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Fresh big pieces on ComicLink! Original Comic Art Tips #226

January 29 · Issue #226 · View online
Original Comic Art Tips
Welcome to #226 of Original Comic Art Tips!
eBay: an Ultimates cover by Mark Bagley was sold for $3,3k, a page of life sketches by Frazetta for $2,1k, the Batman page by Norm Breyfogle for $2k, the Shade page by Bachalo for $1,3k, a Silver Surfer splash by Tom Grummett for $1,5k. A page by John Byrne with a tiny Namor still went for $1k.
Best Offers: Strange Tales by Gene Colan for less than $6k, a 1984 Usagi Yojimbo pinup for less than $6k, a Shang-Chi page by Mike Zeck for less than $1,1k.
Heritage Weekly Auction: have you noticed Tim Sale prices lately? Spidey page (no costume) $5,5k, Batman page (no costume) $3,8k, Captain America page $2k.
Have you noticed JRJR prices lately? in my mind a nice Iron-Man page from 2006 is still priced at $600, this one went for $2,4k.
Fantastic Four art by John Buscema for $4,3k, the Shikishi sketch by Haruhiko Mikimoto for $3,8k, the Wolverine trading card color guide by Paul Mounts over Jim Lee for $2k.
The entry point for vintage Marvel art seems over $1k now, with Ernie Chan Conan strips and Larry Lieber Spider-Man strips selling for $1,1k.
Catawiki: an early Iron-Man page by Tuska went for €2k, a Captain America page by Kida for €750, a Dan Dare page by Hampson for €1,3k, a Stenton page by Micheluzzi for €1k, the Joker commission by Marini for €700, the Jacovitti illustration for €500.
Nate Sanders/Peanuts: the 1969 Snoopy daily went for $49k, the Marcie daily for $18k.
The Peanuts Sunday was sold at Austin Gallery for $70k.
Russ Cochran: $4,2k, $2,6k for the two rare full panel Gasoline Alley dailies. $2,4k for the pre-Skeezix daily, the last dailies of this kind to come out went for less than half this price.

This week on eBay
Olivier Coipel - Wolverine Original Comic Art
Olivier Coipel - Wolverine Original Comic Art
Marvel: nice Morbius/Werewolf page by Redondo, Morbius by Frank Robbins, Ghost Rider by Perlin. A Ghost Rider commission by Chris Samnee.
A Spider-Man cover by Mirka Andolfo, an X-Men page by Olivier Coipel, a vintage Rogue commission by Stelfreeze, Marvel Zombies by Sean Phillips, a Thor page by Esad Ribic, a Thanos page by Alan Davis.
Big collection of detailed sketch cards by Jim Cheung, here’s Spidey.
DC: Wonder Woman by Don Heck, JLA by Doug Mahnke, a Superman commission by Jim Starlin. With today’s prices, and a good Best Offer this Wonder Woman pinup by John Byrne may be a good deal…
This seller has some pricey but top Charlie Adlard art from The Walking Dead: a walkers DPS, a cover, an early page.
Heritage Weekly Auction
Marvel: Silver Surfer and Galactus original art by Ron Lim, a 1989 Punisher half splash by Larry Stroman, a Conan/Red Sonja daily by Ernie Chan, a Spidey Sunday by Saviuk, Indiana Jones by Ditko, an X-Men cover by Sean Chen, a Spidey title page by Olliffe/Williamson.
DC: Swamp Thing pages by Veitch one and two, Infinity Inc. by McFarlane, The Ape by Oksner and Wood.
A very early Madman page, Aliens ½ splash by Denis Beauvais, nice Moonshine strip by Thorne.
Strips: funny Garfield, 1-1-97 Garfield, a Katzenjammer Kids Sunday by Knerr, a Flamingo daily by Baker, a Pogo daily, a Rube Goldberg self-portrait, a Blondie Sunday.
Catawiki Auctions
Jean Giraud - Blueberry sketch
Jean Giraud - Blueberry sketch
A Lucky Luke page by Bonhomme, a very early page by Uderzo, Bouncer by Boucq, a Starwatcher pinup by Moebius and a very nice Blueberry sketch by Giraud, a set of cartoons by Sempé.
A Dropsie Avenue page by Will Eisner, a Preacher commission by Glenn Fabry, a page by Don Lawrence.
An Altai & Johnson cover by Cavazzano, a Ranxerox pinup by Liberatore, a model sheet by Magnus, Storia del West by D'Antonio, a Disney page by Scarpa, a sketch by Sergio Toppi.
Comic link Focused Auction part 1 of 2
Tim Bradstreet - Original Punisher Cover Art
Tim Bradstreet - Original Punisher Cover Art
A Punisher cover by Tim Bradstreet, 1994 Spidey/Daredevil by Mark Bagley, a Phoenix cover by J. Scott Campbell, a Fantastic Four page by John Buscema, Hulk by Sal, F4 by Pollard, early Avengers by Perez, many animation pieces by Jack Kirby.
A Catwoman page by Jim Balent, a TWD splash by Adlard, Y: the last Man title page and pages by Pia Guerra, Spawn by Capullo, a Hulk DPS by Greg Land, a Thanos DPS and a Hulk page by Ed McGuinness.
See you Next Week!!
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