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Garney, Byrne, Timm! Original Comic Art Tips #187

April 30 · Issue #187 · View online
Original Comic Art Tips
Welcome to #187 of Original Comic Art Tips! a Byrne page on eBay is ending really soon…
eBay: the cover to Flash #209 by Dick Giordano was sold for $13,2k, an illustration by Frank Frazetta for $7k, an Excalibur page by Alan Davis for $3,5k, $4k seems too much for this Conan page by John Buscema.
A cover prelim by Mike Mayhew went for $1,5k, a nice Hulk page by Sal Buscema for a $750 Best Offer.
Heritage Weekly Auction: Sgt. Fury pages by Dick Ayers continue their growth after a few months of absence from HA. A page went for $6,6k.
X-Men Unlimited pages were the entry point for ‘90s X-Men original art, this page by Richard Bennett now went for $3,3k. Speaking of Bennett I remember he mostly worked from layouts at Wildstorm, so I don’t know if this Wildcats page that went for $2,2k was from Jim Lee pencils or layouts.
The Buckler Fantastic Four page went for $2,9k, the Swamp Thing page by Veitch for $2,1k, the Daredevil by Ditko for $2k.
Are non-Spider-Man, Marvel pages by Erik Larsen going up too? Juliet Jones dailies by Stan Drake go for $300 until you get an exceptional one that sells for $1,7k.
Catawiki Auctions: a Corto strip by Pratt went for €2,6k, a page by Manara for €2k, a Natacha page by Walthery for €1,4k, a cover by Daniel Torres for €1,2k, the big illustration by Jacovitti for €900, a page prelim by Will Eisner for €350.
Nate Sanders: The two early Peanuts dailies were sold for $80k and $66k. Not the best Terry & the Pirates daily, but $375 for a Caniff is still a good deal.

This week on eBay
John Byrne - Spider-Man Original Comic Art
John Byrne - Spider-Man Original Comic Art
Marvel: the page from Iron-Man #1 by Gene Colan is still going at $14k, the best piece of the week is ending TONIGHT, a Spider-Man page by John Byrne. On another page from the same issue, Capt. Marvel is playing with a suppository.
A quick, nice Galactus sketch by John Romita and a Captain America page by John Jr. a Fantastic Four commission by Rich Buckler, no Hulk but a good page by Sal Buscema, a W.C. Avengers title splash by Dave Ross, Micronauts original art by Pat Broderick.
This seller has several Conan pages by John Buscema (advertised as “rare first print”…) here’s the best one, but look at the others.
A Silver Surfer commission by Ron Lim, one by Joe Sinnott, a Hulk splash by Mark Bagley, a Wolverine page by Ron Garney.
A rare detailed Thor head sketch by Walt Simonson, I think it comes from a San Diego dinner, they were at $500 (not anymore).
DC: a really nice Harley Quinn pinup by Bruce Timm. Can’t tell from the pic if it’s original art or a print. I like this JLA splash by Ron Garney, Wonder Woman by Don Heck, a Challengers cover by Rich Buckler, a Superman Commission by Jerry Ordway, a Superman page by Doug Mahnke, Spectre by Breyfogle.
If you were searching for a grandma drawn by Todd McFarlane you’re lucky.
Hero Initiative: a Green Arrow illustration by Phil Hester, with sound effects drawn by Kevin Smith. A very nice illustration by Kim Jung Gi, Batgirl by Tony Daniel, Cable/Deadpool by Matthew Clark/Karl Moline.
A very rare Invincible page by Cory Walker, an Invincible splash, and a 2-page lot by Ryan Ottley, a Doc Savage cover by Bob Larkin, a beautiful Ring page by Gil Kane, a TMNT Adventures cover.
Strips: a nice Terry by Caniff, Tarzan by Maxon, a 1949 Dick Tracy.
Heritage Weekly Auction
DC: Superman‘s grave by Dan Jurgens, a Legion splash and a JLI page by Keith Giffen, Legion by Joe Staton, Superboy by Cockrum, World’s Finest by Dillin, and WF by Garcia Lopez, Batman by Irv Novick.
A complete issue of Sugar & Spike original art by Sheldon Mayer.
Marvel: Sgt. Fury by Dick Ayers, a Dr. Strange page, and a Howard the Duck splash by Gene Colan.
A Spirit cover prelim by Will Eisner, a Wildcats half splash by Jim Lee, a 1965 Disney page by Romano Scarpa.
Strips: a 1955 Dick Tracy Christmas day Sunday, a Donald daily by Taliaferro, a very detailed Bringing Up Father daily, a Mutt and Jeff daily.
Catawiki Auctions
Mohamed Aouamri - Original Illustration
Mohamed Aouamri - Original Illustration
A Tex model sheet by Magnus, a Paperinik page by Cavazzano, an Uncle Scrooge page by Romano Scarpa, Captain Erik by Micheluzzi, Tex by Ticci.
A rare Dago title page by Alberto Salinas, Dylan Dog by Saudelli, a nice cover by Carlo Jacono, a Masers sketch by Frezzato.
A beautiful illustration by Aouamri, a painted cover by De Vos/Molenaar, a Sybilline page by Macherot, an illustration by Dany, a nice page by Crisse, a sketch by Juillard and a Ricochet sketch by Tibet.
A Rip Kirby daily by Alex Raymond, Johnny Hazard by Robbins, Arnold as Conan by Sanjulian, a Spider-Man page by Greg Land.
ComicLink Auction
Last week I looked at April’s auction results, it’s already time for a new auction…
Batman by Bob Brown, Batman/Superman by Ross Andru, Dr. Graves by Steve Ditko, some pages by Dick Dillin like this one, a nice Batgirl page by Don Heck, Kamandi original art by Jack Kirby.
My favorite piece is this Captain America DPS by Ron Garney, Infinity Gauntlet art by Ron Lim, a JLA illustration by Jerry Ordway, Harley by Ian Churchill.
Many DC Style Guide pinups by Garcia Lopez, here’s the best one.
Many girl pinups by Bruce Timm, here’s one.
A Spider-Gwen cover by J. Scott Campbell, a JLA cover by Andy Kubert, a top DC splash by Ed Benes, a Spidey pinup by Ryan Stegman, a Blade commission by Gabriele Dell'Otto, a Black Cat page by Terry Dodson.
See you next week!
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