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😱 Low Pric-ed Spidey 2099 DPS by Leonardi! - Original Comic Art Tips #261

September 30 · Issue #261 · View online
Original Comic Art Tips
Welcome to #261 of Original Comic Art Tips! You should really look at the extensive eBay section this week, plenty of great lots.
Original Comic Art Auction Results
eBay: a Frankenstein page by Bernie Wrightson was sold for $11,2k (Best Offer), a Sandman page by Teddy Kristiansen for $2,2k, a Quimby strip by Chris Ware for $2,5k, a Batman Adventures cover by Ty Templeton for $2,2k (BO), a Man-Thing page by Sal Buscema for $1,9k (BO).
Somebody got a very good deal on a page from Avengers #18 by Don Heck that went for only $2,5k. Two pages from the same issue were sold in the last months: one for $5,2k and one for $10,2k, this one was not as good, with two static Captain America shots, so you could give it a market value of $4-5k.
Then an Invincible commission by Ryan Ottley went for $1,7k (BO), a splash from The Ray by Joe Quesada for $1,6k (BO), a Cavewoman cover by Budd Root for $1,7k, a Felix illustration by Pat Sullivan for $1k (BO) and a Daredevil commission by Chris Samnee for $600 (BO).
Heritage Weekly Auction: different names for highest prices this week, the Terry Sunday by Caniff was sold for $10k, Mage by Matt Wagner for $8k, $6,6k for the Superman Sunday by Boring, a page from Azrael #1 by Joe Quesada for $4,3k, these were cheap a couple years ago.
$1,6k for the illustration by Bruce Timm, just $300 more than what a quick Batman head sketch sells for, a rare New Yorker panel by Eldon Dedini for $1,8k, a Legionnaires page by Chris Sprouse for a pretty high $1,4k, $700 was a good deal for this X-men page by John Cassaday.
Cheap Terry dailies: $800, $800, $600.
Look: a copy of the DC Style Guide book by Jose Luis Garcia Lopez went for $3,3k, time for a b/w reprint?
Catawiki Auctions: the Tintin panel by Hergé was sold for €3,8k, the prelim for €1,5k, the Trigan cover by Don Lawrence for €4k, the El Gaucho page by Manara for €1,6k, the Spirou page by Schwartz for €2,4k
The Bilal sketch for €1,6k, a pinup by Shane Glines and Bruce Timm for €650, one by Enrico Marini for €500, a page by Micheluzzi for €400.
Heritage Animation Auction: the highest price had nothing to do with animation, a Peanuts Sunday sold for $72k, the Hildebrandt Wolverine for $33k, the Gambit for $26k, the page by Tezuka went for $13k, the sketch by Mikimoto for $2k, the Galaxy Trio by Alex Toth for $1,8k.
Russ Cochran Auctions: a Tarzan Sunday by Foster was sold for $24k, a Man of War page by Chaykin for $1,4k, an American Flagg page was a good deal at $360.

This week on eBay
Rick Leonardi - Spider-Man 2099 Original Comic Art
Rick Leonardi - Spider-Man 2099 Original Comic Art
Marvel: a Captain America page by John Byrne, look at this Spider-Man 2099 DPS by Rick Leonardi, still very low with only a day left! Then look at this vintage Spidey page by Mark Bagley, a top Two in One page by Tuska, a Fantastic Four page and an X-Factor page by John Buscema, Captain America by Kieron Dwyer.
Two Avengers covers by Ed McGuinness, Spidey Vs. Goblin by Bob McLeod, Spidey sketch by Bruce Timm, a Spidey page by Adam Kubert, a Captain America page by Steve Epting, a Hulk cover by Juan Ferreira, an Avengers splash by JRJR, a Conan cover stat by Silvestri, a Thor pinup by Adam Hughes.
DC: nice Superman daily by Tuska, unpublished Vertigo painted cover by Kaluta, a Superman cover by Tyler Kirkham, a Harley pinup by Ebas, a Batman villains sketch by Tim SaleFlash by LaRocque.
A big lot of cover quality DC commissions: Superman/Lois and White/Black Queen by Tom Grummett, Batman/Harley by Ryan Benjamin, Green Lantern by John Timms, Kolins, Semeiks, Dwyer, Truog, Isherwood, McLeod, Calafiore.
A great Fathom piece by Michael Turner and a cover layout, an Invincible splash by Ottley, a G.I. Joe commission by Tony Daniel, the Hellboy piece by Mike Mignola is still going, a Cavewoman cover by Budd Root, a rare Trashman page by Spain, a Dawn pinup by Linsner, a Youngblood poster by Chris Sprouse.
Heritage Weekly Auction
Marvel: a Spidey page by Byrne, Captain America and Hulk pages by Sal Buscema, Iron-Man by Tuska, vintage Captain America by Kevin Maguire, great Conan page by Castellini, a Spidey commission by Bachalo.
DC: Warlord by Grell, a Robin splash by Grummett, a Jack B. Quick commission by Kevin Nowlan.
Rose by Vess, a pinup by Vaughn Bodé, a Judge Dredd strip by Ian Gibson, rare Magnus page by Russ Manning, Bettie Page by Dan Panosian.
A Winnie Winkle Sunday, a Terry daily by Caniff, a B.C. Sunday, an On Stage Sunday, a Beetle Bailey daily.
Catawiki Auctions
Sean Murphy Original Comic Art
Sean Murphy Original Comic Art
A Dylan Dog illustration by Angelo Stano, a Diabolik cover by Sergio Zaniboni, Dylan Dog by Mari, nice sketch by Liberatore, a Disney page by Asteriti, a Columbus strip by Manara.
A nice page from The Plot Holes by Sean Murphy, an Odd Fact panel by Eisner, a sketched Jim Starlin art book.
A page by Mandrafina, two by Garcia Seijas, one and two pages by Breccia, a pinup by Rojo, Axa by Romero.
Vermot & Associés Auction
Fauve Paris Auction
A Gaston page by Franquin, a big Asterix sketch by Uderzo, Valerian by Mezieres.
See You Next Week!!
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