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Gil Kane, Sal Buscema, Dell'Otto - Original Comic Art Tips #197

July 10 · Issue #197 · View online
Original Comic Art Tips
Welcome to #197 of Original Comic Art Tips!
Original Comic Art Auction Results
eBay: surprise! a Watchmen page was on eBay and was sold for $25k (without costumed characters). The Sandman title page by Teddy Kristiansen went for $12k, a Batman page (without Batman) by Rafael Grampà for $4k, the Star Wars page by Carmine Infantino for $3,1k, the Morbius/Wolfman page by V. Redondo for $2,7k.
Prices for DC Animated pages are growing, Thor art by Frenz/Sinnott is growing, vintage Aliens art is growing.
A Batman page by Don Newton went for $2,1k, a Superman/Batman Wizard cover by Ed McGuinness for $1,9k, a Spider-Man 2099 page by Rick Leonardi for $1,5k.
Heritage Weekly Auction: Dick Ayers wins again with the usual $7,8k paid for a Sgt. Fury page, sex is a hot topic to comics fans, three TMNT porn-parody pages went for $6,6k, a Betty & Veronica on the beach pinup by Harry Lucey for almost $5k.
Two Golden Age uncredited Lady Satan half pages went for $4,3k and $4k. A vintage Flaming Carrot illustration for $2,4k, the Conan page by John Buscema for a pretty high $2,3k, the Batman page for $2,2k, the illustration by Moebius for $1,9k, the Hellboy commission by Gabriele Dell'Otto for $1,4k, the Marv sketch by Frank Miller for $1,1k.
Strips by Feiffer are rare, this one was sold for $1,5k.
Catawiki: pages from The Shadow by Sienkiewicz went for €950 and €920. The Namor page by John Byrne for €650, the Swamp Thing splash by Enrique Breccia for a low €450, the Hate page by Peter Bagge for €400.

This week on eBay
Gil Kane - Namor Original Cover Art
Gil Kane - Namor Original Cover Art
As it always happens in the middle of summer, there’s not much to see lately on eBay, but you can still find incredible pieces, like this Namor cover by Gil Kane! A nice X-Factor page by Joe Quesada, Alpha Flight by Jim Lee, a Weapon-X half splash by Ron Randall, a cover from The Nam by Wayne Vansant.
A Wolverine DPS by Mike Henderson, a nice Marvel cover by Riley Rossmo, a Hulk DPS by John Romita Jr.
DC: a Reign of the Supermen Jam piece by the original artists, a Superman/Batman cover by Ed McGuinness, a detailed splash by Bilquis Evely, Batman/Deathblow by Lee Bermejo, a Promethea DPS by J.H. Williams.
A 1970 illustration by Bernie Wrightson, a page of sketches by Frank Frazetta, a Grendel page by Matt Wagner, a Judge Dredd page by Brendan McCarthy, vintage Love & Rockets original art by Gilbert.
Heritage Weekly Auction
Gabriele Dell'Otto - Secret Wars Original Art
Gabriele Dell'Otto - Secret Wars Original Art
Kamandi and Mr. Miracle pages by Jack Kirby, Batman by Bob Brown, Batman by John Buscema, JLA by Dick Dillin.
Fury by Ayers, Daredevil by Paolo Rivera, nice Daredevil/Spidey page by Gabriele Dell'Otto.
Many strips: a 1959 Pogo, a nice Bringing Up Father, a detailed Rip Kirby by Raymond, Donald Duck by Taliaferro.
Three very nice Disney Sunday strips by Richard Moore. Pinocchio, Pinocchio and Snow White. A Dennis the Menace Sunday, a signed print by Bill Watterson.
Catawiki Auctions
Sal Buscema - Defenders Original Comic Art
Sal Buscema - Defenders Original Comic Art
Pretty big names, this week. A Defenders page by Sal Buscema with an “expert” estimate of €200 is already at €1,8k… Keep an eye on this Spider-Man page by Sal, which is, at the moment, undervalued. A Superman DPS by Tim Sale with another laughable estimate, a very nice Starman page by Tony Harris, a 100 Bullets page by Risso.
Comic link Focused Auction part 2 of 2
The better pieces were in the first half of the listings, mostly commissions left. A nice Captain America page by Frank Robbins, a Punisher page by Whilce Portacio, a few Batman pages by Sean Murphy, a Batgirl page by Curt Swan, an Avengers illustration by Ryan Stegman.
I was a big Aron Wiesenfeld fan in the ‘90s, I guess my tastes have changed.
A Batman/Superman prelim by Alex Ross, a Thor commission by Esad Ribic, some Cub sketches by Goseki Kojima.
See you next week!
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