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Many Record Prices on HA! - Original Comic Art Tips #247

June 25 · Issue #247 · View online
Original Comic Art Tips
Welcome to Original Comic Art Tips #247!! sorry for the late email… many things to see.
eBay: the TMNT cover by Kevin Eastman was sold for $7,7k, a Peach Momoko Psylocke card for a $5,5k B.O., the Adam Kubert X-Men page for $4,7k, the Red Sonja cover by Celina for $2k, a Death commission by Chris Bachalo for a $2k B.O., the Superman bust by Bruce Timm for $2,1k.
A Thor page by John Buscema for $1,6k, a Wonder Woman painting by Phil Noto for $1,5k, a Teen Titans cover by Ed McGuinness for a $1,5k B.O., the Pitt page by Dale Keown for $1,4k, a Superman sketch by Jim Lee for a $770 B.O.
Heritage Weekly Auction: look at the prices! $13,2k and $10,2k for two terry dailies by Caniff, $10,8k for a Transformers page by Frank Springer, $9,6k for the Spidey cover by Humberto Ramos, $9k for the She-Hulk page by Byrne, $7,2k for the Byrne/Romita Spidey, $7,8 for the Fly by Ditko, $2,9k for the Joker sketch by Bolland.
A production print for the Hulk #181 cover was sold for $9k.
Heritage Signature Auction: after the $2,4M record for Frank Miller we talked about last week, we do a big jump down to $504k, which is a new record for Jim Lee and his triple Hush cover.
(note that I’m only mentioning record prices, for lack of space).
The X-Force (with Spidey) cover by Todd McFarlane went for $408k, then an interior art record for the DPS from the same issue, $204k.
$216k is a record for Don Heck, a page from the same Iron-Man issue went for $168k in April, $288k for the complete Batman issue by Aparo.
$228k is a new record for Mike Mignola, and a big jump up, with this Batman cover (well… Robin), I think the previous record was for a Hellboy cover sold for $52k lat year. Historical piece, but probably a top Batman cover would do a higher record.
$180k for the early Batman cover by Kane/Robinson, this $132k DKR page almost doubled the previous Frank Miller panel page record, this pinup sold for $108k is probably the interior art Star Wars record.
Jim Lee makes another personal record, this Deathblow cover is the first Wildstorm piece to sell for more than $100k, probably also a first for Image comics, if I’m not forgetting a Walking Dead record price…
$84k for a Sandman #1 page by Sam Kieth, $78k for George Perez, $55k for Marc Silvestri, $50k for Mike Ploog, $48k for the Daredevil page by John Romita Jr., $36k for a Cerebus #1 page, $34k Mark Texeira, $32k for Gabriele Dell'Otto, $31k for H.G. Peter (interior), $31k for Dave McKean (interior), $30k and $28k for Tony Moore, $19k for Simone Bianchi, $17k for Norm Breyfogle, $14k for Stephen Platt.
All things considered, some very interesting sales, but in lower quantity compared to previous auctions.
Catawiki: the trading card art by Moebius went for €2k, the Durango page by Girod for €1,8k, the Dany illustration for €2,6k, the Blacksad sketch by Guarnido for €500.
Daniel Maghen Auctions: 1,5 Million Euros paid for this auction, with many pieces doubling/tripling the estimate. A Matteo cover by Gibrat went for an incredible €90k, an illustration for €53k, an interior page for €27k.
Then Bilal, with a 1982 page sold for €70k, the Bruce Hawker cover by Vance went very high at €50k, the Metabarons cover by Jimenez for €33k, Thorgal by Rosinski for €30k, Tardi €24k, Juillard €23k.
The highest price for Pellerin was €22k for this cover, but all the art offered went for high prices, Franquin €19k, the Batem pieces also went high, with €19k paid for this illustration, Giraud €17k, Martin €16k, Manara €13k, €10k for the Indian Summer page, this HP splash for a more affordable €6k.

This week on eBay
John Buscema - Conan Original Comic Art
John Buscema - Conan Original Comic Art
Marvel: look at this Conan/Red Sonja page by John Buscema, early page by Erik Larsen, Man-Thing by Don Perlin, Fantastic Four by John Byrne, Morbius by Ron Wagner, a Wolverine cover by Carlos Pacheco.
DC: a Wonder Woman page by Don Heck, Flash by Ross Andru, a Shazam page by Manley, a Huntress DPS by Nasser, a Green Arrow splash by Jim Aparo, a Batman page by Tony Daniel.
A Hellboy bust by Mignola, Grendel by Wagner, 14 Popeye strips by Bobby London.
Heritage Weekly Auction
Marvel: early Fury by Ayers, Black Panther by Kirby, Conan by Buscema, a Human Torch page, some She-Hulk pages by John Byrne, a Spidey page by Byrne/Romita, a Captain America cover recreation by Neal Adams.
DC: Superboy by Brown/Wood, Superboy by Cockrum, top Sgt. Rock by Heath, a Supergirl splash by Ian Churchill, a 100 Bullets title splash by Risso.
Gen13 by Campbell, Wildcats by Charest, an Image splash by Stephen Platt, 1990s Hellboy sketches one and two, the Fly by Ditko, Black Cat by Kubert.
Strips: many Caniff dailies and a Sunday, Rip Kirby by Raymond, a 1960 On Stage daily.
Catawiki Auctions
Milo Manara Original Illustration
Milo Manara Original Illustration
A Starman DPS by Tony Harris, a Batman sketch by Marini, some nice Batman pages by Alcatena, an Axa strip by Romero, a cover prelim by Juan Gimenez, a Blacksad commission by Guarnido, a page by Azpiri.
Illustrations by Manara, Jacovitti, Altan, Micheluzzi, Marini, Liberatore. La Compagnia della Forca by Magnus, Tex by Ticci, a Julia cover by Soldi, Dylan Dog by Di Gennaro, a sketch by Sergio Toppi.
Disney Art: Topolino covers by Mottura, Ziche, Freccero. A cover, a cover sketch, a page by Cavazzano, a strip by Scarpa, a painting by Carpi.
Millon Auction
Also many sketched books, like Pratt, Moebius, Leloup.
Heritage Underground Auction
Most of the big names are here, but no top pieces.
Russ Cochran Auction
A nice watercolor by Frazetta, a 1921 Gasoline Alley daily.
See you next week!
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