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McFarlane, Miler, Wood! Original Comic Art Tips #192

June 4 · Issue #192 · View online
Original Comic Art Tips
Welcome to #192 of Original Comic Art Tips! Greetings to the many new subscribers, please reply and let me know what you think of this first newsletter you’re receiving! (also, I have no idea how you all arrived here, any pointers?).
Original Comic Art Auction Results:
eBay: they recently changed the on-page code, the technique I used to see the actual Best Offer prices is now gone… so this John Byrne commission was sold for less than $6k. The Iron Man page by Tuska went for $4,1k, the Black Goliath splash for $1,7k, a World’s Finest cover by Ernie Chan for $3k.
A big Richie Rich commission by Sid Couchey went for $4k, a Batman commission by Lewis La Rosa for $1,7k and a Juggernaut cover by Geof Shaw for $900.
Heritage Weekly Auction: the Barry Smith Conan coloring went for a big $29k, a Robin cover by Javier Pulido for $8k, a great Magnus page by Russ Manning for $7,5k, Sgt. Fury by Ayers for $7,2k.
Catawiki: a cover by Keramidas went for €1,6k, a Navis cover by Munuera for €1k, the Spirou sketch by Franquin for €1,2k, the Gaston sketch for €1,1k, a quick Thorgal sketch by Rosinski for €700.
A Scrooge commission by Don Rosa went for €1,5k, the Batman page by Gary Frank for €750, the Superman page for €450, an Ultimate Spidey page by Stuart Immonen for a high €650.
Comiclink: all high prices for Jim Lee art, the Punisher/Wolverine splash went for $73k, another jump up for X-Men art, this (perfect) Wolverine page sold for $47k, look at this one sold one year ago for $26k. The first appearance of Hush for $31k. The Watchmen house AD by Gibbons was sold for $71k, not another record, but close, for the Spidey splash by Erik Larsen, sold for $48k, the Sandman TPB cover by McKean went for $36k. The usual high prices for J. Scott Campbell, with many covers going over $20k.
A new record for Mark Bagley’s original art, with the cover from Amazing Spidey #352 sold for $32k, it was sold 10 years ago for $3,3k, probably a fair price for the time. $13k for an X-Men cover by Chris Bachalo, hard to find and very nice. A Camelot 3000 splash by Brian Bolland went for $17k, a good price for this Batman cover by Jim Aparo, less than $10k, sold one year ago for $2k more.
Prices growing for Alan Davis original art, with this Excalibur cover sold for $10k, a Hulk splash by Dale Keown went for the same price, a record for Al Milgrom penciled art, with a Captain America cover sold for $27k, $10k is a high price for this Capullo/McFarlane Spawn splash, almost $10k for an Invincible cover by Ryan Ottley, $8k for the first appearance of Lady Death, $4,1k for a 1952 Dennis the Menace panel, $19k for the Joker cover by Sean Murphy, incredible price for a piece published last year.

This week on eBay
Tom Grindberg - Silver Surfer Original Comic Art
Tom Grindberg - Silver Surfer Original Comic Art
Marvel: a Hulk splash by Jim Starlin, a Hulk page by Herb Trimpe, Spider-Man by Alex Saviuk, Micronauts by Gil Kane, Captain America by Kieron Dwyer.
A Silver Surfer splash and a page by Tom Grindberg, a SS page by Ron Lim.
A full team X-Men commission by Brett Booth, a Wolvie sketch by Alan Davis, a Thing sketch by Byrne, a Conan painting by Alcala, a Venom commission by Clayton Crain.
DC: a Superman page by Gil Kane, one by Lee Bermejo, a Superman storyboard by Alex Toth, a nice Wonder Woman page by Jose Delbo, a Tarzan page by Joe Kubert, a Batman pinup by Trevor Von Eeden, a Batman half splash by Gary Frank, a Wonder Woman pinup by Ed Benes.
A Sandman page by Michael Zulli, a Promethea DPS by J.H. Williams.
A self-published page by Ditko, a 1989 illustration by Gilbert Hernandez, a pinup by Don Flowers.
Heritage Weekly Auction
DC: a Supergirl cover by Garcia Lopez, Superman art by Mike Mignola, the Atom by John Byrne, a Superman DPS by Ed Benes, a Batgirl pinup by Greg Land and a Batman page by Greg Capullo.
Marvel: a UK Spidey cover by Ron Wilson, Sgt. Fury by Dick Ayers, a Ghost Rider half splash by Ron Garney.
A Creepy story by Jerry Grandenetti, a top Ben Casey by Neal Adams and a Robin Malone Sunday by Bob Lubbers.
Heritage Signature Auction part 1 of 2
Wally Wood - Original Cover Art
Wally Wood - Original Cover Art
Short on time, I’ll go on using “ending soonest”, this time. An incredible EC cover by Wally Wood is already past $100k, Giant-Size X-men #1 by Cockrum, many Fantastic Four pieces by John Byrne, Spider-Man Vs. Kraven original art by Steve Ditko, Avengers #1 by Kirby, some top Spidey pages by John Romita.
A Spider-Man page by Todd McFarlane, a great Marvel Age cover by Jim Lee, a Cable page by Rob Liefeld, a Wolverine splash by John Buscema, a Conan cover by Barry Smith. The origin of Sabrina by Dan De Carlo.
Elektra Lives Again by Frank Miller, Avengers by Neal Adams, a Crisis page by George Perez.
Little Nemo by McKay, Rip Kirby by Raymond, top Peanuts strips, many pages by Don Rosa, Flamingo by Baker.
Catawiki Auctions
Sergio Toppi - Original Illustration
Sergio Toppi - Original Illustration
An illustration by Sergio Toppi, a model sheet by Magnus, an illustration by Jacovitti, a Dylan Dog illustration by Angelo Stano.
A Mickey page by G.B. Carpi, a nice strip by Romano Scarpa, Moby Dick by Mottura.
A themed auction, illustrations by J.F. Charles, here’s my favorite one.
Cornette De Saint Cyr Auction
The First Buck Danny page by Hubinon, Rahan by Cheret, Rameau by Dany,
Pages by Gotlib, Greg, Hergé & Studios, many Ranxerox pinups by Liberatore, Druillet, Manara, Tibet.
An illustration by Tardi, a Strange cover by Frisano, a Daredevil commission by David Mack, 2 Wolverine pages (one, two) from Secret Wars by Dell'Otto.
See you next week!!
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