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Larsen Record price, Lots of Jim Lee pages! Original Comic Art Tips #191

May 28 · Issue #191 · View online
Original Comic Art Tips
Welcome to #191 of Original Comic Art Tips!
eBay: the Spider-Man page by John Romita Jr. was sold for $3,6k, the X-Men page by Jim Lee for $6k, a Namor page by John Buscema for $2,4k and a Conan page for $1k, the Invincible splash by Ryan Ottley for $2k and an X-Force cover by Pepe Larraz for $1k.
Heritage Weekly Auction: What was a Spider-Man page by Erik Larsen doing on the weekly auction? It was there to do a $48k record price for panel pages! We are often talking about the incredibly fast growth for Spider-Man original art by Larsen, it’s time for a recap (courtesy of the Heritage archives…). We start from too far, from the remote past of AUGUST 2018… when a Spidey Vs. Doc. Doom page went for just $6,6k. Then we go to May 2019, when a Spidey Vs. Mysterio splash went for $15,6k. The next day, in the tradition of panel pages worth less than splashes, this Spidey/Doc. Ock/Hulk page was sold for $10k. Another big step for humanity (the hated March 2020), this cool interior page went for $26k. Six months later (Sept. 2020) this Spidey/Ghost Rider half splash made $36k. Just one month ago (Apr. 2021) a splash went over $50k. I purposedly left behind the record bearer, the cover to Amazing #340, sold in March 2020 for $50,4k… In just a year a classic cover was almost reached in price by a splash and an interior page. Let’s see what will happen with the splash being auctioned next week on ComicLink (see link in the CL section below)
In other news there were many high prices on HA, last Monday, here’s a link to see them all.
Catawiki: I really can’t say why this regular Ultimate Spidey page by Mark Bagley went for €1k. The Milady illustration by Magnus for €1k, the 7 Dwarfs page by Nino Pagot for €700, the Walt Disney signature for €2k.
Little Nemo Disney Auction: many unsold lots and a few high prices, like the Barks cover prelim sold for €3,4k (before a 23% B.P.), the Mottura painting sold for €2,2k, and the Bip Bip page by Scarpa, sold for €2,7k.

This week on eBay
George Tuska - Iron-Man original Comic Art
George Tuska - Iron-Man original Comic Art
Marvel: an Iron-Man half splash by George Tuska, a Namor page by Rich Buckler, a Venom half splash by Greg Luzniak, a Wolverine page by Kyle Hotz, a Wolverine sketch by Herb Trimpe.
A Deadpool cover by Mike Allred, a Cable commission by Rob Liefeld, there’s a tiny Spidey on this Byrne page.
DC: a Superman page by Jim Starlin, Wonder Woman by Don Heck, a Black Goliath splash by Tuska, Superman and Luthor by Curt Swan.
A Batman page by Norm Breyfogle, one by J.H. Williams, a Batman commission by James Harren, one by Neal Adams.
A Painted Grendel page by Matt Wagner, a Warlord of Mars card art by Joe Jusko, a prelim by Carl Barks.
Heritage Weekly Auction
Sgt. Fury by Dick Ayers, Howard the Duck by Gene Colan, Spidey by Alex Saviuk, X-Factor by Walt Simonson, the coloring for the Conan poster by BWS.
A Magnus page by Russ Manning, an EC page by Joe Orlando, Monkeyman by Art Adams.
Catawiki Auctions
Don Rosa - Uncle Scrooge Original Art
Don Rosa - Uncle Scrooge Original Art
A nice Gaston sketch and a Spirou sketch by Franquin, a Bob Morane page by Vance, a Navis cover by Munuera, a cover by Dany.
An Ultimate X-Men cover by Brandon Peterson, a Batman page and a Superman page by Gary Frank, Avengers by Tom Morgan, a very nice Ultimate Spidey page by Stuart Immonen, a Batman page by J.H. Williams, a Hellboy commission by Matteo Scalera.
A Dylan Dog cover by Roi, Il Salgarone by Jacovitti, a Donald page by Romano Scarpa, a Scrooge pinup by Don Rosa.
Comic link Featured Auction part 2 of 2
Last week I went from A to K. Are you ready for L?? We start from the Spider-Man splash by Erik Larsen we were talking about earlier, then Jim Lee with a Wolverine Vs. Punisher half splash, a Punisher title splash, a TOP U. X-Men page, a Batman cover and the first appearance of Hush. An early Cable page by Rob Liefeld and many pages by Ron Lim, here’s the big one.
A Hulk page by Jack Kirby, an Invincible cover by Ryan Ottley, many Batman pages by Sean Murphy, here’s a cover, Many pages by Ed McGuinness, George Perez, Bruce Timm.
A Witchblade splash by Michael Turner, a Doom title splash by Wally Wood, a Spidey page by Mike Zeck. A Warlock cover by Jim Starlin, a Captain America cover by Al Milgrom, look at these Spawn and Spider-Man covers by Alex Ross.
A Sandman cover by Dave McKean, a Bettie Page prelim by Dave Stevens, a 1961 Peanuts daily and a Lone Wolf and Cub pinup by Goseki Kojima.
Urania Aste part 2 of 2 - Superheroes and Strips
John Romita - Spider-Man Original Cover Art
John Romita - Spider-Man Original Cover Art
Avengers, Thor and Conan by John Buscema, the Falcon by Jack Kirby, a Spider-Man cover by John Romita, a Spidey page by John Jr, a great Invaders splash by Frank Robbins, Daredevil by Tim Sale.
Katzenjammer Kids by Harold Knerr, Sammy Sneeze by Winsor McKay, an illustration by Alex Raymond, an X-9 strip.
Dagoty Auctions
A Smurfs illustration by Peyo, a cover by Alfonso Font, a detailed Ekho sketch by Barbucci, a page of sketches by Franquin.
Comic Book Auctions
a Dredd page by Ron Smith, some Garth strips by Bellamy, Karl the Viking by Don Lawrence.
See you next week!!
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