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🔥 Mignola Charity Auctions Are Back!! Original Comic Art Tips #232

March 12 · Issue #232 · View online
Original Comic Art Tips
Welcome to #232 of Original Comic Art Tips!! Another very long issue with many things to see, hope this doesn’t get clipped in half like last week…
eBay: after many months Mike Mignola is back with a bang, a full Batman and Joker illustration sold for charity, $15,1k!
The Star Wars page by Carmine Infantino went for $6,1k, an Elric illustration by Michael T. Gilbert for $3,5k, the Superman DPS by John Paul Leon for a low $1,9k, a Mephisto page by John Buscema for $1,5k, a rare Hulk page by Gary Frank for $1,2k.
A Titans cover by Brett Booth was sold for a Best Offer I hope much lower than $30k…
Heritage Weekly Auction: not comic art but this illustration by Kim Jung Gi was paid $10k. Saw much better pieces selling for half this price. The Black Spidey page by Milgrom went for $8k, X-Force by Capullo for $6,5k, Thor by Frenz for 44,5k, the Crumb sketch for $4,5k, a surprising $2,9k for this Conan page by Buscema, $2,6k for a Wash Tubbs daily by Crane, $2,4k for a Batman page by Breyfogle. Fables pages by Mark Buckingham are growing.
Catawiki: the Model Sheet by Magnus was sold for €1,5k, the postcard for €500, the strips by Manara for €830 and €780, a pinup by Rojo for €700, the sketch by Pazienza was affordable at €500, the Pogo daily at €400.
Comiclink: high record price for Jack Davis, with the Tales from the Crypt cover, sold for $181k. Already passed on HA in 2005 for a very high price for the time, $30k. The former personal record was for another cover sold in 2016 for $71k. The record for EC comics is for the cover by Wally Wood, paid $840k in 2021, followed, until now, by the $132k paid for the Panic cover by Al Feldstein last November.
Incredible interior art records for John Buscema: $59k for Silver Surfer and $30k for Fantastic Four.
Records also for Mike Deodato, with a Spidey cover sold for $15k, Humberto Ramos, $23k for a Spidey cover, $21k for a Batman cover by David Finch, Ernie Chan on Batman, with $5,5k paid for a panel page, Bryan Hitch with a Batman cover paid $8k, $10k for a Daredevil DPS by David Mack.
Not records, but high prices paid for Todd McFarlane, $62k for Spidey art, $6k for X-Men art by Andy Kubert, $17k for a Hulk page by Trimpe (paid $5k in a lot in 2019), $21k for a Batman cover by Gene Colan (paid $10k in 2020, a good gain for the owner), $22k for two covers by J. Scott Campbell, $13k for a Hulk page by Byrne. Early Valiant art continues to grow, with $12k paid for a Harbinger cover.
Bobby Murphy Heritage Auction: no surprises for the highest prices, with comic strip royalty in the first places. $31k for a Peanuts daily, $20k for a Prince Valiant, $15k for the beautiful Terry daily, $14k for the Popeye daily, $8k for the Jungle Jim topper, $7k for the Krazy Kat daily.
Then $4k for this beautiful Dick Tracy, $3,3 for Noel Sickles art, $2k for a Mac Raboy Sunday.

This week on eBay
Mike Mignola - Wolverine Original Comic Art
Mike Mignola - Wolverine Original Comic Art
Marvel: Mike Mignola is back with Wolverine, seems like he’s auctioning full illustrations, this time, after the pencil sketches of 2020.
Conan pages (one, two, three) by John Buscema, a Star Wars painted cover by Nic Klein, a Deadpool cover by Carlo Pagulayan.
DC: a Batman DPS by Pat Gleason, a Batman page by Gary Frank, Black Canary by Steve Rude.
This seller is offering many big name artist sketches, they seem good but I’m not 100% sure… Darwyn Cooke, Art Adams, Steve Dillon.
A classic Backlash cover by Brett Booth, a Red Sonja cover by Celina, a Sachs & Violens title splash by George Perez, Grendel by Matt Wagner, Spawn by Angel Medina, a top Nexus page by Steve Rude, a 1944 Bringing Up Father daily.
Heritage Weekly Auction
Mike Zeck - Batman Original Comic Art
Mike Zeck - Batman Original Comic Art
Marvel: Tarzan by John Buscema, Falcon and Spidey by Sal, a nice Spidey page by Sal/Sienk, She-Hulk by Byrne, Wolvie/Ghost Rider/Punisher by Ron Garney, Daredevil by Scott McDaniel, Dr. Strange by Mike Mignola, Dr.Strange by Saltares, Droids by Romita.
Wolverine by Risso, Avengers by Stuart Immonen.
DC: a Batman page by Mike Zeck, Batman by Bob Brown, Batman by Tony Daniel, Superman by Doug Mahnke, Jla by George Perez.
Strips: a Terry daily by Caniff, a nice 1932 Bringing Up Father daily, one of the best Rip Kirby strips I’ve seen in years, a 1983 Garfield.
Catawiki Auctions
Milo Manara - El Gaucho Original Comic Art
Milo Manara - El Gaucho Original Comic Art
El Gaucho and G. Bergman by Manara, a page by Pazienza, I Briganti by Magnus, very nice page by Micheluzzi, an illustration by Di Gennaro, Ulysses by Gabriele Dell'Otto.
A Zagor cover by Ferri, Tex by Galep, a Martin Mystere cover, a Julia cover by Marco Soldi.
A Freak Brothers page, a Spider-Man page by Joe Quesada, a late On Stage Sunday strip, I like this Avrack page by Breccia.
Comic Connect auction part 2
Some pieces by Jim Starlin, including this incredible Marvel Feature cover inked by Romita, some very nice pieces by Bernie Wrightson, including this Batman title splash, look also at the detailed prelims from Freak Show.
Batman by Don Newton, Gotham by Gaslight by Mignola, Joker by Novick, Teen Titans by Perez, a Spidey splash by Esad Ribic.
Hake's Auction
A different auction from Hake’s: poor in comic strips, heavy in superheroes.
A Hulk cover by Ed Hannigan, a Secret Wars page by Mike Zeck, Avengers by Byrne, Team-Up by Sal Buscema.
Many Superman pages by Swan and Flash pages by Infantino, a JLA parody cover by Wally Wood, a Tarzan page by Jesse Marsh.
Septimus Auctions
A Thorgal cover by Rosinski, an illustration by Loisel, a Blueberry illustration by Giraud, a Bois Maury cover by Hermann, a Lucky Luke page by Morris, Luc Junior by Uderzo, Alix by Martin.
Sambre by Yslaire, a page by Le Gall, XIII by Vance, a page by Manara, Juillard.
Art-Rite Auction
An illustration by Andrea Pazienza, one by Paz/Scozzari/Tamburini, a collage illustration by Tamburini.
A Tom’s Bar title page by Milazzo, a portrait of Lo Sconosciuto by Magnus, a cover by Tacconi, a Dylan Dog cover by Stano.
See you next week!!
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