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Heck, Sal Buscema, Kirby! Original Comic Art Tips #200

July 31 · Issue #200 · View online
Original Comic Art Tips
Welcome to #200 of Original Comic Art Tips! Four years ago, in August 2017 I had the idea of doing this weekly newsletter and started designing the logo and website. In October 2017 I sent the first issue to an audience of 3 (or 2 if you don’t consider myself).
BTW, there are still a lot of collectors who are not aware of this (based on the 5000 members inside Facebook groups…) so, as I usually ask on anniversaries, if you have friends or groups who may be interested in subscribing please forward them this link.
Original Comic Art Auction Results
eBay: the 1947 Nancy daily went for a surprising $2,5k, same price for a Batman commission by Josh Middleton, the Silver Surfer page by Tom Grindberg for $1,8k, the Captain Marvel page by Tuska for $1,2k, a Thor page by Frenz/Sinnott for $800.
Conan pages by John Buscema like this one went for $350 until a couple years ago…
After a few sales we can say that the price for self-published pages by Steve Ditko is $1k.
Commission style pinups by Ed Benes are often on eBay, this time they went for higher prices, Fantastic Four for $1,1k, Birds of Prey for a little less.
Best Offers: an X-Men splash by Andy Kubert for less than $2,5k, a Roger illustration by Mike Mignola for $2k.
I usually don’t care for color guides, but Joe Chiodo is a great painter and the cover for Pitt #1 is a classic, so for nearly $800 it’s a good deal.
Somebody wasted $4k on an enlarged Leinil Yu Wolverine drawing, printed but “with hand retouching”… Somebody (I hope a different person) wasted about $2k on a badly traced Batman drawing by “Bob Kane”.
Heritage Weekly Auction: a Golden Age Major Victory half page was sold for $6,2k, the Bill Sienkiewicz Elektra for $5,1k, a Frankenstein prelim by Wrightson for $4k, the Fables cover prelim by James Jean for $3,3k, the Death sketch for the same price.
Spider-Man original art by John Romita Jr. is officially on another planet, with a panel page sold for $2,1k.
Catawiki: the remarked print by Moebius went for €1,8k, the Dany illustration for €3,4k, the Sergio Toppi page for €1k, Alan Ford by Magnus for €500 and the page by Gipi for a low €400.
Nate Sanders: high prices for the Peanuts strips, one was sold for $34k and the other for $45k.

This week on eBay
Carlos Ezquerra - Strontium Dog Original Art
Carlos Ezquerra - Strontium Dog Original Art
The best piece of this very slow mid-summer weekend is this nice Wonder Woman page by Don Heck, a full-color DC Trinity pinup by Ed Benes, a Batman sketch for Hero Initiative by Ryan Sook, an Atom half splash by John Byrne.
Speaking of John Byrne there’s a 1981 Red Sonja commission, I just can’t tell from the pic if it’s a print or original art. Another Red Sonja cover by Celina is getting a lot of bids, a Daredevil commission by Dan Panosian.
An Hellboy bust by Mike Mignola, a Walking Dead page by Adlard, a color Jungle Girl prelim by Bruce Timm, a 1989 Dragon by Stan Sakai, a Skywalker drawn for charity by Jeffrey Brown, 16 cartoons by Jay Linch.
A vintage Strontium Dog page by Carlos Ezquerra.
Heritage Weekly Auction
A Spidey page by Sal Buscema, Punisher by Ron Garney, a Mary Jane sketch by John Romita, the Earth X Venom concept sketch by Alex Ross.
A Creepy page by Bernie Wrightson and some strips: Star Wars by Alcala, a Rusty Riley daily, a nice Rip Kirby by Raymond, an On Stage daily, a Donald Duck Sunday by Taliaferro and a very early Beetle Bailey Sunday.
Catawiki Auctions
Sergio Toppi - Martin Mystere Original Art
Sergio Toppi - Martin Mystere Original Art
A Satanik cover by Corteggi, a nice Martin Mystere page by Sergio Toppi, Captain Erik by Micheluzzi, a Tex illustration by Civitelli.
An Olivier Rameau pinup by Dany, an Echo sketch by Barbucci, a top 1971 by Sy Barry, a JLA page by Garcia Lopez.
Comic link Focused Auction part 1 of 2
A Judge Dredd cover credited to Carlos Ezquerra but probably by Flint, a Batman page by Bob Brown, a Batman splash by Barreto, a nice Kamandi sketch by Jack Kirby, a 1993 Superman card art by Jurgens, a Red Son page by Dave Johnson.
Captain America by Sal Buscema, Shang-Chi by Gene Day, Punisher #1 by Klaus Janson, an Iron-Man corner box recreation by Joe Jusko.
An Y: The Last Man page with the full cast, a 1986 TMNT sketch by Eastman.
See you next week!!
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