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Original Comic Art Tips #140 - Sean Murphy, Mignola, Buscema!

Welcome to #140 of Original Comic Art Tips! Many results to see... Original Comic Art Auction Results
June 6 · Issue #140 · View online
Original Comic Art Tips
Welcome to #140 of Original Comic Art Tips! Many results to see…
Original Comic Art Auction Results:
ebay: Jim Lee has fallen a little behind with deadlines, only #46 was sold, Batman Knightfall for $12,1k.
Jim Lee Friends: Mystique by Mike Mayhew for $7,1k.
Other Charities: the nurse by Joe Quesada went for $2,1k, the painted Pokemons by Mike Mignola for $11k, the Wonder Woman DPS by Nicola Scott for $2,5k, Batman/Spawn by Philip Tan for $1,100, Batman and Joker by Sam Kieth for $1k.
A Witchblade cover by Mike Turner went for $11k, a very nice Catwoman commission by Adam Hughes for $3,1k, an Infinity Abyss splash by Jim Starlin for $1,1k.
Keeping track of Jim Lee sketches sold on ebay for “new” prices, a remarked print went for $750 (B.O), an Harley sketched action figure for $1k and a quick Wonder Woman sketch for $900.

Catawiki: Lately I’ve started to look more regularly into Catawiki auctions, I’d like to do a weekly section here, but I don’t have much time left… I’m mostly looking there to find discounted Artist’s Editions and signed/numbered hardcovers, but the original art section is also growing in quality.
The best piece, lately, was an half page drawn by Franquin, sold for €15,5k, a Corto Maltese strip by Hugo Pratt for €4k, a Heavy Metal cover painted by Luis Rojo for €2,6k, a Masque Rouge page by Juillard for €2,6k, a Djinn pinup by Ana Miralles for €2,8k.
Three very nice Moebius sketched books went for affordable prices, this one for €400 and a set of two Blueberry books for €425.
a Scorpion pinup by Enrico Marini for €700, for the same price went a nice pinup by Alessandro Barbucci, an affordable Kull page by John Buscema for €450, a Ken Parker page by Ivo Milazzo went for €550.
Last week there was also a Charity auction, with Milo Manara (€3,7k), a Tex cover prelim by Laura Zuccheri (€1,4k), a Tex cover by Piccinelli (€1k) and a Secret War page by Gabriele Dell'Otto (€600).

Heritage Weekly: a Mike Kaluta cover went for $4,5k, a Sgt Fury page by Dick Ayers for the usual $2,6k, a funny 1994 Garfield daily for $1,5k.
A nice Lee Elias Invaders page went for $600, an oil painted Batman by Sanjulian for only $500. Tuska is not Kirby, and Power Man is not Spider-Man, but there are bronze age Marvel pages selling every week for $300.

ComicLink: the X-Men cover by J. Scott Campbell went for $9,5k, the Doom splash by John Byrne for $18k, the Frazetta pencil illustration for $23k.
David Finch probably made his record with a Batman cover sold for $13k, the Batman splash by Greg Capullo went for $10k, this great Capullo/McFarlane Spawn splash went for almost $8k, this one was nice too and went for “only” $3,5k. Speaking of Todd the Hulk cover went for $66k, a nice page for $5,8k, a couple Spidey pages for $11k.
Jim Lee prices, now that we’re used to the $10-20k for his charity pieces, seem pretty low, a nice Batman page went for less than $8k, the $5,5k of this great All Star page seems affordable now.
Take a note: the Lynn Varley original color guide to the Dark Knight page 46 from issue #2 went for $3,9k.
The cover to Amazing Spider-Man #90 by Kane & Romita was sold for $122k.
Prices for Art Adams original art are very different when you buy from Clink, look at this great Storm cover sold for less than $5k, then look at this (small) Spidey illustration sold for $1,2k (!).
Speaking of different prices, at least 30 covers drawn by top talent were sold with prices ranging from $400 to $1,800, expect to see most of them on sale again soon with 2-3-4x prices…. A $1,5k Flash cover by Alan Davis, a $750 Green Arrow cover and a $1,1k Avengers cover by Bryan Hitch
Speaking of good prices, this Rogue 2/3 splash by Andy Kubert went for $1,8k, a Spidey page by the Romitas for $1,9k, and a huge Ronin pinup by Frank Miller for $3k.
I rarely see Cloak & Dagger original art by Rick Leonardi, a nice page went for $2,1k.

This week on eBay
Ken Lashley - X-Men Original Cover Art
Ken Lashley - X-Men Original Cover Art
Charity Auctions: no new Jim Lee and friends original art, let’s start with a Batman page by Sean Murphy, Ant Man, Sandman, Dragon Man, Impossible Man by Mike Mignola, a nice Batgirl pinup by Kevin Nowlan, a cover by Dustin Nguyen, a Mutts sketch by Patrick McDonnell, a cover quality Magneto illustration by Sean Chen.
Marvel: a very nice Conan page by John Buscema, another page, a great Dracula page by Gene Colan, a Fantastic Four splash by Paul Ryan.
A great X-Men cover by Ken Lashley, a splash by Paul Pelletier, a Punisher page by Tom Lyle.
DC: cheap Young Justice cover by Humberto Ramos, Doomsday Clock by Gary Frank and I like this Batman page by Rick Leonardi.
Betty and Veronica pinups by Dan De Carlo, a Pogo daily by Walt Kelly.
Heritage Weekly Auction
Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez - Deadman Original Comic Art
Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez - Deadman Original Comic Art
Another slow week over at HA, let’s see the better pieces.
Marvel: I really like this vintage Conan pinup by Dan Adkins, Sgt Fury by Dick Ayers, a nice Invaders page by Frank Robbins, Power Man by Tuska.
A nice Wolverine cover by Mike Perkins and an Invaders splash by Dan Jurgens.
DC: Flash by Eduardo Barreto, a great as usual Deadman page by Garcia Lopez, a Superman DPS by Ethan VanSciver.
A nice Charlton page by Jim Aparo, classic Hellshock art by Jae Lee, a good Doug Wildey page.
A Ben Casey daily by Neal Adams, a funny Garfield daily, a Beetle Bailey daily and the usual weekly lots.
See you next week!!
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