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Great Art at HA + Big Results at CLink! - Original Comic Art Tips #245

June 10 · Issue #245 · View online
Original Comic Art Tips
Welcome to #245 of Original Comic Art Tips!
eBay: the Star Wars cover by Dave Johnson was sold for a high $6,1k Best Offer, the Groo splash by Aragones for $2,5k, the Nick Fury cover by Bryan Hitch for $2k, a rare Kabuki page by David Mack for $2k, the Barbarella cover by Celina for $1,8k.
A JLA cover by Clay Mann went for $1,7k, a Nick Fury title splash by Keith Pollard for $1,7k, the Gary Frank cover for $1,6k, a Spider-Man Sketchagraph by John Romita for $1,6k, a very nice Long Halloween page by Tim Sale was sold for $1,4k, a Crisis page by George Perez for only $1k, the only Ken Kelly painting available was quickly sold for $1,8k.
Sold in April by Mike Mignola for $1,7k, this Spaceman drawing was sold again for $100 more
Heritage Weekly Auction: the 1950 Batman page went for $24k, the Moon Knight page by Sienk for $4,3k, the Fly by Ditko for $3,3k, the Sandman page by Allred for $3,1k.
$3k was a low price for the detail in this Avengers/X-Men cover by Nick Bradshaw, nice $1,2k for this Red Sonja page by Thorne.
Comiclink Featured Auction: highest price was $289k for the title page to Fantastic Four Annual #1 by Kirby/Ditko.
Estimated at $600k a Stan Lee as Iron-Man painting by Rob Prior was sold for $285k, I’d use my money better… In line with previous sales a Spidey/Kraven page by Ditko went for $145k, an Alpha Flight cover by Jim Lee for $72k, a Vampirella pinup by Frazetta for $48k.
Record $43k for this Wolverine splash by Adam Kubert, $33k for a Spidey cover by J. Scott Campbell, low price for this Swamp Thing page by Wrightson, $33k, $31k for a Fantastic Four page by John Buscema, $29k for a Wolverine cover by John Byrne, $27k for a Batwoman cover by Rafael Grampà.
$15k for a Batman cover by Dave Finch, $10k for a Spidey cover by Mike Deodato, $12k for a 1991 Wolverine splash by JRJR.
Comic Connect: the Fantastic Four cover by John Buscema went for $115k, the Captain America cover by Mike Zeck for $87k, the Marvel Team-Up cover by Byrne for $72k, the splash by Jaime Hernandez for $24k, a first appearance page by Clay Mann for $4,7k, a Spidey 2099 page by Leonardi for $3,8k, a Batman page by Breyfogle for $3,7k, a top Hulk page by McFarlane went for an “affordable” $15k.
There were also many good deals, Kirby pages for $5k are always nice, like a Daredevil page by Colan for less than $2k, an X-Men cover by Simone Bianchi for $2,6k and a Spidey page for $500, a Teen Titans page by Byrne for $2,5k.
A Werewolf transformation page by Perlin for $900, a Bagley JLA DPS for $600, a detailed DPS by Riccardo Federici for $500.

This week on eBay
Bruce Timm - Superman Original Comic Art
Bruce Timm - Superman Original Comic Art
Marvel: a Fantastic Four page by John Buscema and a pricey, but very nice, Wizard of OZ page, full team Avengers page by Bob Hall, Kull by Ernie Chan, nice Spidey page by Mark Bagley.
a Dr. Doom commission by Tim Sale, Man-Thing by Jim Cheung, Magneto by Skottie Young.
DC: a Superman page by Alex Maleev, a Harley commission by John Timms.
A big charity auction of Superman pieces, the highlights are this pinup by Dave Johnson, this one by Kilian Plunkett, a bust by Dan Brereton, I really like the idea behind this striking portrait by Bruce Timm.
A 2003 Hellboy by Mike Mignola, Grendel by Wagner, a TMNT Flaming Carrot splash by Jim Lawson, a Spawn trading card by Tom Raney, a Jungle Jim page by Paul Norris, a book sketched by Kim Jung Gi.
Heritage Weekly Auction
Marvel: Dr.Strange by Brunner, a Conan title page by John Buscema, a Captain America prelim by John Romita, a Wolverine page by Chris Bachalo, Galactus by Olivier Coipel, Galactus by Rags Morales.
DC: Sgt. Rock by Russ Heath, a Batman illustration by Bernie Wrightson, a Batman cover prelim by Andy Kubert, a Catwoman commission by Darwyn Cooke.
The Fly by Steve Ditko.
Strips: a Popeye daily by Segar, Scorchy Smith by Sickles, Terry by Caniff, Wash Tubbs by Roy Crane, a 1912 Mutt & Jeff, a Christmas Wizard of ID Sunday, a Rusty Riley Sunday, look at this Tailspin Tommy Sunday.
Catawiki Auctions
Enrico Marini - Original Illustration
Enrico Marini - Original Illustration
I don’t know if things are already slowing down for summer, but lately it’s very hard to find something worth seeing on Catawiki…
A color pinup by Marini, a big thematic auction for Jacques Laudy, here’s the best page.
A Ken Parker page by Milazzo, Dylan Dog by Micheluzzi, an illustration by Jacovitti, a Disney page by Asteriti.
A nice The Goon DPS by Eric Powell, a Red Sonja cover by Lucio Parrillo, a Hulk page by JRJR, ‘90s Daredevil by Ron Wagner, Marvel Heroes by Javier Saltares.
Heritage Signature Auction part 3: Interior Art
John Romita JR - Iron-Man Original Comic Art
John Romita JR - Iron-Man Original Comic Art
Early Iron-Man by Don Heck, Daredevil #1 by Everett, many Spidey pages by Romita, a Captain America splash by Colan, Green Goblin by Kane, top Fantastic Four page by Kirby.
A full Thor issue by Jack Kirby with everything: transformations, Asgard, Avengers, a battle with Loki… here’s the splash and a page.
Several BWS pages, like this Conan and this X-Men page.
Look: the complete Beatles Marvel comic by George Perez.
Iconic Daredevil page by Miller/Janson, Elektra: Assassin by Sienk, great Iron-Man splash by JRJR, Captain America Vs. Wolverine by Zeck, Avengers by Byrne.
X-Men DPS original art by Jim Lee, remember the complete Spidey/X-Force issue by McFarlane for sale here? this is the double splash. There’s another Spidey DPS. A Moon Knight splash by Stephen Platt, a Wolverine page by Silvestri, an Avengers DPS by Tim Sale.
A complete Batman issue by Jim Aparo, Green Lantern by Neal Adams, Killing Joke by Bolland, Watchmen by Gibbons, Dead Superman by Grummett, a rare Superman splash by Wayne Boring, Sandman #1 by Sam Kieth, Batman pages by Norm Breyfogle are not rare anymore.
A V. page by David Lloyd, EC complete stories by Davis, Wood, look at this beautiful Al Williamson page, a Spawn splash by Capullo, TWD #1 by Tony Moore, an early Eightball page, a complete story by Don Rosa, a Blueberry page by Giraud.
Coutau Bégarie Auction
Yakari and Buddy Longway by Derib, Marsupilami by Batem, Robin by Turk, Olivier by Dany, Long John by Lauffray, a novel cover by Manara.
See you next week!!
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