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Great Covers at Comic Connect - Original Comic Art Tips #244

June 4 · Issue #244 · View online
Original Comic Art Tips
Welcome to #244 of Original Comic Art Tips! Today I’m not feeling really well, you’ll find some sections done quicker than usual…
eBay: the Thor cover by Gary Frank was sold for $4,3k, a Moon Knight cover by Marco Rudy for $1,8k, a 1985 TMNT sketch by Peter Laird for $1,5k, a Spidey page by Jeff Johnson for $2k, an Atom page by Gil Kane for a $4k Best Offer, a Manhunter splash by Eddy Barrows for $1,2k, a Rip Kirby strip by Raymond for $1,5k.
Heritage Weekly Auction: the Eternity pinup by Frank Miller was sold for $13k, the Avengers page by Buscema for $10k, the Spidey illustration by Dell'Otto for $5k, the Conan page by Buscema for a high $1,4k.
Catawiki: the Lucky Luke by Morris went for €9,5k, the Manara page for €6,1k, the Blake & Mortimer page by Juillard for €3,2k, the page by Barbucci for €2,2k, the Will Eisner page for €900.

This week on eBay
Sergio Aragones - Groo Original Comic Art
Sergio Aragones - Groo Original Comic Art
A Man-Thing page by John Buscema, a Sgt. Fury cover by Bryan Hitch, a rare Groo splash by Sergio Aragones, a Batman illustration by Kevin Nowlan, a Wolverine commission by Ken Lashley, Bat Lash by Nick Cardy.
I like this Batman page by Eddy Newell, a cover by Gary Frank, one by Celina, a Usagi Yojimbo pinup, a Batman page by Sean Phillips.
Heritage Weekly Auction
Marvel: a Conan title splash by John Buscema, Red Sonja by Thorne, Avengers by Hall, Moon Knight by Sienkiewicz, X-Factor by Silvestri, a Avengers/X-Men cover by Nick Bradshaw.
DC: a 1950 Batman page, Flash by Infantino, Sgt. Rock by Russ Heath, a Green Lantern splash by Seth Fisher,
Cannon by Wally Wood, the Fly by Ditko,
Strips: Rip Kirby by Raymond, a Hagar Sunday, a Terry daily by Caniff,
Catawiki Auctions
Heritage Signature Auction part 2: Comic Strips
The number of top quality pieces is lower than usual, but there are a Little Nemo page, a Krazy Kat Sunday, a Tarzan page by Foster, a Jungle Jim topper by Raymond, a Gasoline Alley Sunday from 1922, a beautiful 1934 Mickey Mouse daily by Gottfredson.
Several strips by Frazetta, here’s an Ace McCoy Sunday, many Peanuts strips, Rip Kirby strips, Garfield strips, and Terry strips by Caniff.
Comiconnect Auction
The biggest piece is the John Buscema Fantastic Four cover recreating the 1st issue cover, then a beautiful Captain America cover and a Spidey page by Mike Zeck, a Spidey cover by Rich Buckler, a Spidey cover by Alex Ross, one by David Finch, an Avengers cover by Mark Bagley.
Avengers by Ditko/Byrne, a Creepy title page by Ditko, a Superman page by Byrne, Mister Miracle by Kirby, a Hulk cover by Todd McFarlane.
A Basil Wolverton illustration, the 1st Mechanics page by Jaime Hernandez, a Godzilla cover by Darrow.
Swann illustration auction
Many top name Book/Editorial/Children illustrations and a few comic artist pieces, like the usual early Felix the Cat sunday, many Don Martin MAD pages, 10 pre-Tracy strips by Chester Gould, some nice Dudley Fisher Sunday panels.
A Fester drawing by Addams, a Playboy illustration by Jack Davis.
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