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Great Art on the HA Auction! - Original Comic Art Tips #260

September 23 · Issue #260 · View online
Original Comic Art Tips
Welcome to #260 of Original Comic Art Tips!
eBay: $11k paid for the She-Hulk cover by Dale Keown, the Hellboy page by Mignola was sold last week for a $6k Best Offer, then 5 days later for $5k…
A Sandman page by Colleen Doran for $6k, a Spider-Man page by Win Mortimer for $1,7k, $4k for a Cavewoman cover by Budd Root, $1,8k for a pinup, $2,1k (B.O.) was a good deal for a Captain Marvel title page by Pat Broderick.
$1,6k for a very faded Elfquest sketch by Wendy Pini, $1,3k for a sketched Batman book by “Bob Kane”, $1,1k (B.O.) for a Scrooge commission by Don Rosa, $1,1k for a Batman commission by David Finch, $1k for the Robin page by Gene Colan.
After a couple $1k copies sold months ago, this remarked Hellboy Artist’s Edition was sold for less than $500.
Heritage Weekly Auction: many surprises this week, the highest paid piece was this 1950 Mickey Mouse daily by Gottfredson that went for $15k, a good deal on this rare Thor page by Simonson, sold for 3,8k, a Batman page by Ernie Chan for $3,4k, a Hitler appearance adds a zero to the price paid for this Barney Baxter Sunday, sold for $3,2k, a James Bond strip by Horak for $2,6k, an On Stage daily for $1,8k, an X-Men half splash by Chris Bachalo for $1,7k.
Catawiki: the Spirit cover sketch by Will Eisner was sold for €1,6k, the Batman title page by Alcatena went for €550, a Batman page for €500, a page by Bretecher for €550.
ComicConnect Auction: many items from the “Tom De Falco collection” went for very high prices, the higher, from the first Black Suit Spidey issue went for $80k, the first cover appearance of the New Warriors for $57k, a page from the first appearance of Spider-Girl for $10k, all three drawn by Ron Frenz.
Then comes the Elektra page by Frank Miller, sold for $38k, the Spidey illustration by Kirby for $33k, a 1988 Galactus splash by John Buscema for a high $30k, a nice Thor page by Kirby for $15k, X-Men by JRJR for $14k, an X-Men cover by Art Adams for $10k, a Wolverine splash by Joe Mad for $7k.
Many lower prices: a Batman page by Capullo for $5k, Mr. Miracle by Kirby for $5k, a Ditko page with Hulk for $2,4k is a very good deal, a Thor page by Buscema for $2,3k, a Machine Man page by Barry Smith for $1,9k.
For eBay flippers the best pieces were this full figure Hellboy sold for $500, a Spidey Sunday by Saviuk for $500, a Thanos commission by Starlin for $450 and also a Hulk commission for $300.

This week on eBay
Gene Colan - Incredible Hulk Original Comic Art
Gene Colan - Incredible Hulk Original Comic Art
Marvel: a Hulk transformation page by Gene Colan, a Spider-Man DPS by Terry Dodson, nice Man-Wolf page by Tuska, Beast by Sutton, Morbius by Wagner.
DC: Flash by Greg LaRocque, Infinity Inc. by McFarlane, a Sandman wraparound cover by Kaluta, a Lobo illustration by Dave Johnson, a Batman sketch by Jim Lee.
A Cavewoman illustration and a Lioness illustration by Budd Root, TMNT by Noah Van Sciver, a Grendel page by Tim Sale, a Faust page and a vintage commission by Tim Vigil.
Heritage Weekly Auction
Marvel: X-Men by Werner Roth, Tarzan by Sal Buscema, top Iron Fist and Power Man pages by Mike Zeck, X-Men by John Cassaday.
DC: a Superman Sunday by Wayne Boring, a Flash style guide by Garcia-Lopez, Warlord by Grell, Flash by Infantino.
Two Giunta/Wood Dynamo pages, Hellblazer by Dillon, early Love & Rockets by Gilbert, a Hellboy page by Mignola, an illustration by Mark Schultz, a painted illustration by Bruce Timm, early Mage by Matt Wagner.
A Terry Sunday by Caniff, a Pogo Sunday, look at this Rip Kirby by Raymond.
Catawiki Auctions
Claudio Villa - Tex Original Cover Art
Claudio Villa - Tex Original Cover Art
A 1933 Tintin panel by Hergé and a prelim, a Buddy Longway page by Derib, Spirou by Schwartz, a Bilal sketch with a lot of bids, a pinup by Dany, a page by Laudy.
A Tex cover by Claudio Villa, an illustration by Civitelli, El Gaucho by Manara, a page by Micheluzzi, a Julia cover by Soldi, a Ranxerox pinup by Liberatore.
Look at this Trigan cover by Don Lawrence, a Franka page by Kuijpers, a nice E. Breccia page, a pinup by Marini.
A thematic René Follet auction.
Heritage International Auction
Jim Lee - Batman Original Cover Art
Jim Lee - Batman Original Cover Art
A Memories cover by Otomo, a Pokemon page, a Shigeru Mizuki illustration, an Astro Boy Shikishi by Tezuka.
Many Kirby pages and a Kamandi cover, many John Buscema pages like Spider-Man, Silver Surfer and Conan, Conan by Barry Smith, Elektra by Miller, a Scarlet Witch splash by Byrne, an Excalibur splash by Alan Davis.
Batman by Aparo, a Hush cover by Jim Lee, some nice Batman pages by Risso, a Batman DPS by Sean Murphy, a Batwoman DPS by J.H. Williams.
A Spirit cover by Eisner, a Crumb page, many Scrooge pages and a cover by Don Rosa, a page from Cerebus #1.
Many pages by Manara, Fanfulla by Pratt, a color splash by Pazienza, Druuna by Serpieri, a Mickey Mouse cover by Cavazzano, a Batman half splash by Marini.
Mezieres, Bilal, Gimenez, many Moebius pieces, Martin.
A Strontium Dog title page by Ezquerra, a Eagle cover by Hampson, a V for Vendetta page, a Marshal Law cover by O'Neill.
Not many strips, but some top pieces, look at this Winsor McKay Christmas illustration, there’s also a Little Nemo page, a Krazy Kat Sunday, a perfect Pogo Sunday.
BD Encheres
A Bob Morane page by Vance, a Corto strip by Pratt, a Papyrus cover, a cover prelim by Dany, one by Keramidas, a Batman prelim by Marini.
See you next week!!
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