zombies, an Iceman splash by Brandon Peterson, Cap and Daredevil bust commissions by Gene Colan.
A nice Penthouse Comix page by Adam Hughes and an incredible Invincible half splash by Ryan Ottley.
Heritage Weekly Auction
Tim Sale - Batman Original Comic Art
Tim Sale - Batman Original Comic Art
DC: the best piece of the week is this Batman splash by Tim Sale, Batman again with a Gary Frank splash and a Butch Guice pinup.
Flash and the JLA by Ross Andru, many Superman pages by Curt Swan and Deadman by Garcia Lopez.
Marvel: Sgt. Fury by Dick Ayers, a nice Hellcat page and Hellcat+the Avengers by Norm Breyfogle.
Namor week: vs. the Thing by Greg Land, a splash with Spidey by Tom Lyle, a great title splash by Jim Mooney and another splash by Olliffe/Williamson.
Two Jaguar pages by Ditko, one is a splash. a PS poster by Mike Ploog, a Ghita page by Frank Thorne and Maggie is reading comics by Jaime Hernandez.
A great Sergio Toppi page, let’s see the end price on this one on a foreign auction.
Strips: two Ben Caseys by Neal Adams, a January, 1 1998 Garfield daily, a Captain and the Kids Sunday and a 1971 Doonesbury daily.
Mezieres - Valerian Original Cover Art
Mezieres - Valerian Original Cover Art
Always great auctions from Artcurial, here we have more than 300 original comic art lots, I remember some of them from a previous auction, maybe they were unsold? no time to go and check…
a Bilal painting, a great 1950 Barelli page by Bob De Moor, some Spirou pages by Fournier, a page in color by Gibrat. This Juan Jimenez page is nice and much cheaper than one from the Metabarons.
The highlights are, as usual, a cover by Franquin and one by Hergé.
If you want a cheaper Franquin piece there’s this very nice Gaston sketch.
A painted Blueberry pinup and a very nice Arzach sketch by Giraud/Moebius, both with low estimates.
A fantasy painting by Hermann, a great poster by Jidehem, Tanguy original art by Jijé, a Tarzan Sunday by Burne Hogarth, three beautiful Ranxerox pages by Liberatore.
A Valerian cover by Mezieres, a color Lucky Luke pinup by Morris, an Alack Sinner page by Munoz, two painted sketchbook pages with Corto by Hugo Pratt.
Catawiki Disney Auction
Giorgio Cavazzano - Original Comic Art
Giorgio Cavazzano - Original Comic Art
As I told you two weeks ago I’m regularly scouting the weekly Catawiki auctions and I’d like to do a regular section here, but I have not much time left, I’ll try to do it once in a while, for now.
I chose the themed Disney auction, with many great pieces to see. Some by Giorgio Cavazzano, a Magica illustration in color, a Paperinik title page, a Topolino cover prelim.
A page by Luciano Bottaro, many classic pieces by G.B. Carpi, a strip by Romano Scarpa and many more.
Misc. Auctions:
Marc Silvestri - X-Men Original Comic Art
Marc Silvestri - X-Men Original Comic Art
Russ Cochran:
the usual cheap comic strips and a nice Dick Tracy daily.
Nate Sanders:
five Peanuts lots, three great strips from the ‘80s, like this one with Snoopy and Charlie Brown. If you want a cheaper Schulz piece you can try with this water damaged strip selling for $5k, a good restorer could probably save it.
For even less there’s a great Peanuts sketch from the '50s.
Maison de ventes Good:
First time I see a comic art auction from this house, I found it on the always useful auction calendar in Comic Art Tracker. They’re selling a single collection of mostly Marvel and DC artwork, the highlights are a Wolverine cover by Kirk Jarvinen, a very nice X-Men page by Marc Silvestri and an uncredited Ron Lim Spider-Man page.
Whew! See you next week!!
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