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Jim Lee, Dale Keown, Moebius! Original Comic Art Tips #198

July 16 · Issue #198 · View online
Original Comic Art Tips
Welcome to #198 of Original Comic Art Tips! Big auctions are paused, but there are a few very nice pieces to see and many interesting results.
Original Comic Art Auction Results:
eBay: suddenly Jim Lee posted on eBay the last 3 sketches for his “60 sketches in 60 days” charity fundraising. #58 of 60 is Blight with Batman, sold for $7,1k, #59 Jace Fox Batman (I don’t know what I’m writing about…) was sold for $8,1k, #60 is going and you’ll find it in the eBay section.
Again from Jim Lee, a Ninja Scroll cover was sold for a Best Offer lower than $3,3k, the Alpha Flight page for $2k.
The Namor cover by Sal Buscema went for $15,1k, a Superman cover by Ross Andru for a B.O. lower than $5k, the ‘90s style Superman jam for $3,5k, a sketch page by Frazetta for $2,8k, a Batman splash by Gene Colan for $2,2k.
If you were here one year ago you’ll probably remember the two Shadowhawk splashes by Jim Valentino sold in June 2020 for $400 each, then one of them was sold again in September for $10k (here I uploaded the 3 screenshots dug out of my archives).
Now, one year later, two different early Shadowhawk splashes were posted for low prices and quickly sold (damn…) by the same clueless seller.
This one for $925 and the second one for $800. And they say that there’s not good art to buy on eBay anymore…
Heritage Weekly Auction: the print signed by Bill Watterson was sold for $18k, at the same time a print signed by Gary Larson for $1,9k… The Sgt. Fury page by Dick Ayers made the usual $7,8k, an illustration by Mark Schulz went for $6,6k, the Mr. Miracle page by Kirby for $4,8k, the Kamandi page $3,6k.
The Batman page by John Buscema for $3,3k, Howard the Duck by Colan for $3,1k, the Secret War page by Dell'Otto for $1,9k, a Superman page by Swan for a big $2,9k.
This Steve Canyon daily was sold for a surprising $3,8k, this (not so great) Terry daily for a high $3,3k.
Can somebody explain to me why this Carol Day strip was sold for $3,1k?
Catawiki: the Defenders page by Sal Buscema went for €4,5k, the Superman DPS by Tim Sale for €2,6k, the Spidey page by Sal for €1,1k.
A quick Scrooge sketch by Carl Barks went for €1,1k, the Starman splash by Tony Harris for €480, the early 100 Bullets page for €360.
Comiclink: an Infinity Gauntlet page by Ron Lim made $5,5k, a Punisher page by Whilce Portacio for $1,9k, this Ghost Rider page by Javier Saltares for a high $3k, this plain Spider-Man page by Bagley for $2k.
The most interesting sale is the bad performance of this Spidey page by Erik Larsen, sold for “only” $14k, an Invincible cover by Ryan Ottley went for $5k, a rare Y: The Last Man page by Pia Guerra for $2k.
High prices for this Youngblood page ($3k+) and this Captain America page by Rob Liefeld, not the greatest Spawn page, but, drawn by McFarlane it went for $3k.
The NFT cover by Jae Lee went for $4k, this wrongly credited Teen Titans DPS by Rick Leonardi went for less than $400, Batman Adventures pages still growing, it’s hard to find Alex Ross sketches for $600.

This week on eBay
Dale Keown - The Darkness Original Cover Art
Dale Keown - The Darkness Original Cover Art
DC: here we are after 15 months with the last of the 60 sketches by Jim Lee, I was expecting a cover quality Batman or JLA piece, instead we’re getting Jason Todd, but fans are still happy, it’s at $15k with 12 hours to go… I’ll do the last of my blog articles with the final recap on this in the next days, meanwhile you can catch up by reading this post on Jim Lee‘s 60 sketches.
A Batman DPS by Dick Giordano and a Batman DPS by Greg Land, a Superman page by Gil Kane, Lois, Clark and Bruce by Byrne, Wonder Woman and Power Girl pinups by Ed McGuinness, a Sandman page by Barron Storey.
Marvel: a Captain America page and a Skrulls splash by Sal Buscema, Captain Marvel by Tuska, a Frankenstein DPS by Bob Brown, Silver Surfer by Grindberg, Planet of the Apes by Trimpe, Spidey by Greg Land and a John Carter commission by Gil Kane.
Another Red Sonja cover by Celina, Grendel original art by Matt Wagner, a cover from The Darkness by Dale Keown, Star Trek by Byrne, a 1912 Mutt & Jeff daily.
Heritage Weekly Auction
Sgt. Fury by Ayers, Ms. Marvel by Sal Buscema, a Ghost Rider DPS by Ron Garney, Daredevil by Paolo Rivera.
Batman and Superman by John Buscema, an Aquaman DPS by Steve Epting.
A Glory page by Mike Deodato, a Josie story and an Archie Christmas cover by Dan De Carlo.
Strips: a 1996 Christmas day Garfield, a Rusty Riley Sunday, a funny B.C. daily and a funny Sunday, Flintstones by Hazelton, several Andy Capp strips, an early Beetle Bailey daily, Popeye by Bela Zaboly.
Catawiki Auctions
Moebius - Original illustration
Moebius - Original illustration
A color illustration by Moebius, a very nice one by Dany, a Petra Cherie page by Micheluzzi, a Tex page by Galep and one by Cestaro.
An X-Men page by Greg Land, a Daredevil page by Ron Wagner, a Teen Titans half splash by Todd Nauck, a 1961 Phantom daily by Sy Barry.
See you Next Week!!
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