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Keown on the Bay/Big Things at ComiConnect - Original Comic Art Tips #258

September 10 · Issue #258 · View online
Original Comic Art Tips
Welcome to #258 of Original Comic Art Tips! Big auctions are starting (ComicConnect and three European Auctions) and ending (ComicLink, Heritage) again after the summer pause.
Original Comic Art Auction Results:
eBay: a Popeye specialty piece by Segar went for $4,9k, a Sandman (or, Santa Claus…) page by Jack Kirby for a $4,5k Best Offer, a very nice Joe Madureira Excalibur page was quickly sold for $1,7k, I’m very envious of this piece, I clicked on the ebay alert a half hour too late…
A top Spidey Sunday strip by Saviuk/Sinnott went for $1,8k, a Batman commission by George Perez for $1,2k (BO), $1,2k (BO) for a Death commission by Chris Bachalo, a cover quality Manhunter illustration by Paul Smith for $1,2k (BO). A Spidey page by Ryan Ottley was sold for only $350.
Heritage Weekly Auction: if you don’t consider the iconic Batman/Hulk cover ($400k), this Batman cover by Garcia Lopez sold for $43k means a doubled price for “regular” covers. $41k is a very high record for Luke McDonnell, $20k for a Terry strip by Caniff, $6,6k for Spider-Woman by Infantino, $3,8k for a For Better or For Worse Sunday strip.
Good prices for the other Caniff strips, like $900 and $550, a Batman page by Newton for $800 is also good.
Look: a color guide (or published colors?) over a Chris Bachalo cover went for $4,5k.
Catawiki: the Ultimate Spider-Man cover by Stuart Immonen went for €3,5k, pretty low considering the latest prices for Marvel covers, the pages by Alcatena were also affordable, with the highest Batman page going for €800, and a X-Men page for €350, a Ric Hochet sketch went for €650, a nice Bernet pinup for €400, an AXA strip by Romero for €300.
Comiclink: just the highest prices, I’ll look for other interesting results next week… $86k for the Dr. Strange cover by Gene Colan is not far from his record price and the highest paid Strange cover by Colan.
$64k is far from the record by Frank Brunner, Dr. Strange by Ditko went for $60k, very far from yesterday’s $400k record price at HA, $45k for the MTU cover by Kane. Considering the highest prices, $43k is a good price for this New Mutants DPS by Liefeld, $33k for John Buscema, $27k for a Star Wars cover by McLeod, $27k for a Spidey page by McFarlane, $27k for Romita, $22k for Ron Lim, $21k for Campbell.

This week on eBay
Dale Keown - She Hulk Original Cover Art
Dale Keown - She Hulk Original Cover Art
Marvel: a She-Hulk cover by Dale Keown is the best piece of the week, Alpha Flight by Mike Mignola, Fantastic Four by Jae Lee, Thunder Frog by Simonson, a Namor sketch by Sinnott.
DC: the Infinity Inc. page by McFarlane is still going, Flash by Dave Gibbons, Flash by LaRocque, Flash by Mike Collins, Flash by Butch Guice, Batman by Mike Nasser, Batman by Ed Benes. Have you already seen this Batman page by Jim Lee?
A Prince Valiant panel by Hal Foster, early Love & Rockets title page by Beto, a 1984 sketch by Wendy Pini, a sketch of The Crow by O'Barr, a Beetle Bailey cover by Mort Walker (studio?), a Wizard of ID daily, a B.C. daily, Rip Kirby by Alex Raymond.
Heritage Weekly Auction
Jim Lee - Alpha Flight Original Comic Art
Jim Lee - Alpha Flight Original Comic Art
Marvel: Thor by John Buscema, Hulk by Sal, Dracula by Colan, a Conan splash by Kane, a Dr. Strange splash by Alcala, Spider-Woman by Infantino.
First time I see a top Alpha Flight page by Jim Lee for sale, Hulk by McFarlane, a beautiful page by Zaffino, X-Men by Cassaday, Excalibur original art by Alan Davis.
DC: Batman by Aparo, Blackhawk by Chaykin, look at this horror page by E.R. Cruz and this Jonah Hex page by Garcia-Lopez, Warlord by Grell, JLA by Heck, a Batman splash by Colin MacNeil.
A sparse but very desired Superman page by Frank Quitely, a Power Girl splash by Conner, a Batman commission by J.H. Williams, a Preacher page and a page from Ex-Machina #1 by Tony Harris.
Strips: the usual great Terry daily strips, a Garfield daily, a Gasoline Alley specialty piece by King, an early Bringing Up Father, a Corrigan by Williamson.
Catawiki Auctions
Daniel Torres - Batman Original Comic Art
Daniel Torres - Batman Original Comic Art
A Junglemen page by Hugo Pratt, some sketches by Dino Battaglia, Tex by Buzzelli, a color page by Silvia Ziche, Disney illustrations by Marco Rota and G.B. Carpi, a Batman page by Daniel Torres and a Wonder Woman sketch by Frank Cho.
ComicConnect Auction part 1 of 2
Tiger Girl by Matt Baker, unused/faded/great 1991 Lobo cover by Bisley and a not-faded page. A Ka-Zar cover and a Black Spidey page by Buckler, Fantastic Four, Thor, Galactus pages by John Buscema, Howard by Colan, Thor by Kirby.
Machine Man pages by Ditko, Excalibur and 2000 A.D. pages by Alan Davis, some pages from the first appearance of the Black Suit Spidey by Frenz and the first appearance of the New Warriors by Frenz, an X-Men pinup by Deodato.
Look at this Wonder Woman cover by Garcia-Lopez, a Spirit cover by Ken Kelly, a Spirit illustration by Eisner.
An X-Men cover by Art Adams, Batman by Capullo, a Spidey cover by Bradshaw.
See you next week!!
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