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Many Sal Buscemas and results - Original Comic Art Tips #264



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October 23 · Issue #264 · View online
Original Comic Art Tips
Welcome to #264 of Original Comic Art Tips! This is a second send, software assistance told me they had a server outage on Friday so nobody received it…
eBay: a Batman page by Neal Adams was sold for a $11k Best Offer, I wonder if it would have gone higher at Heritage.
The Star Wars page by Infantino for $5,4k, a Cavewoman cover by Budd Root for $4,2k (BO), a Cyberfrog cover by Ethan VanSciver for $2,5k, a painted cover by Scott Hampton for $2,5k, a Batman bust by Jason Fabok for $2k (I remember one sold no more than a month ago for less than $500, but I can’t find the link now).
A JLA page by Paul Pelletier claiming to feature the first appearance of Batwoman who Laughs went for $2,5k, while a Wonder Woman splash by Nicola Scott containing the first appearance of Star Sapphire went for $2k. (I never was an expert of the classic DC Universe, now I don’t really have a clue about what I just typed…)
$1,6k (BO) for a Spidey page by Alex Saviuk, $1,6k for a Black Cat page by Lee Elias, $1,5k for a Tarzan page by Manning, $1,5k for a Thor page by Ron Frenz, $1,3k for the Juliet Jones Sunday by Stan Drake.
Good deals for the Werewolf page by Redondo, sold for $1k, $800 for a Daredevil page by Bob Brown, $150 for a Flash page by Greg LaRocque.
Heritage Weekly Auction: $7,8k for a Pearls Before Swine Sunday, $7,2k for the color guides for X-Men #131.
$7,2k for a Spidey page by Byrne, $6,3k for a Forever People page by Kirby, $5,3k for a Sgt. Rock page by Kubert, $4,3k for a Legion page by Shooter, $4,2k for Dreadstar by Starlin, $2,6k for an Invincible page by Ryan Ottley.
Catawiki: the Margot page by Frezzato went for €1,2k, a Dupuy&Berberian painting for €900, the Colombo strip by Manara for €300, the Wonder Woman sketch cover by Frank Cho for €400.
Heritage Ed Asner Charity Auction: the Hellboy illustration by Mignola went for $7,2k, the cover by Adam Hughes for $6k, the Thor pinup by Walt Simonson for $5,5k, two Ghost Rider covers by Aaron Kuder for $900 seems a very good deal, a Jurgens/Nowlan Batman page for less than $800, the Hellblazer cover by Declan Shalvey for $600.
Weiss Auctions: a Peanuts Sunday went for $43k, a daily for $27k, the illustration by Frazetta for $30k, the Batman splash by Moldoff for $18k.
Kubert: the Ragman cover was the highest result at $17k, $9k was the highest price for DC War Comics covers.
The Orlando/Wood page went for $11k, the Wood cover for $10k.
A Spidey page by Bagley went for $4k, one by Sal Buscema was a good deal at $1,2k.

This week on eBay
Mark Bagley - Original Comic Art
Mark Bagley - Original Comic Art
DC: an Atrocitus sketch by Jim Lee, which was #26 of the 60 sketches done for charity in 2020. At the time it was sold for $4,3k, and now that I think of it I believed I’d see many of them for sale again, instead this is the second/third time it happens in two years…
A Batman page by Tim Sale, Transmetropolitan by Darick Robertson, I like this Batgirl pinup by Jae Lee, lowered price on the Batman sketch by MignolaAmbush Bug by Giffen, some more Flash pages by Greg LaRocque. A Batman commission by Tony Daniel.
Marvel: Ghost Rider by PloogKung Fu by Paul Gulacy and Kung Fu by Rudy Nebres. Vintage Wolverine Vs Captain America page by Mark Bagley, a Punisher page by Rod Wigham.
Hulk Vs. Cyclops by Ed McGuinness, Hulk Vs. Galactus by Daniel Warren Johnson, an Elektra commission by Sienkiewicz, 1987 Dr Strange by Mignola.
I don’t usually link to sketch covers but this CGC 9.8 remarked cover by John Romita seems a pretty good investment in 2022.
Look at these (one, two) Stray Toasters commissions from 1988 by Sienk.
A Cyberfrog DPS by Ethan VanSciver, a Elvira title splash by Dave Cockrum, a Cavewoman painting by Budd Root, a Geiger splash by Gary Frank, a Dawn pinup by Linsner, Mage by Matt Wagner, nice Witchblade page by Tony Daniel, a splash from The Boys by John McCrea.
Books with simple sketches by Kim Jung Gi are getting offers at $1k.
Heritage Weekly Auction
Marvel: lots of Sal Buscema pages, look at this Defenders, then Nova, Two in One, Captain America, Hulk. Fantastic 4 by Byrne, top Iron-Man by Tuska, a detailed splash by Giffen.
A Captain America page by Immonen, a 1984 Thor sketch by Simonson, an Iron-Man page by JRJR (modern).
DC: Superman by Boring, Wonder Woman by Delbo, Sandman by Kirby, a Shadow DPS by Chaykin, a Supergirl DPS by Ian Churchill, another Batman head sketch by Bruce Timm.
A Top Ten page by Gene Ha, a Hellboy sketch by Bermejo, a Ditko page, a Dredd page by Gibson, a pinup by Adam Hughes.
Strips: a very funny Thanksgiving themed Winnie Winkle Sunday, Buz Sawyer by Crane, look at the art on this Rusty Riley daily, a panel by Jim Borgman, I like this Flash Gordon daily by Dan Barry.
Catawiki Auctions
Gabriele Dell'Otto - Batman Original Comic Art
Gabriele Dell'Otto - Batman Original Comic Art
The big piece is a Marvels page by Alex Ross, a World Around Us page by Jack Kirby, a Spirit cover sketch by Will Eisner.
A Batman pinup by Gabriele Dell'Otto, nice 101 Dalmatians illustration, a early illustration by Sergio Toppi, a pinup by Enrico Marini, Columbus by Manara, a Disney commission by Mottura.
Dylan Dog by Micheluzzi and a page by Stano, a Martin Mystere cover by Alessandrini, a Tex illustration by Civitelli.
Batman pages by Alcatena, a Superman cover by Pasqual Ferry, an Avengers cover prelim by Carlos Pacheco, pages by Daniel Torres, Luis Bermejo and Jose Gonzalez.
Sotheby's Persepolis Auction
Sotheby’s is auctioning 40+ pages from the Persepolis novel by Marjane Satrapi. Prices are high (£4k starting price), but considering that Persepolis is one of the most read graphic novels since Maus it may become a very good deal in the long run.
Tessier-Sarrou Auction
Also a very big section of sketched books, some highlights are Moebius, Mezieres, Francq.
See you next week!!
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