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Lots of record prices and new auctions! - Original Comic Art Tips #207

September 17 · Issue #207 · View online
Original Comic Art Tips
Welcome to #207 of Original Comic Art Tips! Here’s a long auction results section:
eBay: this Psylocke pinup by Jim Lee was shopped on Facebook just a couple of days ago, now I see that it was quickly sold (but on eBay) for $6k.
The Batman page by Gil Kane went for $3,1k, the Excalibur page by Alan Davis for $2,5k, a Fathom page by Michael Turner for $2,2k, ROM by Sal Buscema for $1,4k, a Deadpool commission by James Harren for $1,5k, the Infinity INC page by Jerry Ordway for $1,1k.
A Fantastic Four page by Pollard went for a Best Offer lower than $2,8k, a Batman production cover went for less than $2,3k, a Spider-Man cover by Mike Wieringo for less than $2,5k.
The Human Torch page by John Byrne sold for $700 was a really good deal, the Ghost Rider page by Saltares/Texeira was not that great but still good for $400.
Heritage Weekly Auction: a signed Calvin & Hobbes print was sold for $18k, the same price was paid for another copy in July, but consider that one was sold last November for $7,8k, and in June 2019 (seems ancient times, but it’s really only 2 years ago) a copy went for $3,3k.
A Children’s Crusade page by Jim Cheung was sold for $5,2k, a Legion page by Dave Cockrum for $5k, the G.I. Joe page by Todd McFarlane for $4,3k, one by Rod Wigham for $3,4k, a Wolverine commission by Art Adams for a pretty high $1,8k.
Three color guides to a Carl Barks story were sold for a surprising $1,8k, the Spider-Man drawing by John Romita went for only $1,5k, a low price, but if you compare with the similar sketch sold for $4,3k (see last week’s issue) it’s REALLY low.
Catawiki: the Dylan Dog page went for €1,7k, a Blueberry page by Colin Wilson went for €1,3k, a Mafalda sketch by Quino for €1,1k, a page prelim by Eisner for €450.
Heritage Signature Auction: the winner was Jack Kirby, with the cover to Fantastic Four #86 sold for $480k, the previous HA record was $200k lower (and for another Dr. Doom piece). Last week I wrote about Christmas-themed strips paid a lot more than regular strips, on the same day a Christmas-themed Peanuts Sunday made a big record, $360k The previous highest price paid for a Sunday was $113k in 2007.
Third place and interior art record for Barry Smith, with an Avengers DPS, sold for $168k, the Captain America DPS by Steranko went for $159k, not a record, the Spidey page by Ditko was sold for $156k. $132k is a record for Calvin & Hobbes daily strips, $108k is a new record for panel pages drawn by John Byrne, Alex Ross original art is over the $100k mark for the first time with this Batman cover, $72k for an iconic EC cover is a record for Johnny Craig.
$72k is a big record for Michael Golden, but it will be difficult to find a more valuable piece, considering the number of characters in this Avengers cover.
$60k paid for a Superman cover by Schaffenberger, a big $60k record for Ron Frenz, but classic Star Wars covers are really hot, so it will probably go down next time.
We were surprised by the Hellboy cover sold on ComicLink for $52k just 17 days ago, look at the new $55k record. $52k is the new record for Jim Lee panel pages, $50k paid for a Marshal Law cover by Kevin O'Neil, a very similar one was sold in May for $17k. $50k is also the highest price paid on HA for Daredevil art by Frank Miller. I’m stopping this at $50k for lack of space, but I’ll leave you with the $38k paid for a Typhoid Mary page by Romita Jr. since everybody is talking about this.

This week on eBay
Sal Buscema - Silver Surfer Original Comic Art
Sal Buscema - Silver Surfer Original Comic Art
Marvel: a great Silver Surfer page by Sal Buscema, a Conan/Red Sonja page, an Avengers page, Machine Man, Conan 2, Conan 3, all by John Buscema.
A Frank Brunner commission, Captain America by Bob Hall, a page inked and signed by Al Williamson.
DC: a Wonder Woman page by Jose Delbo, Superman by Curt Swan, Green Lantern by Saviuk, a Batman commission by Joe Giella. Batman by Gary Frank, a sketched print by Frank Cho, another one.
A Geiger title page by Gary Frank, a Grendel half splash by Matt Wagner.
Heritage Weekly Auction
DC: a Hellblazer cover by Tim Bradstreet, a Superboy page by Brown/Wood, a Batman/Manhunter sketch by Walt Simonson.
Marvel: Daredevil by Bob Brown, an Iron Fist splash by Chan/Mignola, Spidey by Milgrom, an Infinity Crusade splash by Ron Lim and a Carnage page by Ryan Stegman.
A Black Cat page by Lee Elias, a vintage Usagi pinup by Stan Sakai, a Scott Pilgrim pinup by O'Malley, a Strangers in Paradise illustration by Terry Moore.
Catawiki Auctions
Ivo Milazzo - Ken Parker Original Comic Art
Ivo Milazzo - Ken Parker Original Comic Art
A Bois Maury page by Hermann, a Durango cover and a page by Girod, a page by Juan Gimenez.
A Black Cat painting by Lucio Parrillo, a Ken Parker page by Milazzo, many pages by Magnus, like this I Briganti half page, a Necron model sheet, a nice page from Kriminal.
A Tex illustration by Civitelli, a Martin Mystere cover by Filippucci, a Druuna coloring page by Serpieri, a Masers prelim by Frezzato.
A 1934 Brick Bradford daily, an uncredited Donald Duck Sunday signed by Barks, a Scrooge pinup by Silvia Ziche.
Heritage International Signature Auction part 1 of 2
Sean Murphy - Batman Original Comic Art
Sean Murphy - Batman Original Comic Art
I have to start as usual with this incredible Asterix page by Uderzo, then a Largo Winch cover by Francq, a beautiful illustration by Moebius, a Tintin page prelim by Hergé, a Star Wars cover by Mathieu Lauffray.
A detailed Lupin sketch by Monkey Punch, a page and some pinups by Osamu Tezuka.
A 2000AD page by Bolland, an illustration by Ezquerra, a splash by Greg Staples, several strips by John Burns.
The best Sergio Toppi page offered in a while.
X-Men original art by John Byrne, Thor by John Buscema, Spidey by Keith Pollard, a Thor cover by Olivier Coipel. A Batman splash by Marshall Rogers, a Batman page by Sean Murphy, Cosmic Odyssey by Mignola, a nice Superman by Darwin Cooke.
A Sin City illustration by Miller, a Hellboy page by Mignola, a Conan cover by Kaluta, a jam page with R. Crumb, a splash by Will Eisner.
A big pile of Uncle Scrooge originals by Don Rosa, like a cover, a classic page, and another one.
See you next week!!
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