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👍👎Miller DKR Cover for 2.4M, High or Low? Original Comic Art Tips #246



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June 17 · Issue #246 · View online
Original Comic Art Tips
Welcome to #246 of Original Comic Art Tips!
Original Comic Art Auction Results:
eBay: the Fantastic Four page by Jack Kirby was sold for $35k, a Kraven’s Last Hunt page (no Spidey) by Mike Zeck for $3k, a Hulk cover by Mark Bagley for a $2k Best Offer, a Captain America cover by Jae Lee for $1,8k, a Red Sonja cover by Linsner for $1,5k.
After yesterday’s sad news, a trading card original art by Tim Sale was sold for $1,5k, a few days before, this Doom commission went for less than $500.
We can already assign the prize for 2022’s biggest waste of money: this Bud Sagendorf sketch (worth at most $300), was instead sold for $9k. Let’s congratulate the buyer for taking advantage of a 10% discount. 💸💸💸
A Groo commission by Aragones was sold for a pretty high $1,2k B.O., the early Batman by Adam Hughes was finally sold for $800, a detailed painted cover prelim by Jim Steranko for $1,3k. The auction for this low priced ($1,6k) Green Goblin prelim by John Romita was quickly closed down…
Heritage Signature Auction: the top+ pieces were sold yesterday, but the auction will go on for the entire weekend, so as usual I will look at all of the results next week. Let’s just say that if you haven’t already read the news, the original art for the Dark Knight returns cover was sold for $2,4 Million, putting Frank Miller art at #5 of the highest prices ever paid.
Some commented that it’s too much, some that it had to go higher and it’s a sign of prices lowering… I was just sure it would go over a million dollars. If you want to tell me what you think just reply to this email!
Heritage Weekly Auction: $8,4 for the Popeye strip by Segar, $6,6 for the nice Spidey page by Jim Mooney, $5k for the Conan page by Buscema/Alcala, $5k for the Brunner Dr. Strange page, $4,8k the Fly by Ditko, $3,6k for a Usagi pinup by Stan Sakai, prices for vintage Usagi art are growing very quickly.
Really rare to find a top X-Men page from Chris Bachalo‘s first run, so this one was paid $3,5k.
Catawiki: of all the Jacques Laudy pages, only 6 were sold, probably a niche too small for Catawiki… The Goon DPS by Eric Powell went for €1,4k, a cover by Aidans for €1,6k, a Colombe pinup by Dany went for only €140.
Huberty Breyne Auction: top price for this Gil Jourdan page sold for €148k, two Tintin preliminary pages by Hergé for €90k, Spirou by Franquin for €70k, a Johan page by Peyo for €60k, a Lucky Luke illustration by Morris for €54k.
A page by Carl Barks for €26k, a page by Manara for 20k, a watercolor with Corto by Pratt for €19k, a detailed Asterix sketch by Uderzo for €14k.
Good deals on Robert Crumb art, with a Mr. Natural page sold for €11k and a half page for €5k. Good deals also for Hal Foster art, with a Tarzan page sold for €10k and a 1960 Valiant sold for a little less.
Coutau-Bégarie: €19k for this Buddy Longway page by Derib,

This week on eBay
Adam Hughes - Mary Jane Commission
Adam Hughes - Mary Jane Commission
Marvel: Man-Thing by Jim Mooney, I like this Moon Knight cover by Steve McNiven, an Avengers cover by Aaron Kuder, a Captain America commission by Alex Maleev, Galactus by Steve Rude, the price was lowered in half on this X-Men page by Adam Kubert, still high but you can make an offer.
Probably worth ¼ of the asking price, but there’s a nice Mary Jane commission by Adam Hughes.
DC: the Superman charity auctions still have 2 days to go, the Bruce Timm drawing is already at $1,5k. JSA by Tony Harris, offered many times in the last year, this Superman pinup by John Byrne is reaching its market value.
Unexpectedly on eBay, there’s a rare The Pitt page by Dale Keown, the price is still low.
Look at this TMNT cover by Kevin Eastman, a Red Sonja cover by Celina, a con sketch by Jaime Hernandez, a pair of eyes by J. Scott Campbell, a Usagi commission by Sakai, a TWD page by Adlard.
Heritage Weekly Auction
Marvel: Defenders by Sal Buscema, She-Hulk by Byrne, Spider-Man by Byrne/Romita (both hard to recognize), Sgt. Fury by George Perez, a Cyclops/Marvel Girl commission by Neal Adams, a Wolverine page by Alan Davis, a nice Spidey/Moon Knight cover by Ramos.
DC: a War page by Sergio Aragones, Sgt. Rock by Russ Heath, a Joker sketch by Bolland, a Y page by Pia Guerra.
A TWD splash by Adlard, the Fly by Ditko, a 1985 2000 A.D. page by Cam Kennedy, a Maakies illustration by Tony Millionaire.
I like a lot this Green Hornet page by Bob Fujitani, two The Shadow pages from 1941.
Strips: look at this Terry by Caniff, look at this Wash Tubbs daily by Crane, a 1949 Dick Tracy, a great 1938 Alley Oop, a 1964 B.C. daily, a Sunday by Knerr.
Catawiki Auctions
Bruno Marchand - Original Comic Art
Bruno Marchand - Original Comic Art
A trading card illustration and a color study by Moebius, look at this illustration by Marchand, a Yakari page by Derib, a Durango page by Girod, a detailed color illustration by Dany, a Buck Danny illustration by Formosa.
A Blacksad sketch by Guarnido, a lovely Axa illustration by Romero, Distretto 56 by Fernandez, a pinup by Luis Rojo.
Some What If? pages by Alcatena with many caracters, a Death commission by Glenn Fabry.
A Disney page by Romano Scarpa, La Compagnia della Forca by Magnus.
Artcurial Auction
The usual incredible selection: not one but three Asterix pages, here’s the best one, a Gaston page by Franquin, Druillet, Rosinski, Bilal, a top Largo Winch page by Francq, Gibrat, early Vaillant by Graton.
Many pages by Manara, a Ranxerox page, Sammy Sneeze by McCay, a Batman cover by Sienkiewicz.
Daniel Maghen Auction
Patrice Pellerin - L'Epervier Original Art
Patrice Pellerin - L'Epervier Original Art
Big choice of top pieces by Pellerin, Batem, Gibrat, Manara.
Lucky Luke by Morris and Bonhomme, Sfar, Benoit.
Septimus Auctions
Top piece is this Valerian illustration, then Jijé, Morris, Roba.
Spirou by Schwartz, Bouncer by Boucq, Juillard, Franquin, Marini.
Propstore Auction
Propstore usually never offers anything interesting, this time there are many pieces, some with low and some with high estimates.
A Molecule Man pinup by Kirby, a detailed Joker cover prelim by Brian Bolland, a Punisher/Deadpool cover by Greg Hildebrandt, a Spider-Man book cover by Mike Zeck, an Overstreet cover prelim by John Romita, a Joker trading card by Norm Breyfogle.
They’re also auctioning many pieces by Ed Hannigan, mostly cover prelims.
An Iron-Man page by Don Heck, a Magneto page by Dave Cockrum, some Cerebus pages, here’s a DPS.
Punisher and Daredevil TV promos by Joe Quesada.
See you next week!!
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