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Good Byrne pages on the Bay - Original Comic Art Tips #249



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July 8 · Issue #249 · View online
Original Comic Art Tips
Welcome to #249 of Original Comic Art Tips!!
eBay: a couple of very good deals, like a Superman cover by George Perez sold for $3k and a Two in One page by John Byrne for $2,2k.
Bad deals: a Moon Knight cover recreation by Don Perlin for a $2,5k Best Offer, a set of costume designs for a Superman Broadway play for $3k.
A Ragman page by Kubert went for $1,9k, an Uncle Scrooge commission by Don Rosa for $1,6k, a painted Goon pinup by Eric Powell for $1,5k (B.O.), the Harley prelim by Bruce Timm for $1,5k, the Galileus page by Sergio Toppi and the Man-Thing page by Mooney for a little less.
Heritage Weekly Auction: many high prices again. A Terry daily by Caniff went for $18k, the 1950 Valiant page by Foster was a VERY good deal at $13k, the Fly by Steve Ditko for $11k.
A Batgirl page by Don Heck for $8k, $6,3k for the Superman daily by Wayne Boring, $5,7k for the Wolverine splash by Ed McGuinness, high $5,7k for the Superboy page by Brown/Wood, $2,5k for a Goon page by Eric Powell and $1,7 for the TWD page by Adlard.
Catawiki: the Batman page by Alcatena went for €700, the Necron splash by Magnus for €800 was a good deal.
Mandarake: many interesting pieces in the latest auctions, this Totoro sketch by Miyazaki was sold for $106k, this Arale sketch by Toriyama for $12k.

This week on eBay
John Byrne - New Mutants Original Comic Art
John Byrne - New Mutants Original Comic Art
A good week! Let’s see…
Marvel: the best piece of the week is this New Mutants page by John Byrne, Moon Knight by Denys Cowan, a Moon Knight splash prelim by Sienkiewicz, Man-Thing by Mooney, Man-Thing Vs. She-Hulk by Vosburg, a Wonder-Man cover prelim by Ed Hannigan, some Guardians pages by Jim Valentino, here’s one.
If you’re searching for a cheaper McFarlane piece you could try with this G.I. Joe page.
A Thor commission by Dale Keown, a nice prelim by Frank Brunner, a Wolverine bust by JRJR.
DC: a Batman DPS by Joe Bennett, a Death pinup by David Mack.
A Star Wars cover by Andrew Robinson, a Kevin Eastman cover prelim, a very nice painted page by Tim Conrad.
A full sketchbook of art, highlights are Perez, Stelfreeze and Art Adams.
Heritage Weekly Auction
Joe Jusko - Batman Original Art
Joe Jusko - Batman Original Art
Marvel: Dr. Strange by Colan, New Mutants by Sienk, a Scarlet Spider page by Bagley, Spidey/X-Men by Ken Lashley, a New Avengers DPS by Jim Cheung.
John Carter pages by Sal Buscema, Ernie Chan, Gil Kane.
DC: Batman painting by Joe Jusko, a Green Lantern cover by Broderick, a Batman sketch by Paul Pope.
Lots of vintage sketches, love them: 1950 Superman by Wayne Boring, early Wolverine by Cockrum, 1994 Iron-Man by Don Heck, a 1993 Flash by Joe Kubert, Superman by Shuster, Supergirl by Curt Swan.
TWD by Adlard, the Fly by Ditko, Tarzan inked by Dave Stevens.
Strips: top 1935 and 1945 Terry dailies, a Beyond Mars Sunday by Lee Elias, a Space Cadet Sunday by Ray Bailey, a Yogi Bear Sunday, a late Polly & her Pals Sunday,
Catawiki Auctions
Enrique Alcatena- Incredible Hulk Original Comic Art
Enrique Alcatena- Incredible Hulk Original Comic Art
I’ve Been rediscovering Alcatena these past weeks, look at this Hulk page.
An X-Factor DPS by Joe Bennett, an AXA pinup by Romero, a sketch by Liberatore, a Leonardo cover by Turk.
See you next week!!
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