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Dr. Strange #1 and many Covers - Original Comic Art Tips 214

November 5 · Issue #214 · View online
Original Comic Art Tips
Welcome to #214 of Original Comic Art Tips! A very long update…
eBay: a Promethea cover by J.H. Williams was sold for $4,5k, the Fathom DPS by Michael Turner for $4,3k, the Captain America cover by J. Scott Campbell for $4k, a Red Sonja cover by Celina for $3,8k, the 1978 Adam Strange sketch by Neal Adams for $2k, a Warlock page by Ron Lim for $1,7k.
The JLA cover by Gary Frank went for $1,2k, the Invincible page by Ryan Ottley for $800, a Hulk page by Sal Buscema for $650, the Conan splash by John Buscema just ended at $2,1k.
This Seller sold several well done FAKE sketches, last week here’s a “Jim Lee”.
Heritage Weekly Auction: a Doonesbury Sunday was sold for $4,5k, a Mutts daily for $4,3k, the Daredevil page by Gene Colan for $3,1k, original art by Stan Sakai always makes high prices, this Deadpool went for $2,6k, a Silver Surfer commission by Bob Layton for a surprising $2,6k, the MAD sketches by Sergio Aragones for $2,3k.
Catawiki: the Mickey strip by Gottfredson went for €1,7k, Sibylline by Macherot for €1k, Tex by Ticci for €950. A quick but nice Wonder Woman drawing by Adam Hughes for only €350.
Hakes: no time to look at the results, wait for next week!

This week on eBay
Gary Frank - Batman Original Comic Art
Gary Frank - Batman Original Comic Art
DC: the best piece is this Batman splash by Gary Frank, there are also some other nice pages (one, two), a Batman bust by Neal Adams, a Superman cover by Eduardo Risso, a nice Superman sketch by Steve Rude, a Transmetropolitan page by Darick Robertson.
Marvel: Conan and Conan by John Buscema, Spider-Man by Byrne, White Tiger by Giffen, Machine Man by Trimpe, Machine Man by John Buscema, Scarlet Spider by Tom Lyle, Namor by Epting.
Mark Bagley: a Spider-Man/Daredevil splash, a Spidey page, another one.
Look at this Chewbacca illustration by Daniel Warren Johnson, look at this Transformers cover by Casey Collier, an Usagi Yojimbo pinup by Stan Sakai, Grendel by Wagner, Badrock by Liefeld, a Darkness splash by Joe Benitez and a cover.
Heritage Weekly Auction
Jose Luis Garcia Lopez - Shazam Style Guide Original Art
Jose Luis Garcia Lopez - Shazam Style Guide Original Art
DC: a Shazam Style Guide and a Teen Titans splash by Garcia-Lopez, a Captain Marvel splash by Schaffenberger, JLA by Buckler, Superboy by Grummett, a Teen Titans cover and a JLA splash by Tony Daniel.
Marvel: great Conan page by John Buscema, Avengers by Don Heck, Fantastic Four by George Perez, look at these sketches by Jack Kirby.
X-Factor by Guice, a Spidey page by JRJR, Avengers by Alan Davis, Iron-Man by Larry Stroman.
Wizard King by Wally Wood, some top Rip Kirbys by Alex Raymond.
Catawiki Auctions
Gabriele Dell'Otto - Spider-Man Original Comic Art
Gabriele Dell'Otto - Spider-Man Original Comic Art
Some high-end pieces from a Lucca Comics exhibition, this Eva Herzigova portrait by Milo Manara is getting a lot of bids, a Druuna page by Serpieri with not much nudity, a Ferrari themed illustration by Guido Crepax, a Sgt. Kirk page by Hugo Pratt, a Mickey Mouse by Andrea Pazienza, a page by Gipi, I Briganti by Magnus, Donald Duck by Scarpa, a nice Kingpin page by Gabriele Dell'Otto.
Good pieces also in regular auctions, an illustration by Jacovitti, a Nathan Never cover by De Angelis, Tex by Villa and Ticci, a 1987 Dylan Dog page by Roi, Mister No #1 by Ferri.
A detailed Marvel cover prelim by Claudio Castellini, Silver Surfer by Kevin West, Superman by Tuska, a Superman DPS by Jesus Merino.
An Andy Capp strip, an illustration by Bastien Vives, an illustration by Dany.
Heritage Garfield Auction
After a few months, it’s time for another Garfield Original Art auction.
Highest prices as usual for early Christmas day/January 1 strips. 1/1 1979 was the first one for Garfield, while 25/12/1981 was its 3rd Christmas.
Early Sunday strips, many full weeks of dailies, there are also some early merchandising concept sketches, and the original art for the 1981 Garfield calendar, probably still drawn by Jim Davis.
in the back section, there are many colorful merchandising paintings.
Heritage Signature Auction part 1: Covers!
Here we are with another Signature Auction… today on the menu we have original cover art.
Dr. Strange #1 by Brunner is already at $150k (#2 was sold for $90k earlier this year), Origins of Marvel and Defenders #7 by Romita, Conan #15 by Barry Smith, an X-Men painted cover by Cockrum, the Invaders #32 and Iron-Man #95 by Kirby, Amazing Spidey #287 by Bob Hall.
Two in One #42 by Perez, Panic #1 by Feldstein, Tales From the Crypt #20 by Johnny Craig, Spectacular Spidey #187 by Sal Buscema, the Maxx #½ by Kieth.
The Torch #1 by Alex Ross, a great BPRD (118) by Ryan Sook and the beautiful Harley Quinn #33 by Frank Cho.
Art-Rite Auctions
I like this illustration by Sergio Toppi, Titanic by Micheluzzi, a Batman splash by Eduardo Risso, a top Silver Surfer page by Ron Lim, a 1960 Disney prelim by Carl Barks.
Art-Rite is always strong on Frigidaire artists, I’m only posting the top piece, an early drawing by Andrea Pazienza, but there’s a lot to see for the interested.
Comiclink Focused Auction part 1 of 2
Ron Garney - Captain America Original Comic Art
Ron Garney - Captain America Original Comic Art
These monthly CL auctions, with thousands of bad lots to browse, searching for the few gems, are becoming a bit too much… So, are you ready to see some more Stan Lee signed modern covers? Me neither.
An Iron-Man cover by Luke McDonnell, a Dracula page by Gene Colan, a Conan page by Buscema/Adams, the preliminary art by Brent Anderson for the cover of God Loves Man Kills.
Here it is, after a few weeks, not still top quality but close, an Archangel splash by Joe Madureira. An incredible Captain America DPS by Ron Garney.
One of several covers by J. Scott Campbell, a Spidey half splash by Jim Cheung, a Galactus half splash by Olivier Coipel, a Punisher cover by Tim Bradstreet, Hulk Vs Spidey by Mark Bagley, an X-Force page by Gabriele Dell'Otto.
A Batman page by Don Newton, one by Norm Breyfogle, a nice one by Andy Kubert. Batman & Green Lantern by Jim Lee.
An early TWD page by Charlie Adlard, some early Y: The Last Man pages by Pia Guerra.
Nate Sanders Auctions
Some Peanuts strips as usual: a daily from 1953, one from 1960, 1964, one from 1999 with a low starting price (probably because it was laminated).
There’s also a Buster Brown Sunday from 1908.
See you next week!!
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