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Many Kubert, Bisley and Garfield pieces - Original Comic Art Tips #229

February 18 · Issue #229 · View online
Original Comic Art Tips
Welcome to #229 of the Original Comic Art Tips newsletter, and welcome to the many new readers who came here thanks to Sylvain’s post, reply and let me know what you think.
Original Comic Art Auction Results:
eBay: a page from the Authority by Frank Quitely was sold for $2,6k, a TMNT cover by Creees for $2,1k, an unpublished Invaders cover by Dave Hoover for $1,8k, the Hellboy page by P. Craig Russell for $1,6k, the Iron-Man page by Gene Colan at $1,5k was a good deal, not the best Hulk page by Sal Buscema but $900 was also a good deal.
Best Offers: Less than $3k for this Transformers page by Kupperberg, $2,5k for a TMNT cover by Kevin Eastman, $1,8k for a Hulk page by Joe Bennett, an hardcover sketched by George Perez went for a pretty high sum.
Heritage Weekly Auction: unsurprisingly, the winner was Walt Simonson, with the X-Factor splash sold for more than $15k. Considering the latest results I expected more than $11k for this great Batman page by Tim Sale, the Daredevil page for $4k was a good buy in 2022 prices. The Doc Ock splash by Ed Hannigan went for $6k, in the tradition of Spectacular Spidey pages growing fast in price… the X-Factor corner box art by Larry Stroman went for $5k, original corner boxes and X art by Stroman are both pretty rare to find, probably the first time I see a top X-Factor piece since I started this newsletter in 2017.
Who consigned all of these great Corrigan strips by Al Williamson selling lately? I was getting used to the $300-600 paid for regular strips, but when quality is top they sell for $1,5k and more. I remember when Spider-Girl pages by Frenz/Buscema always went unsold on eBay, now we’re at $900.
Not the greatest page ever, but for only $400 somebody took home Flash, Manhunter and Black Canary by Byrne.
Catawiki: the five Tanguy pages by Jijé were sold for €7,2k, a Ric Hochet page by Tibet for €1,5k, the Ranxerox illustration by Liberatore for €1,5k, the Petra Cherie pinup by Micheluzzi for €800, the Cisco Kid daily by Salinas was a good buy for €850.
The small illustration by Magnus went for €450, the 100 Bullets page by Risso for €430, the Sergio Toppi sketch for €250.

This week on eBay
Simon Bisley - TMNT Original Comic Art
Simon Bisley - TMNT Original Comic Art
Marvel: Sgt. Fury by Ayers/Severin, Conan by Buscema, a small Hulk illustration by George Perez for a novel, the Daredevil page by Gene Colan is for sale again but accepting offers.
Three 2021 Venom covers by Bryan Hitch (one, two, three), a Wolverine page by Alan Davis, Hulk by Kyle Hotz. Somebody thought this was the right time to capitalize on this Black Spidey commission by Mike Zeck… not working for now.
DC: Infinity Inc. by Todd McFarlane, a Superman pinup by John Byrne, a striking Milleresque Batman title splash by Mike Netzer, a Hellblazer cover by Simon Bisley, a Superman cover by Ivan Reis, look at this Batman cover by Declan Shalvey, a Harley Quinn prelim by Frank Cho.
A Cerebus page by Sim, an EC page by Johnny Craig, a Grendel page and an unfinished splash by Matt Wagner, a classic TMNT splash and a Death Dealer page by Simon Bisley.
Look: a Prince Valiant page by Hal Foster, an early Beetle Bailey daily.
Heritage Weekly Auction
Marvel: I like this Marvel Adventures page by Saviuk, have you noticed prices for Captain America art by Kieron Dwyer, lately? Elektra by Mike Deodato, Namor by Geof Isherwood, X-Factor by Paul Smith, Silver Surfer by Joe Quinones. 1980’s She-Hulk Ad by JRJR.
DC: look at this beautiful (and censored) Viking Prince page by Joe Kubert, a Green Arrow splash by Jim Aparo and nothing else.
An Anakin pinup by Gabriele Dell'Otto, a G.I. Joe cover by Dave Dorman, a (modern) TMNT cover by Kevin Eastman.
Strips: a Terry daily by Caniff, a top Cisco Kid by Salinas, a funny Garfield, a Big Ben Bolt and an On Stage Sunday.
Catawiki Auctions
Jacovitti - Cocco Bill Original Comic Art
Jacovitti - Cocco Bill Original Comic Art
Rosso Stenton by Micheluzzi, a sketch by Toppi, an illustration of Einstein by Tacconi, a model sheet by Magnus, a nice piece from Il Salgarone by Jacovitti.
A thematic western auction, with Cocco Bill by Jacovitti, Tarquinio, Del Castillo, Gattia, and Tex pages by Font, Civitelli, Villa.
I like this Invaders page by Kupperberg, a color sketch by Willy Lambil.
Weiss Auctions
We’re now used to the low starting prices in Weiss auctions, you hope the piece you like remains low and then in the last minutes they go up to the exact market price…
There’s a Peanuts daily from 1957, a full Spidey/Strange/Iron-Man story by Sal Buscema, a very nice vintage Batman pinup by Joe Giella, a 7-page lot from a war story by Alex Toth.
From the Joe Kubert archives, this time we have a full TOR story, some Sgt. Rock multi-page lots, a set of six covers from a Rock mini, several sets of Green Berets strips.
The Art of Garfield Auction
It’s time for another big Garfield original art auction, there are fewer pieces than usual, you can go and see them all pretty quickly. Many early dailies, some early Sunday strips, the usual Christmas day strips going for higher prices, some advertising pinups and some painted illustrations.
Russ Cochran Auctions
An unusual auction of cheap superhero pages with zero strips. I like this Lois Lane page by John Byrne, Superfriends by Ramona Fradon, Batman by Gulacy, a war page by Glanzman.
See you next week!!
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