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High Results and Top New Pieces on the Bay - Original Comic Art Tips #240

May 6 · Issue #240 · View online
Original Comic Art Tips
Welcome to #240 of Original Comic Art Tips!
eBay: a Flash cover by Ross Andru was sold for a $15k Best Offer, a Namor cover by Alex Sanchez for a $5,2k B.O., a Moon Girl cover recreation by Moldoff for $3,1k, a William Stout illustration for $2,5k. $2k (B.O.) wasted on a Starlin Batman production cover.
$1,7k for a Venom/She-Hulk page by Tom Morgan, $1,6k for the X-Men page by Michael Collins, $1,5k for the Spider-Woman by Leialoha, $1,5k for a Spider-Man cover by Tony Fleecs, $1,4k for a Batman page by Gene Colan and a Thor page by Esad Ribic. $1,7k (B.O.) for a remarked Spidey comic by John Romita.
Mignola: a very nice 1994 Hellboy sketch was sold for a $1,8k Best Offer, very good deal compared to another HB sketch sold for $1,7k.
Neal Adams: you probably know that eBay has been flooded with Neal Adams original art and sketches, many are rushing to buy one at unimaginable prices (until a month ago). The only published piece was this Werewolf poster, sold for $16k, this Batman pinup was actually a good deal at $2k, a very nice Green Lantern tonal piece for $1,8k, a quicker GL bust for $900 (B.O.), a Catwoman for $1,450 (B.O.), a good $780 for this Wonder Woman, a nice tonal Wolvie for $750.
Slabbed profile sketches are the worst deals (they went for $200 not long ago) like $900 paid for a Batman, or $900 for a Green Lantern.
Heritage Weekly Auction: the Sgt. Fury splash by Dick Ayers went for $5,5k, the Superman title page by Curt Swan for $4,2k, the Dark Shadows daily by Ken Bald for $3,1k, a Y page by Pia Guerra for $1,5k.
Remember last year, when modern Thanos pages by Jim Starlin were still “cheap”, selling for $700-900? Not anymore as you can guess, this one went for $1,4k.
Catawiki: the Corto Maltese strip by Hugo Pratt went for €2,5k, a panel for La Linea by Cavandoli for €800, an Axa strip by Romero went for €500, a Martin Mystere cover by Alessandrini for €500, the Dylan Dog page by Stano for €400, the Micheluzzi page for €350.
The Peanuts strip at Weiss Auctions went for $72k.
Not bad, a Blueberry sketch by Giraud, sold at Millon for €350.

This week on eBay
John Byrne - Wolverine Original Comic Art
John Byrne - Wolverine Original Comic Art
Marvel: Fury/Iron-Man by Keith Pollard, nice Silver Surfer/Galactus page by M.C. Wyman, look at this Conan page by Gil Kane, a Conan page by Rudy Nebres, have I already linked to this Nova page by John Buscema? High priced Secret Wars page by Mike Zeck, a Wolverine page by John Byrne.
A Wolverine sketch by Bruce Timm, a Wolverine DPS by Simone Bianchi, great Hulk page by Steve Rude, a Dr. Doom commission by Bob Layton, a sketched Wolverine HC by Neal Adams,
DC: New Titans by George Perez, Catwoman original art by Jim Balent,
I really like this Jam piece, with signatures and quick doodles by everybody, from Golden to Modern Age, including Frazetta, Groening, and a painting by Ray Lago. A Vampirella cover by Celina, a TMNT pinup by Freddie Williams,
A 1937 Tim Tyler daily, a Dateline Danger Sunday, a lot of 9 Popeye strips by Bobby London.
Heritage Weekly Auction
Marvel: Sgt. Fury by Dick Ayers, Tarzan by John Buscema, Iron-Man by Sal, a Spidey page by Milgrom, a Colossus pinup by Brandon Peterson and a detailed cover prelim by Steve McNiven.
Batman pages by Steve Lightle, a Green Arrow cover by Marcos Martin.
Black Cat by Lee Elias, a B.C. daily.
Catawiki Auctions
Alessandro Barbucci - Echo Original Art
Alessandro Barbucci - Echo Original Art
A Ken Parker page by Milazzo, a 1977 illustration by Mattotti, a title page from Il Maestro by Di Gennaro, a sketched print by Sergio Toppi.
Top Bernard Prince page by Hermann, an Echo sketch by Barbucci, a pinup by Dany, an illustration by Romero, a Nekradamus page by Lalia, a western page by Luis Bermejo.
An X-Men page by Greg Land, a Hellblazer cover prelim by Bisley.
Comic link Focused Auction part 2
Thor pages by Pollard and Trimpe, a Captain America page and some Shang-Chi pages by Mike Zeck, a Guardians splash by Valentino, X-Factor by Stroman, nice Guardians cover by Tom Raney, an X-Men cover by Skottie Young.
A cover quality Batman painting by Alex Maleev, a Batman page by Matt Wagner, a Hulk pinup by Tim Sale, a Fathom page by Michael Turner.
Little Nemo Auction
A Valentina illustration by Crepax, Petra Cherie by Micheluzzi, Custer by Bernet, a page from Tormenta by Andrea Pazienza and a Pippo page I’ve never seen, a full Joe Galaxy story by Mattioli and an Alter cover.
A Tex cover by Villa, the best piece of the auction is this page from Dylan Dog #1, a nice Scrooge cover by Cavazzano and a Goofy cover by Carpi, a page by Scarpa.
An early strip by Winsor McKay and a low priced Terry daily by Caniff.
See you next week!!
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