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Original Comic Art Tips - #138 Jim Lee, John Byrne & Uderzo!!

Welcome to #138 of Original Comic Art Tips! a good week, I had to look into more upcoming auctions bu
May 22 · Issue #138 · View online
Original Comic Art Tips
Welcome to #138 of Original Comic Art Tips! a good week, I had to look into more upcoming auctions but I’m late, more work for next week..!
Original Comic Art Auction Results:
ebay: Jim Lee original art, #37-60 Silk Spectre went for $6,3k, Black Mask (with Batman) for $6,1k, Mr. Freeze for $7,6k and Raven for $12,1k.
#41 Brainiac was the first of ten mixed media pieces. I don’t particularly like it, but basically you get tiny Jim Lee sketches of the entire DC universe. Sold for $11,1k.
Friends of Jim, Batman/Superman by Dustin Nguyen was sold for $2,5k, Catwoman by Olivia for $10,5k, a great cover quality Sheena by Art Adams for $8,8k, a nice Moon Knight by Philip Tan for $3,2k, Spawn for $3k and Daredevil for $2,7k.
In the meantime people are selling their Jim Lee sketches… a nice Batman went for $2k. I’m thinking of selling one of mine.
Jim Lee OTHER charity piece: a few weeks ago Jim Lee made a Batman illustration for another charity drive, I forgot to tell you that it went for $20,500, consider the difference between that one (a classic full figure Batman pinup, over a nice night sky) and the record setting ebay charity auction for Ace the Bat-Hound, sold for $20,100. I can’t decide if Ace was overpaid or Batman was underpaid…
Still charity with Mike Mignola, He-Man went for almost $2k, Fisto for $1k, Merman for $1,1k, Mantenna for $940. The Screw-On Head by Art Adams went for $3,1k.
This Black Panther cover by Humberto Ramos went for $1,3k, the Legends page by John Byrne for $2,3k, the Legion page by Ditko for $1,8k, An Al Taliaferro Donald Duck strip for $3,5k, a Hellboy page by Corben for $2k.
The Totleben Swamp Thing page went for $15,3k, a Travis Charest DC page for $400.
Heritage Weekly Auction: The Don Newton Batman page was the best piece of the week and it won, sold for $2,3k. For the same price went an original Superman page by Curt Swan. I could point you to 200 cheaper and better pieces than this $1,800 Doc Samson page by Todd McFarlane
Three Johnny Hazard Sunday strips for $700, that’s a good deal. A Batman strip by Carmine Infantino for $250 is not bad.
ComiConnect: the penciled Spidey page by John Romita went for $9,2k, for 1/10 of that price was sold an Iron-Man page by John Romita Jr., I’ve been searching for a JRJR Iron-Man with no luck, but at least I can hope, based on this one, to find a medium one for $1,500…
The Batman cover by Carmine Infantino went for $43k, that nice Namor page by John Buscema went for $2,1k, it’s hard to find original superhero pages by JB for that price nowadays.
For a fan of Joe Jusko with a budget, this $2,7k Vampirella/Dejah Thoris cover went for much less than superhero art by J.J.
Mister Miracle remains one of the last possibilities to find a nice Kirby page for $3,3k. A 1979 Captain America page (with Cap) by Gene Colan for $500 sounds nice.

This week on eBay
John Byrne - Wolverine Original Comic Art
John Byrne - Wolverine Original Comic Art
Jim Lee Auctions: Batman the Merciless (#42-60) is fully painted (Jim announced that sketches #41-50 will be in mixed media). A nice Power Girl by Clay Mann, Lobo/Guy Gardner by Liam Sharp, Flash by Francis Manapul and Superman by Shane Davis.
Sam Kieth is auctioning a drawing of The Maxx..!
Marvel: for the first time in a month the best piece on ebay has nothing to do with Jim Lee, there’s a great Wolverine page by John Byrne, it was also blue penciled so you can see all of Byrne’s work under the Janson inks.
Then a romance title splash by Buscema/Sinnott, Shang-Chi by Dan Day, a Nick Fury page by Bob Hall.
This ballpoint pen Conan by John Buscema is real.
Cable by Ian Churchill, Fantastic Four by Mark Bagley and a Thor page by John Romita Jr. sold on Heritage two weeks ago, now with a magically doubled price.
DC: Beautiful Wonder Woman half splash by Gary Frank, an Aquaman half splash by Steve Epting, Teen Titans original art by George Perez, a Superman strip by Jose Delbo.
Batman: nice discounted commission by Neal Adams, a page by Ethan VanSciver, a Penguin sketch by Norm Breyfogle, Batgirl by Phil Noto.
Let’s see if this $7k Batman shadow by Jim Lee will sell.
This seller has many nice Frank Thorne pages.
An early Invincible page by Cory Walker, a Creed/Cyberfrog page by Ethan, a Nibelung half splash by Gil Kane.
Two great Joe the Barbarian DPSs by Sean Murphy, one, two.
Not many strips, a nice Rip Kirby by John Prentice and a Star Hawks by Gil Kane.
Heritage Weekly Auction
Dave Taylor - Batman Original Comic Art
Dave Taylor - Batman Original Comic Art
Marvel: A Warlock splash by Starlin/Austin, a Conan/Sonja/Strange commission by Frank Brunner, a Spider-Man/Iron Fist sketch by John Byrne, an Avengers page by Sal Buscema, a 1961 Rawhide Kid page by Jack Kirby, Namor original art by Jim Mooney and Rich Buckler.
Colossus page by Rick Leonardi and a Fantastic Four splash by Steve Epting.
DC: Batman title splash by Ernie Chan, a Batman page by Don Newton, a beautiful Batman page by Dave Taylor.
Superman original art by Rick Leonardi, Superman by Curt Swan.
A Heavy Metal cover by Julie Bell, very rare Enid portrait by Daniel Clowes, a page by Ditko, a Dell cover by Sam Glanzman, a great Nibelung splash by Gil Kane.
Some Judge Dredd/2000 AD pieces: a 2000 AD cover by Anthony Williams, a Dredd cover by Jim Murray and a Dredd strip by Mike Collins.
Strips: beautiful Ben Casey dailies by Neal Adams (one, two), a Taliaferro Donald Duck daily, Hi & Lois by Dik Browne and a January 1 Garfield daily.
Uderzo original art for Charity
Albert Uderzo - Asterix Original Comic Art
Albert Uderzo - Asterix Original Comic Art
Artcurial will auction on May, 26 five pieces drawn by Albert Uderzo for Charity. One of the few times I’d really like to be rich is when an Asterix page is for sale…
New Blog Post: Jim Lee original Art Auctions #31-40
Part four of the Jim Lee sketch marathon report is online. Auction #40 ended Wednesday and the price charts were freshly updated with new results.

See you next week!
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