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Nice Art on CLink-High Results on HA - Original Comic Art Tips #262



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October 7 · Issue #262 · View online
Original Comic Art Tips
Welcome to #262 of Original Comic Art Tips!
eBay: I swear that the Spider-Man 2099 DPS by Rick Leonardi was still at $1,2k when I sent the last newsletter, it ended at $12k 😳.
$6,4k for the Captain America page by John Byrne, $2,9k for a Harbinger page by David Lapham, $1,7k (B.O.) for a Savage Dragon/Destroyer Duck vintage cover inked by Larsen over Marrinan pencils, the illustration by Mignola for $1,6k, $1,6k for the Cavewoman cover by Budd Root, a Dracula page by Gene Colan for $900 (B.O.), $1,1k for the Hulk cover by Juan Ferreira.
A few hours after the sad news, a book sketched by Kim Jung Gi was sold for $1,5k.
$1,3k for a Batman cover by Ed Benes was a good deal, $800 for a nice Wonder Woman page by Don Heck and for the Batman Villains sketch by Tim Sale.
Heritage Weekly Auction: $6,6k for the Spidey page by John Byrne, not that high considering 2022 prices, same price for a rare NAM page by Michael Golden, 5,3k for the Rose page by Vess, $5k for a 1948 Li'l Abner daily, what happened here? $4,2k for a Star Wars page by Vosburg, $3,6k for a Mr. Punch page by McKean. Month after month Warlord pages by Grell are growing, this one went for $3,6k.
A nearly complete set of color guides over an X-Men issue by Byrne went for $3,3k.
Catawiki: the page by Sean Murphy went for €600, a sketch by Liberatore for €400, the Columbus strip by Manara for €400, the Diabolik cover by Zaniboni for €330, the Will Eisner panel for €400.
Heritage International Auction: top price paid is $137k for the Batman cover by Jim Lee (already sold in 2016 for $35k), $93k for the Memories cover by Otomo, a Kubla Kahn illustration by Frazetta for $75k.
Very high prices for Watchmen pages, this one went for $58k. $47k is the highest price paid for an Elektra page by Frank Miller, $45k for a page by Bilal, $30k for a cover by Jimenez, high prices for Batman pages by Risso, Super Mario Shikishi sketches went for $300 on Catawiki months ago, this one for $1,6k.
This triple cover inked by Oclair Albert over Ivan Reis is probably the record price for an inks over printed bluelines piece.
The catalogue was very deep, so there were also good deals to make: $47k is not a high price for this page by Jack Kirby starring both the Fantastic Four and the X-Men, $30k for a Deathbird splash and $19k for this Catwoman page, both by Jim Lee, “low” prices for Winsor McKay art: $68k for a Little Nemo page and $13k for a Rarebit Fiend page, a Blueberry page by Giraud for $12k, $10k is very good for a Crumb page, $9k for a Conan page by Barry Smith, $7k for a Marshal Law cover by O'Neil, a Hulk splash by Byrne for $5,5k, a full team Avengers page by Sal Buscema for $2,1k.
Sold in 2020 for $17k, this Batman page by Enrico Marini was sold again for $11k.
A late but very nice Conan page by John Buscema went for only for $750, a Strontium Dog title page by Ezquerra for $600, a Disney cover by Cavazzano for $600

This week on eBay
Carlos Pacheco - Iron Fist Original Cover Art
Carlos Pacheco - Iron Fist Original Cover Art
Marvel: the vintage Spidey/Hulk page by Mark Bagley is still going at $2,7k. Remember the Spidey sketch by John Byrne sold in august for $900? it’s back on eBay. A Spidey page by Ross Andru, I like this Dr. Strange page by Dan Lawlis, there’s also a Cloack & Dagger page, a nice Hawkeye page by Ron Lim, a ROM page by Butch Guice.
A nice Iron Fist cover by Carlos Pacheco, Cable commission by Ryan Ottley, a Thor page by Nic Klein.
DC: a Sgt. Rock DPS by Russ Heath, there’s also a single page, Batman by Rich Buckler, Batman by Ric Estrada, an early Impulse page by Humberto Ramos, a Flash page by Paul Ryan, Superman by Pasqual Ferry.
An early Mage page and a modern Mage page by Matt Wagner, many TWD pages by Charlie Adlard, Savage Dragon pages 1 and 2 by Marrinan/Larsen.
Heritage Weekly Auction
Marvel: two nice Spidey pages one by John Byrne and one by Ross Andru, Hulk, Defenders and Captain America by Sal Buscema, Captain Marvel by Pat Broderick, nice Apes page by Mike Ploog, Iron-Man by Tuska.
Hulk original art by Dale Keown, a ‘90s Thor cover by Mike Deodato, a Thor cover by Laura Braga, X-Men by Finch, Hulk by Immonen.
DC: the Atom by Kane, Warlord by Grell, '90s Superman by Tom Morgan.
A JLA DPS by Bagley, JLA by Ed Benes, nice Green Arrow page by Phil Hester, a Green Arrow splash by Scott McDaniel, Batman by Parobeck, The Authority by Quitely.
A very early and top Love & Rockets page by Jaime, a Martha Washington cover by Gibbons, a Terry daily by Caniff.
Catawiki Auctions
A Topolino cover by Freccero, some Disney panels by Silvia Ziche, an illustration by Manara, a Ranxerox sketch by Liberatore.
A pinup by Dany, an Andy Capp strip.
Comic link Focused Auction
John Romita Jr. - Daredevil Original Comic Art
John Romita Jr. - Daredevil Original Comic Art
No doubt that the top two pieces of the auction are this original Daredevil page by John Romita Jr. and this X-Men page by Andy Kubert, then X-Factor by Walt Simonson, rare Captain America art by John Buscema and only one Marvel cover by J. Scott Campbell this time.
Remember years ago when I was telling you that Spidey pages by Alex Saviuk were going up? They were selling for $800 on ebay at the time…
A Batman half splash by David Finch, a Batman cover by Joelle Jones is going up, a Batman pinup by Bruce Timm and some Batman headsketches, last week Moy put a few for sale at $1,8k each, so you can try and win them for less… Captain America by Ron Lim, Iron-Man by McDonnell, nice Spidey women cover prelim by Mike Mayhew.
An Avengers DPS by Leinil Yu, an X-Men DPS by Chris Bachalo, Earth X by J.P. Leon, the Question by Cowan, Wonder Woman by Delbo, JLA by Dillin, a Batman commission by Chris Samnee.
Transmetropolitan by Darick Robertson, 100 Bullets by Risso, Y by Pia Guerra.
Urania Aste part 1 of 2
Magnus - Le Femmine Incantate Original Art
Magnus - Le Femmine Incantate Original Art
A section on Magnus with a beautiful page from Le Femmine Incantate, a self portrait, Milady nel 3000, the entire #19 of Alan Ford and many more.
A section on Andrea Pazienza: Zanardi Medievale, Pentothal and more.
Some illustrations by Sergio Toppi, here’s my favorite one. Dino Battaglia, look at the Black Arrow and Ivanhoe pages.
Then Pratt, Micheluzzi, Tacconi, a great piece by Cavandoli, Crepax, a top Jacovitti piece and a Sam Pezzo cover by Giardino.
Dago by Salinas, Robin by Breccia, Garcia Duran, Juan Gimenez, a Mafalda pinup by Quino, look at this page by Dose.
See you next week!!
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