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Original Comic Art Tips - #126 - art by every artist you can think of!

Welcome to #126 of Original Comic Art Tips, I'll be very quick with results to leave space to many ne
February 29 · Issue #126 · View online
Original Comic Art Tips
Welcome to #126 of Original Comic Art Tips, I’ll be very quick with results to leave space to many new things….
Original Comic Art Auction Results:
eBay: a Strange Tales page by Dick Ayers went for $2,500, a Punisher cover by Gabriele Dell'Otto went for a best offer of $2,200, a Calvin & Hobbes homage illustration by Aaron Conley went for $6,600 (?), the Incredible Hulk original art by Todd McFarlane went for $1,300, the Bloom County Sunday Strip for $2,200, the Youngblood cover by Rob Liefeld for $1,000, the Captain America page by George Tuska for $1,500. A Shade page by Bachalo went for $550.
Heritage Weekly: 32 pieces went for well over $1,000, this week, so I’ll put here a generic link to the highest prices.

This week on eBay
Jim Lee - Superman Original Art
Jim Lee - Superman Original Art
Marvel: after a Liefeld month we have a Buscema week. Be quick with these two low buy it now pieces, a Conan page drawn and signed by John and a nice Fantastic Four page. A Silver Surfer sketch by John+Sal, a Namor page by John.
A pretty cheap Ditko+Byrne Avengers page. Nuff said.
A nice Namor page by Rich Buckler, Spidey original art by Ron Lim, Tom Lyle, many action figure pack art originals by Neal Adams, here’s Venom. A Wolverine page by Mark Texeira, Cap by Ron Frenz, Thor by Olliffe, an early Jim Lee/Scott Williams sketch.
DC: a Superman splash by Jim Lee, a vintage Superman pinup by Butch Guice, Rorschach by Gary Frank, Batman by Dick Dillin, a Batman cover by Pasqual Ferry, Wonder Woman by Tom Derenick and Matteo Scalera, the Demon by Byrne.
Ninja Turtles original art by Eastman and Laird, a Nexus commission by Steve Rude, a Shadow sketch by Bill Sienkiewicz.
A Tumbleweeds Sunday and a Wizard of ID Sunday.
Ok, you’re probably tired of this, but it’s getting funnier everyday:
Nice Marvel heroes illustration by Sal. Several times on eBay in May/June 2019 for a $1,700 buy it now, always unsold. It resurfaces in the last days of January 2020 for a $1,750 starting price. Sold for $2,640 on Feb. 03. Two weeks later it’s for sale again for a $8k starting price. Yesterday the auction ends with 0 offers. Guess what happens today? It’s on eBay again for $10k.
Heritage Weekly Auction
Dick Ayers - Sgt Fury Original Comic Art
Dick Ayers - Sgt Fury Original Comic Art
Marvel: Conan original art by John Buscema, Sgt. Fury by Dick Ayers, Man-Thing by Mike Ploog, Excalibur by Alan Davis, a very nice Scarlet Witch page by Vanessa Del Rey and an Avengers page by Jim Cheung.
DC: a Superman daily by Wayne Boring, a Batman page by Frank Quitely, a Batman prelim by Alex Ross.
The Phantom by Pat Boyette and Jim Aparo, Love & Rockets original art by Jaime, a Winterworld page by Zaffino.
Strips: a Rusty Riley Sunday, a Pogo illustration, a cartoon by Pat Oliphant, a very nice Cisco Kid daily by Salinas, a funny Garfield daily and a Hi and Lois daily by Dik Browne.
Heritage SIgnature Comic Art Auction part 3 of 3
John Byrne - Uncanny X-Men Original Comic Art
John Byrne - Uncanny X-Men Original Comic Art
We looked at covers and comic strips, now it’s time for all the other pieces.
Let’s start with the best of the best: some Spidey pages by Steve Ditko, here’s one. one by John Romita Sr., a classic Hulk pinup by Jack Kirby and a Fantastic Four original, look at this X-Men page by John Byrne, then at the perfect X-Men page by Jim Lee.
A Spidey vs. Superman splash by Ross Andru, the Avengers by Neal Adams, a Spider-Man page by Erik Larsen, a complete Spidey issue by John Romita Jr., The Hulk by Todd McFarlane.
A complete Batman issue by Jim Aparo, an X-Men page by Andy Kubert, a Joker semi splash by Lee Bermejo.
Great Uncle Scrooge page by Carl Barks, a Graham Ingels EC story, a Basil Wolverton story, Superduperman original art by Wally Wood, you have to see this MAD splash by Jack Davis.
A Jimmy Corrigan page by Chris Ware, a Blueberry page by Giraud, a notorious Big Daddy story by Alex Toth, Hellboy art by Mike Mignola, a sexy pinup by Dan De Carlo, a Witchblade splash by Michael Turner.
Comic link Focused Auction
Lee Bermejo - Joker Original Comic Art
Lee Bermejo - Joker Original Comic Art
Very good original art in this auction, I’ll start with artists represented by multiple great pieces, I’ll choose one but you should go and see them all. An X-Men cover by Art Adams, an original Ultimate Spider-Man cover by Mark Bagley, Silver Surfer by John Buscema, a Defenders splash by Sal Buscema.
Many Batman pages by David Finch, like this Joker splash, an original Zatanna cover by Adam Hughes, a 1994 Superman cover and several splashes by Dan Jurgens, an early Fantastic Four page by Jack Kirby, a beautiful Batman pinup by Jae Lee, a Superman DPS by Jim Lee and a Thing/Iron-Man page by Jim Starlin.
Then some exceptional pieces: a Battle Chasers page by Joe Madureira, an original Amazing Spider-Man cover by Frank Miller, a Black Orchid cover by Dave McKean, a Judge Dredd cover by Brian Bolland, a great Preacher page, a Joker half splash by Lee Bermejo.
A 1992 Death illustration by Chris Bachalo, a Wolverine cover and a Fantastic Four page by John Byrne, a Batman page by Sean Murphy, a Wolverine splash by Adam Kubert, a Darkness cover by Brandon Peterson, a Charlton cover by Steve Ditko, a Spawn splash by Capullo/McFarlane, an original Black Cat cover by J. Scott Campbell.
A 1992 Spidey cover by John Romita Sr., a complete Spidey issue by John Romita Jr., a Batman illustration by Tim Sale and a beautiful Spidey/Ghost Rider page by Mark Texeira and a Captain America half splash by Mike Zeck.
A 1916 Buster Brown Sunday by Outcault and and a page by Harvey Kurtzman as a bonus.
See you next week!!!

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