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Frank Miller Spidey Art for Charity! Original Comic Art Tips 219



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December 11 · Issue #219 · View online
Original Comic Art Tips
Welcome to #219 of Original Comic Art Tips! A very long issue… it took me a lot of time (it’s 2 in the morning here), don’t forget the Heritage Animation auction and the ComiConnect auction ending soon!
ebay: The sad market of George Perez original art has already started, with dozens of sketches, commissions and pages sold in a few days and many more posted every day. As an example a very nice Zatanna pinup was sold for a Best Offer lower than $2,5k, and a Teen Titans page for $1k.
A Strange Tales page by Jack Kirby went for a Best Offer lower than $9k, the Spidey splash by Bagley and the Warlord splash by Grell for $3k, Infinity Inc. pages by McFarlane for $2,5k and $2,2k, the Ms. Marvel by Sal Buscema for $2,2k, a Zombie by Bernie Wrightson for $1,5k.
Heritage Weekly Auction: the Batman page by Mike Grell went for $5k, the Warlord page for $2,9k, the Fantastic Four page by Art Adams for $4,5k, the nice Phantom Stranger half splash by Mike Mignola for “only” $2,7k, the Eightball title illustration by Clowes for $2,7k.
Catawiki: a Corto Maltese strip by Pratt for €2k, a color Jeremiah pinup by Hermann for €1,3k, Will Eisner page prelims went for €435, €405, €360, a Swamp Thing page by Breccia for €270, a Torpedo pinup by Bernet for €250.
Nate Sanders: a certified Charles Schulz signature went for almost $5k.

This week on eBay
Frank Miller - Spider-Man Original Comic Art
Frank Miller - Spider-Man Original Comic Art
A big selection of great artists in this charity auction for Amnesty International, we start big with a full Spider-Man illustration by Frank Miller, a cover quality Wolverine pinup by Frank Quitely, an X-Statix splash by Allred, a Wolverine illustration by Simone Bianchi, a Silver Surfer by Alex Maleev, a Hellboy pinup by Gabriele Dell'Otto, Manara, Alex Horley, Elektra and Wolverine by Danijel Zezelij.
Then a Dylan Dog page by Marco Soldi is going very high, a single panel by Andrea Pazienza, a self portrait by Manuele Fior, a Paperinik cover by Cavazzano, a Batman by Nicola Mari and many more.
Marvel: another She-Hulk page by John Byrne, better than the one sold last week, a ROM page by Sal Buscema, Morbius by Virgilio Redondo, Tarzan by John Buscema.
A Daredevil cover by Ed McGuinness, a Spidey page by Ramos.
DC: Wonder Woman by Don Heck, More Infinity Inc. by Todd McFarlane, I like this Superman page by Ross Andru, Batman by Sean Phillips, Promethea DPS by J.H. Williams.
One of the best Perez commissions for sale is this Joker.
Top Luba page by Gilbert, Ring by Gil Kane, a sketched Ragnarok book by Walt Simonson and an Ace McCoy daily by Frank Frazetta.
Heritage Weekly Auction
Batman pages by Jim Aparo and Mike Grell, Avengers by Milgrom, Thanos by Starlin, John Carter by Gil Kane.
Very nice Eerie story by Pablo Marcos, a Verotika illustration by Martin Emond, a funny Garfield daily and look at the second Rip Kirby strip in this lot.
Catawiki Auctions
Chris Bachalo - Steampunk Original Comic Art
Chris Bachalo - Steampunk Original Comic Art
Some cheap (maybe) sketches from top artists ending tomorrow: Jean Giraud, Franquin, Chaland, Loisel, Rosinski, Swolfs, Hermann.
Some more sketches ending next week: a nice Adele by Tardi, Obelix by Uderzo, Leloup, Guarnido.
An album signed by Hergé is already at €6k.
An Uncle Sam page by Alex Ross, a Conan splash by Ernie Chan, a rare Steampunk page by Chris Bachalo, a Batman page by Paul Gulacy, an early Darkness page by Joe Benitez, a Spider-Man X-Men page by Mario Alberti.
A 1985 five pages story by Frezzato, i Briganti by Magnus, Rosso Stenton by Micheluzzi, Tex by Claudio Villa, a Nathan Never cover by De Angelis, a pinup by Jacovitti.
ComicLink Featured Auction
An incredible auction, not enough space to see everything, you should go and see for yourself, I’ll only highlight the top of the top.
The Weapon X cover by Barry Smith, paired with the cover to Conan #6. Hard to believe, several Spider-Man pages by Todd McFarlane together… here’s a cover.
A rare event, a Spider-Man page by Kirby and Ditko, then a Silver Surfer page and an Avengers page by Kirby, a Rorschach page from Watchmen, full X-Men team and Phoenix in this John Byrne page, but there’s also a packed Handbook cover. A Dr. Doom cover by Cockrum, a Long Halloween cover by Tim Sale, an X-Men illustration by Alex Ross.
Then a Daredevil title page by Miller, an Excalibur cover by Joe Mad, an Angela splash by Greg Capullo, Hulk Vs. The Thing by John Buscema, Spidey/Superman by Ross Andru, New F4 by Art Adams.
Brian Bolland recently used this Judge Dredd splash as an example of 100+ pages that were never returned to him. Short story: if it’s not signed in red pen it’s stolen art.
Rare to find lately: an X-Men page by Marc Silvestri and a Batman page (with Batman) by Norm Breyfogle.
Part of a “never seen before” collection of Kirby animation drawings, no known characters, but huge and detailed illustrations. Here’s the best one.
Swann Auctions
The usual great strips, cartoons and illustrations. Krazy Kat Sunday strips one and two, a Peanuts daily, some early Felix the Cat Sunday strips, some great Charles Addams panels with a couple of rare Addams family sketches, Gulliver by Harrison Cady,
Franquin - Gaston Original Comic Art
Franquin - Gaston Original Comic Art
Many top Franquin pieces, here’s a Gaston page and a pinup, a Blueberry page and a nice sketch by Giraud, a Lucky Luke cover by Morris.
Cosey, Lambil, Hermann, Franq, Manara, look at this Tardi illustration.
Vermot et Associés
Vance, Blain, Le Gall. Three different Asterix sketches by Uderzo, plus very rare Idefix and Falbala sketches.
Stanley's Auction
A page from Borgia by Manara, Sgt. Kirk by Pratt, a Valerian page, Jerry Spring by Jijé, then Hausmann, Turk, Delaby, Pedrosa and a cover by Frederik Peeters.
See you next week!!
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