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Original Comic Art Tips - #139 Lots of Todd McFarlane originals!!

Welcome to #139 of Original Comic Art Tips! a long and high quality Comic Link section, this week! Or
May 29 · Issue #139 · View online
Original Comic Art Tips
Welcome to #139 of Original Comic Art Tips! a long and high quality Comic Link section, this week!
Original Comic Art Auction Results:
eBay: Jim Lee’s Batman the Merciless (#42-60), whoever he is, went for $8,1k, I really liked Batman and Hush, sold for $17,1k, I don’t know who Lynx II is but her sketch sold for $7,8k, a Wonder Woman portrait went for $15k. I’m not a big fan of Jim’s painting style but these sketches are making a lot of money for charity so they’re a great choice.
Jim’s friends: Flash by Francis Manapul went for $3,8k, a great Daredevil by Lee Weeks for $3,1k, Superman by Shane Davis for $1k, Death’s Head by Liam Sharp for $1,1k, Lobo Vs Guy Gardner for $1,6k, the nice Power Girl by Clay Mann for $2k.
The Maxx by Sam Kieth was sold for “only” $3,1k.
Mike Mignola: the Hellboy painting went for big money, $15,1k, a bust for $1,5k, a more detailed one for $4,2k, Hellboy & Kong for $1,3k.
Another Calvin & Hobbes signed print went for $6,2k, much less than the one sold for charity.
The Wolverine page by John Byrne went for a not-so-high $4k, an Avengers page for $2,5k, a rare Magnus page by Russ Manning went for $3,9k, a Transformers page went for $2,7k, the Phoenix splash by Erik Larsen for a $3k Best Offer and a great Conan page by John Buscema for $1,3k.
Artcurial: The Albert Uderzo original art auction for charity made €390.000,00 with four of five pieces sold.
Heritage Weekly: Julie Bell wins with her cover sold for $4,3k, a Lady Death cover by Dorian went for $4k, an Avengers page by Sal Buscema for $3,8k, a surprise $3,3k for the great Nibelung splash by Gil Kane, $1,7k for the Warlock splash by Jim Starlin. $1,000 is probably a record for the usually affordable art of Giorgio Comolo.
Who knew those beautiful Ben Casey strips by Neal Adams would remain so low? One went for $630 and the other for $588.
Johnny Hazard (late) Sundays for $100 are a steal, a Superman page by Rick Leonardi went for only $80.

This week on eBay
Nicola Scott - Wonder Woman Original Comic Art
Nicola Scott - Wonder Woman Original Comic Art
No Jim Lee sketches, today but there are many charity auctions going. A great Mystique painting by Mike Mayhew is ending tonight, then She Hulk by Domo Stanton, Batman and Joker by Sam Kieth, a nurse with a Captain America mask by Joe Quesada is going higher than expected, a detailed Batman Vs. Spawn by Philip Tan, I really like this Wonder Woman DPS by Nicola Scott.
Mike Mignola this week is drawing Pokemons..! Painted Pikachu and friends, Psyduck and friends, Weezing & friends, and two other friends.
Non charity zone starting with a Jim Lee Death sketch, Superman by Gary Frank, a Joker splash by Jamal Igle, I read on Facebook that Ken Lashley wants to buy this JLA cover back, so don’t bid on it…
Marvel: a Spidey page by Lan Medina, a Doom page by Paul Ryan, I was tempted to bid on an X-Factor page by Joe Quesada sold on Comiclink for $600, it’s sad to see it now on ebay with a doubled price.
Beware this account selling some well done but probably fake sketches, they looked just a bit off, until I saw this awful Alex Ross signature
Heritage Weekly Auction
Mark Texeira - Ghost Rider original Comic Art
Mark Texeira - Ghost Rider original Comic Art
Not a great week on Heritage, I’ll be quick and leave space for ComicLink…
Marvel: Sgt Fury by Dick Ayers, Namor by Rich Buckler, Invaders by Lee Elias, a Ghost Rider painting by Mark Texeira.
DC: an Anarky splash by Norm Breyfogle, a Deadman and a Wonder Woman page by Garcia Lopez, a Superman cover by Doug Mahnke and a 2face cover by Tom Mandrake. Many Superman pages by Curt Swan as usual.
A Ghita portfolio plate by Frank Thorne.
Strips: Ben Casey by Neal Adams (one, two), very funny Garfield dailies (one and two).
Comic link Focused Auction
Todd McFarlane Original Hulk Cover Art
Todd McFarlane Original Hulk Cover Art
If you’ve been following this newsletter (or Comiclink) for a while, you know that they do two/three mid quality auctions and then they hit with an incredible one… since they’re not promoting them differently, like Heritage does, I’d divide the top pieces in every auction.
Ok, as you can see from the picture this is the big one, I can’t show you everything, you should go and dig yourself.
Artists with multiple great pieces (go see the others): a Doom splash by John Byrne, a Psylocke cover by J. Scott Campbell, a 2 in 1 cover by John Buscema, a Batman cover by Jim Aparo, a beautiful Storm cover by Art Adams.
Greg Capullo has a Batman splash and a lot of great Spawn pages like this one.
Speaking of Todd McFarlane there are several Spidey and Hulk pages, here’s a Hulk cover.
A nice Thor page by Jack Kirby, a Ghost Rider cover by Sam Kieth, beautiful Batwoman cover by Adam Hughes, the usual lot of Superboy cover by Tom Grummett, a Darth vader cover by Adi Granov.
Seven interconnecting JLA covers by Bryan Hitch.
Do you want some more Jim Lee original art? there are a dozen, like this Batman page.
Many pieces also by Frank Quitely, in the last year we’ve probably seen only 2 or 3… here’s a Batman cover.
The cover to Guardians of the Galaxy #1 by Steve McNiven.
Now let’s see some artists with a smaller selection: we have to start with covers, and the cover to Amazing Spidey #90 by Kane and Romita, then MOKF by Mike Zeck, X-Men by Esad Ribic, great Iron-Man cover by Bob Layton, Thor by Dave Cockrum, JLA by Jason Fabok.
Batman covers by Norm Breyfogle, Jock, great one by Tony Daniel, Lee Bermejo and David Finch.
A Batman splash by Irv Novick, a Dark Knight color guide by Lynn Varley
Kingdom Come Original Art by Alex Ross, Elektra Assassin by Sienk, Sandman by Kelley Jones, an X-Men page by Andy Kubert, Avengers by Mike Golden, a Daredevil splash by Gene Colan, Catwoman art by Darwin Cooke.
Urania Aste
Hugo Pratt - Jesuit Joe Original Comic Art
Hugo Pratt - Jesuit Joe Original Comic Art
Great and tasteful selection as usual, I’ll leave out the many illustrations and start with classics of comic art.
A Sturmtruppen strip by Bonvi, a Valentina page by Crepax, a Sam Pezzo illustration by Giardino, a Jesuit Joe sketch page by Hugo Pratt.
Then a Tex panel by Magnus, a Torpedo illustration by Bernet, a beautiful Nippur splash by Villagran, a Slam Dunk sketch by Inoue.
A Shang-Chi splash by Jim Starlin, Kamandi original art by Jack Kirby, Spider-Man and Hulk pages by Sal Buscema, a nice Thor page by John Buscema.
See you next week!!
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