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Many New Record Prices!! - Original Comic Art Tips #259

September 16 · Issue #259 · View online
Original Comic Art Tips
Welcome to #259 of Original Comic Art Tips!!
eBay: a Darkseid cover by Gabriele Dell'Otto was sold for $15k, at the same time a Joker commission in a bad frame went for $4k.
$4k for a Infinity Inc. page by Todd McFarlane, $3,5k for a Dr.Strange page by Tuska, $2k for a Y page by Pia Guerra, $1,5k for a Superman page by Jim Lee.
A Superman strip by Wayne Boring went for $2k, an Elfquest sketch by Wendy Pini for $1,6k, a Scrooge commission by Don Rosa for a $1,1k Best Offer, a very early On Stage daily for $1,2k, look at this very nice Elektra piece by Sienk sold for $850.
The Batman page by Jim Lee is “no longer available”.
Heritage Weekly Auction: the X-Men/Alpha Flight page by Jim Lee was sold for $12k, a Terry daily for $10k, a Superman page with a few Frank Quitely lines for $6,6k, Mage by Matt Wagner for $4,3k, a Thor page by Buscema for $4k, a page from Alias #1 by Gaydos for $4k.
A Conan splash by Kane for $2,4k was not bad, also a Ditko page under $800, look at this great Terry strip sold for only $500.
Catawiki: a Junglemen page by Pratt went for €850, a nice Bernet pinup for €400, the Batman page by Torres for €350.
Heritage Signature Auction: just linking to new record prices as usual, there are more “high prices” than what I can show here… Steve Ditko wins with his new $432k record price, $100k more than his previous record made just last January.
$228k record for Don Heck with another page from the origina of Iron-Man, $228k interior art record for Frank Miller, $216k record for Calvin & Hobbes art by Watterson, the same strip was sold in 2020 for $102k.
Big record for Dave McKean, with the Sandman #5 cover sold for $90k, am I forgetting a Daredevil piece sold elsewhere or this Ninjak cover sold for $66k is the record price for Joe Quesada?
$66k for a Wolverine splash by Adam Kubert, $52k for a Stormwatch cover by Charest, very high $50k jump for a Ghost Rider cover by Texeira, $28k for a Wolverine cover by Bret Blevins, $25k for a Captain Marvel cover by Pat Broderick, $25k for Ron Lim (no time to check the ComicLink prices), $21k for Chuck Patton.
Auction record price for a Spawn cover by Greg Capullo (we all know of that Batman cover sold privately for much more..). $19k for Ernie Chan, $15k for Gary Frank, $14k for Stephen Platt, $14k for a Lynn Varley DKR color guide.
$13k for the Jeff Matsuda cover I bought in 1998 for $250 and traded for more or less $1,200 in 2010, well, it was its price at the time… 😒
There were also many “affordable” prices, let’s start high and then go down. This Batman cover by Jim Lee went for a pretty good $45k, a Johnny Comet Sunday by Frank Frazetta for $15k, I think Batman pages by Neal Adams are still going low at $20k, look at this Spidey page by Byrne sold for $11k, a well designed Hulk page by McFarlane went for $8k, Dr. Strange by Barry Smith for $5k, a Conan splash by Kane for $3,8k, a Thanos splash by Starlin for $2k and a DPS for $1,5k, some detailed monster sketches by Wrightson for less than $1k, many good deals on Garfield strips.

This week on eBay
Ariel Olivetti - Batman Original Comic Art
Ariel Olivetti - Batman Original Comic Art
Marvel: the She-Hulk cover by Dale Keown is still going, Power Pack by Bogdanove, a Nova page by Jim Cheung, Betty Brant by John Byrne.
A Beta Ray Bill sketch by Walt Simonson, a 1985 Conan illustration by James O'Barr, a Spidey sketch by Clayton Crain, Iron-Man by Mark Brooks, a Wolverine commission by Mark Texeira.
DC: a Robin splash by Gene Colan, I like this Wonder Woman page by Jack Abel, Flash pages by LaRocque. A color Batgirl commission by Phil Noto, a Batman pinup by Ariel Olivetti.
A Hellboy page, an illustration and a 2020 charity illustration by Mignola, a Hellboy remarked Artist’s Edition, look at this Frankenstein page by Wrightson, a Cavewoman painting by Budd Root, very nice Jungle Girl illustration by William Stout, a Geiger splash by Gary Frank, a Madman pinup by Mike Allred.
Heritage Weekly Auction
Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez - JLA Style Guide
Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez - JLA Style Guide
Marvel: great Thor page by Walt Simonson, Defenders by Sal Buscema, Conan by Gil Kane, Power Man by Zeck.
X-Men by Frank Quitely, look: Wolverine and Elektra by JRJR, X-Men by Cassaday.
DC: a JLA style guide by Garcia-Lopez, Batman by Ernie Chan, Children’s Crusade by Chris Bachalo, a Power Girl splash by Amanda Conner.
Early Luba page by Gilbert.
A great Terry daily by Caniff, a Garfield daily, a Barney Google, a Christmas themed 1945 Gasoline Alley daily, Corrigan by Williamson.
Catawiki Auctions
A Spirit cover sketch by Will Eisner, great Batman and Poison Ivy pages by Alcatena, an Outlaw Nation page by Goran Parlov, a Chamber sketch by Bachalo.
A Necron page by Magnus, a Dylan Dog cover color guide by Stano, a Disney title splash by Valerio Held, two Columbus panels by Manara.
ComicConnect Auction part 2 of 2
A beautiful Elektra fight page by Frank Miller, X-Men and Daredevil pages by JRJR, top Morbius/Blade page by P. Craig Russell, Moon Knight by Sienk, look at this Machine Man page by Barry Smith.
Wolverine by Joe Mad, nice X-Men 2099 cover by Tim Sale, a Superman splash by Curt Swan, a great Wally Wood page.
Septimus Auction
A Bois-Maury cover painted by Hermann, a Blueberry page by Giraud, Valerian by Mezieres, a pinup by Bastien Vives, an illustration by Boucq, a couple Western pages by Serpieri, Clorophylle by Macherot, a pinup by Rosinsky, Ramiro by Vance.
A book full of sketches, a menu with big name sketches, a full figure Lucky Luke sketch by Morris, several Franquin sketches.
Heritage Animation Auction
I went to search between 50 pages of cels for a few comic art pieces… Look: three Marvel Masterpieces illustrations by the Hildebrandt bros, here’s Wolverine. A Galaxy Trio Layout and a Superman storyboard page by Alex Toth, a Peanuts Sunday, Flintstones and Yogi Bear Sunday strips by Hazelton.
A page by Tezuka and a sketch by Mikimoto.
See you next week!!
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