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Original Comic Art Tips - #121 - Liefeld, Sale and Jim Starlin!

January 24 · Issue #121 · View online
Original Comic Art Tips
Welcome to #121 of Original Comic Art Tips, some interesting results and great pieces on ebay and Comiclink!
Original Comic Art Auction Results:
eBay: the New Mutants DPS by Rob Liefeld went for almost $20k, a really high price for ebay’s standards. The House of Mystery page by Bernie Wrightson went for $7,3k, a 5 page Black Cat story by Jack Kirby went for $4,5k, an American Flagg cover by Howard Chaykin for $4,2k, a Batman page by Romita Jr. for $3,5k and the Daredevil original art by David Mazzucchelli for $1,6k.
The Spiderman sketch by Todd McFarlane went for $2,1k.
Heritage Weekly: no surprises, this week. 1950’s pinups by Dan De Carlo always sell for premium prices, this one went for $4,500. The Spirit page by Eisner & Studio went for $3,600, the Batman splash by Walt Simonson for $3,100. the Jann page by Al Williamson for $2,200.
The return of Excalibur pages by Alan Davis did not bring with it, this time, an increase in prices. But I have to admit these were not really desirable pages… a nice action sequence went for $1,200, a quieter page went for only $380.
A nice X-Men page by Simone Bianchi went for less than $500, a Tarzan page by Sal Buscema for $380, a Walking Dead page by Charlie Adlard for $200 and a very happy collector took home a DC Trinity splash by Mark Bagley for less than $400.

This week on eBay
Natali Sanders - Guardians Original Cover Art
Natali Sanders - Guardians Original Cover Art
DC: a Batman cover quality commission by John Byrne and a Demon page, a Wonder Woman pinup by Adam Hughes, a painted WW cover by Warren Louw, Catwoman by Guillem March, a Superman cover by Pat Gleason.
Camelot 3000 original art by Brian Bolland, 2 nice Superman pages by Gil Kane (one, two), Superman by Gene Colan, Superboy by Bob Brown.
Batman by Cam Kennedy, a Wonder Woman page by Jose Delbo, a Batman page by Bernie Wrightson.
Marvel: seems like everybody is selling their Rob Liefeld pages lately… there’s another New Mutants splash, and a Deadpool/Cable cover.
Many covers: A Silver Sable cover by Steven Butler, a Venomized Deadpool cover by Tyler Kirkham, an X-men cover by Mike Mayhew, a “Spider-Man” cover by Artgerm, a Gamora painted cover by Natali Sanders, Captain America by Mike Allred.
A Kid Colt splash by Jack Kirby, a Shang-Chi by Keith Pollard, another one, a nice Cage/Iron Fist page by Herb Trimpe, an X-Men page by Marc Silvestri.
I remember fondly this Freak Force cover by Vic Bridges, an Hellboy pinup by Mike Mignola, an early Cerebus page by Dave Sim.
Strips: a set of four Star Hawks strips by Gil Kane and a set of four Odd Facts panels by Will Eisner.
Heritage Weekly Auction
Al Milgrom - Secret Wars Original Comic Art
Al Milgrom - Secret Wars Original Comic Art
Marvel: today is John Romita‘s 90th birthday, and we start with one of his cover prelims, a great Secret Wars page by Al Milgrom, Captain America by Tom Morgan, Jane Foster Thor by Rick Hoberg, a Werewolf splash by Tom Sutton and a great Shang-Chi splash by Gene Day.
Excalibur original art by Alan Davis and a painted Cap pinup by Kyle Baker.
DC: John Byrne original art, with a nice Robin page from “Generations” and a Superman layout. A Superman title splash by Dave Taylor, a Supes strip by Wayne Boring, a DPS by Ross Andru.
JLA art by Barry Kitson and Paul Ryan, a Batman/Judge Dredd page by Cam Kennedy and a Batman 66 page by Garcia Lopez.
House of Mystery by Mike Kaluta and the Shadow by Kyle Baker.
The Goon by Eric Powell, Penny Century by Jaime, several Archie pieces by Dan De Carlo, like this 1957 page. An EC page by John Severin.
Strips: Hagar, Li'l Abner, Archie and the Little King Sundays, a Christmas 1957 Gasoline Alley daily, a Sky Masters by Kirby and Wood, a nice Bringing up Father.
Comic Link Focused Auction part 2 of 3
Tim Sale - Catwoman Original Comic Art
Tim Sale - Catwoman Original Comic Art
DC: Batman/Catwoman original art by Tim Sale, a Batman DPS by Mike Nasser, a nice Infinity INC. page by Todd McFarlane, a Superman page by George Perez, a Batman prelim page by Bernie Wrightson, a Green Lantern DPS by Carlos Pacheco, an Harley Quinn illustration by Bill Sienkiewicz.
Marvel: there are several, all high-quality, Infinity Abyss pages by Jim Starlin and Al Milgrom, they usually are a cheaper way to obtain a cosmic page by JS. I’ll post a Warlock title splash and a multi character page.
a Ms. Marvel splash by Jim Mooney, early X-Men pages by John Romita Jr. and Marc Silvestri, Wolverine original art by Mark Texeira, a Red Hulk page by Ed McGuinness and a Psylocke illustration by Esad Ribic.
A Dejah Thoris cover by Lucio Parrillo and a Vampirella pinup by Bruce Timm.
Russ Cochran Comic Art
Walt Kelly - Original Pogo Sunday Strip
Walt Kelly - Original Pogo Sunday Strip
A good auction, this month with many interesting pages and strips, like this Tarzan page by Russ Manning, three Felix pages by Otto Messmer, a Little Joe specialty piece by Bob Leffingwell, a 1947 Dick Tracy daily and a Pogo Sunday.
See you next week!! We’ll finish looking at ComicLink lots (a week in advance on the auction) and start one of the two big March Heritage Auctions!
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