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Larsen Spidey page, Bolland, Byrne! Original Comic Art Tips #190

May 21 · Issue #190 · View online
Original Comic Art Tips
Welcome to #190 of Original Comic Art Tips! A very long update, this week.
Original Comic Art Auction Results:
eBay: the Panic! page by Wally Wood was sold for $4k, an Avengers page by Sal Buscema for $3,5k, one by John Byrne for $2,5k, a page from U. X-Men #200 by Romita Jr. for $1,1k, the Hulk pages by Trimpe for $1,6k and $1,1k, a Transformers page by Springer for $1,6k.
The Green Lantern DPS by Gary Frank went for $2k, a Red Sonja cover by Celina (new to me) was sold for $4,8k.
Heritage Weekly Auction: two Cisco Kid strips by Salinas went for $7,2k and $6,6k, the Alex Nino illustration for $5,7k, the American Flagg illustration by Chaykin for $5,2k. Fans of the ‘90s won Moon Knight and Ghost Rider pages by Ron Garney for much less than $500. A 1999 Garfield strip was sold for $370.
Catawiki: the Corto Maltese strip by Pratt went for €3,7k, Lune Noire by Ledroit for €2,7k, the page by Frollo for €2,4k, the sketch by Quino for €2,2k, the Satanik cover by Corteggi for €1,4k, the Jacovitti illustration for €1,1k.
The better Hassan et Kaddour pages went for €700-1,000.
Comiclink auction best deals: a Spidey page by Romita Jr. went for $550, a 1971 Medusa sketch by his dad for $800, a Batman splash by Scott McDaniel for $450, a Thor page by Mike Deodato for $250, a Blade commission by Gabriele Dell'Otto for $400.
All of the Garcia Lopez DC Style guide pinups went for low prices, look at this Batman sold for $450 and this Flash for $100.

This week on eBay
Sal Buscema - Avengers Original Comic Art
Sal Buscema - Avengers Original Comic Art
Marvel: a 1983 Spider-Man page by John Romita Jr., Namor by John Buscema and here’s a second one, an Avengers title splash by Sal Buscema, and there’s also a Hulk page.
The X-Men page by Jim Lee is still going and for now a steal at $2k (but again, you have to be a fan of Strong Guy…).
A Star Wars page by Bob McLeod, Moon Knight Vs. Punisher by Ron Garney.
DC: 2 Superman commissions by Adam Hughes for a good price, a vintage one and a modern one.
Another Red Sonja cover by Celina, a painted page by Bisley, a Bugs Bunny Sunday by Heimdahl and a nice Rick O'Shay Sunday.
Heritage Weekly Auction
Erik Larsen - Spider-Man Original Art
Erik Larsen - Spider-Man Original Art
Marvel: why is this Spider-Man page by Erik Larsen in the weekly auction? Captain America by Sal Buscema, Marvel Team-Up by Gil Kane, Howard the Duck by Gene Colan, Cloak & Dagger by Rick Leonardi, Ghost Rider by Ron Garney.
DC: World’s Finest by Dick Dillin and Garcia Lopez, Superman by Gil Kane. Wonder Woman by David Finch, JLA by Howard Porter, a Superman cover by Alex Maleev.
I like this Moebius sketch.
Strips: Ben Casey by Neal Adams, a 1961 B.C. Sunday, Cisco Kid by Salinas, a funny 1991 Garfield.
Catawiki Auctions
Some Bonelli covers, like Zagor by Piccinelli and Martin Mystere by Alessandrini. A Milady illustration by Magnus, 7 Dwarfs by Pagot.
A sketch by Bruno Bozzetto, a Scrooge drawing by Paolo Mottura, a Druuna coloring by Serpieri, a Clara pinup by Bernet, a Dago page by Salinas.
Ultimate Spidey by Mark Bagley, The Mandalorian by Sanjulian and a Walt Disney signature.
Urania Aste part 1 of 2 - Italian Artists
One of the best auction catalogs I’ve ever seen, with 600 top lots. Here are my favorite pieces.
Moby Dick by Dino Battaglia, Le Femmine Incantate by Magnus, a page from the 1st issue of Dylan Dog by Angelo Stano, a Jonas Fink cover by Vittorio Giardino, Tulum by Milo Manara, a Kriminal cover by Corteggi.
A Cocco Bill page by Jacovitti, Notte di Carnevale, Pentothal, and the famous Cannibale group shot by Pazienza.
A full Altai & Johnson story and a Paperinik page by Cavazzano, Scrooge original art by Romano Scarpa, a very early Topolino cover by Vergiani.
Comic Link Featured Auction part 1 of 2
A complete Outsiders story and a Camelot 3000 splash by Brian Bolland, a Watchmen AD by Dave Gibbons, the first Swamp Thing cover by Steve Bissette and an early page, a Batman cover by Jim Aparo, a SSOConan cover by Joe Jusko, a Batman-Judge Dredd painting by Bisley, a rare Batman page by Alan Davis.
A 1991 Spider-Man cover by Mark Bagley, X-Men covers by Chris Bachalo are very rare to find, an Excalibur cover by Alan Davis, a great Spawn page by Capullo/McFarlane, a Hulk half-splash by Dale Keown, the first appearance of Lady Death.
Many top pages by John Byrne here’s the big one from X-Men.
Many Marvel covers by J. Scott Campbell, here’s one.
A Hulk cover by Frank Cho, a Batman cover by Greg Capullo, a Preacher page.
A Lloyd Lewellin page by Daniel Clowes, some 1952 Dennis panels by Hank Ketcham.
Little Nemo Disneyana Auction
A big auction of Disney items, with an original art section.
Many pages by Romano Scarpa, many pieces by G.B. Carpi, 7 Dwarfs by Pagot, a cover prelim by Carl Barks, Brer Rabbit by Dick Moores, a couple of Gottfredson dailies, and an illustration by Paolo Mottura.
Nate Sanders Auctions
A very nice Peanuts strip, by Schulz, a Lobo illustration by Simon Bisley, a Buster Brown Sunday by Outcault.
University Archives
An auction of classic comic strips, like this 1931 Blondie daily, a 1912 Mutt & Jeff, a Polly & Her Pals daily, a time travel Alley Oop daily.
There’s also a Life is Hell sketch by Matt Groening and many 2-4 strips lots like this one.
See you next week!
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