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Lots of Byrne pages! Original Comic Art Tips #209

October 2 · Issue #209 · View online
Original Comic Art Tips
Welcome to #209 of Original Comic Art Tips! This week I tested not to put the names of the characters in italics, let me know if you find it confusing (I need to save some work here..).
Original Comic Art Auction Results:
eBay: the Spider-Man page by Mike Zeck was sold for $4,5k, the cover to The Kingdom #1 by Ariel Olivetti for $3,3k, the Darth Vader sketch by Walt Simonson for $2,7k, the Indiana Jones page by John Byrne for the same price (remember when these were the cheap Byrne pages nobody wanted?), X-Men by Alan Davis for $1,5k.
An X-Men splash by Joe Mad was sold for a Best Offer lower than $4k, a Dark Horse pres. cover by Eric Powell for less than $2k, a Captain America splash inked over Joe Bennett printed bluelines for $1,5k, a vintage Spidey page by Mark Bagley was a good catch at $1k, better yet was this Spider-Man cover prelim by John Romita, sold for only $950.
Heritage Weekly Auction: the Spider-Man page by Al Milgrom was sold for $4,4k, New Mutants by John Byrne and Dr. Strange by Brunner for $3,6k, A Dick Tracy daily with Flattop for $2,6k.
Iron-Man pages by Tuska are still affordable at $1,3k, that nice Ben Casey daily by Neal Adams went for a low $666, a funny Garfield daily for less than $500, a J.J. Jameson page by Byrne for $200 is not bad.
Catawiki: the two Gaston page prelims by Franquin went for €16k, two Corto Maltese strips by Hugo Pratt for €9,5k, the Belloy page by Uderzo for €5,5k, Lo Sconosciuto by Magnus for €750, the Tarzan cover by Mike Grell for €800, the Tarzan page by Sal Buscema for €500.
Weiss Auctions: top price was paid for this 1973 Peanuts strip, $24k. Another one went for $20k. A Kubert war splash went for more than $5k, a Rock title page for $5k, the Unknown Soldier DPS for almost $7k.
The two Batman pages went for less than $3k each, a good catch, the full Punisher issues were sold for less than $400 a page, this six strips Green Berets lot for only $750. A Rock splash by Russ Heath for $4,5k.
Urania Aste: a special auction dedicated to Hugo Pratt (mostly dozens of Sgt. Kirk pages). The highest price was paid for this Ticonderoga page, €7k, this nice map for €4,4k, the top Sgt. Kirk page made €5,2k.

This week on eBay
John Byrne - She-Hulk Original Comic Art
John Byrne - She-Hulk Original Comic Art
Look: a She-Hulk page by John Byrne. A very nice Avengers page by Sal Buscema, A Thor page by John Buscema, last week’s Conan page is still going, another Conan, a G.I. Joe page by Rod Wigham.
Peter Parker by Byrne, a Spidey prelim by Tim Sale.
DC: Wonder Woman by Don Heck, a Batman commission by Alan Davis, some Batman pages by Gary Frank, here’s the better one, a Superman cover by Ivan Reis, a Batman pinup by Tom Lyle.
A beautiful America Flagg page, Spawn by Angel Medina, Aliens/Predator by Alex Maleev, a 1988 TMNT sketch by Peter Laird, a Sandman by P. Craig Russell.
Heritage Weekly Auction
Spidey by Milgrom, Moon Knight by Sienkiewicz, Alpha Flight by Jim Lee, Red Sonja by John Buscema, a 1993 Venom page by Bagley, a painted Ghost Rider commission by Mark Texeira.
Superboy by Brown/Wood, Batman by Dillin, Sandman original art by Jack Kirby.
A Wizard King illustration by Wally Wood, a Ghita illustration by Frank Thorne.
Catawiki Auctions
A Rahan page by Cheret, a Sandman page by Jack Kirby, Gipsy by Enrico Marini, a Milady page by Magnus, a Tex page by Guido Buzzelli.
See you next week!!
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