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Don Newton, Deodato, Bradstreet! Original Comic Art Tips #188

May 7 · Issue #188 · View online
Original Comic Art Tips
Welcome to #188 of Original Comic Art Tips!
Original Comic Art Auction Results:
eBay: the page from Iron-Man #1 by Gene Colan was sold for $32k, the Spider-Man page by John Byrne for $9,1k, the Warlock page by Byrne for $7k. A Daredevil page inked by Klaus Janson on vellum over Frank Miller pencils was sold for $6k, and the same page is now for sale again at a lower price.
The Teen Titans page by George Perez was sold for $3,8k, a Black Cat commission by Adam Hughes for $3,4k, the Invincible page by Cory Walker for $2,5k, the detailed Thor sketch by Walt Simonson for $1,2k, a Batman bust by Jason Fabok for $1,6k.
A Nick Fury bust sketch by Nick Steranko was sold for $7,3k, I’d value it at $1,5k at most. A Spider-Man strip by Larry Lieber (without Spidey) wa sold for $2k, it was there for years, and I often laughed at the price when it came up on the search…
The Conan pages by Buscema are still going.
Hero Initiative: the Phil Hester/Kevin Smith Green Arrow was sold for $2,5k, the original illustration by Kim Jung Gi for $1k.
Heritage Weekly Auction: for once, the highest price was paid for a Golden Age title splash, at $13,2k, a Sgt. Fury page by Dick Ayers went for more than $7k, the Howard the Duck title page by Gene Colan went for $5k, the Legion splash by Keith Giffen for $4k.
Catawiki: the Dago page by Salinas went for €660, the Magnus model sheet for €600, the Paperinik page by Cavazzano for €450, a Rip Kirby strip by Alex Raymond for €750.

This week on eBay
Win Mortimer - Spider-Man Back Cover Original Art
Win Mortimer - Spider-Man Back Cover Original Art
Marvel: Byrne again, with a She-Hulk page, a cover quality Wanda & Vision commission, and it’s also Buscema again with this very nice Conan page and this other one.
The back cover for #2 of Spidey Super Stories by Win Mortimer with a vintage signature by John Romita. For the only Guido fan in the world, this Jim Lee X-Men page may be a good buy, a Namor page by Gene Colan, a very nice Star Wars page by Carmine Infantino, Avengers by Bob Hall.
Domino by Bruce Timm, Captain America by Jae Lee, cheap Fantastic Four cover by Jeff Johnson.
This seller has a lot of John Romita Jr. head commissions.
DC: Green Lantern by Dick Dillin, Flash by Irv Novick, a Batman splash by Doug Mahnke, Batman-Green Arrow by Phil Hester, several animated style JLA illustrations by Tim Levins.
A Batman commission by Lee Weeks, Superman by Gerry Ordway, Flash by Scott Kolins.
A modern Ditko page and some strips: a Dennis page by Hank Ketcham, a Tumbleweeds Sunday, a Glamor Girls Sunday by Don Flowers, Tiger by Bud Blake, a Johnny Hazard daily.
Heritage Weekly Auction
Don Newton - Super Heroes Original Art
Don Newton - Super Heroes Original Art
Marvel: Sgt. Fury by Dick Ayers, Howard the Duck and Dr. Strange pages by Gene Colan, a Marvel cover by Mike Kaluta, Captain America by Rik Levins, a page by Luke McDonnell.
DC: Teen Titans original art by George Perez, a nice JLA page by Dick Dillin, Batman by Irv Novick, a Superman cover by Kano and a Superman page by Ron Garney.
A Superheroes illustration by Don Newton, a City of Tomorrow cover by Chaykin, a painted cover by Kaluta, a great Crime does not Pay splash by Tuska.
Strips: Ben Casey by Neal Adams, a 1961 B.C. Sunday, a 1951 Pogo daily, a top Nancy daily, a 1983 Garfield, Star Hawks by Kane and Cisco Kid by Salinas.
Catawiki Auctions
Guido Crepax - Original Illustration
Guido Crepax - Original Illustration
A Punisher illustration and a commission by Tim Bradstreet, a Cable cover by Mike Deodato, a Scalped cover and several pages by Guera, an Infinity Gauntlet page by George Perez.
Several pieces by J.P. Leon came back for sale, this week… four DMZ covers, a Sgt. Fury page.
After trying to sell it for €10k, and €5k, the Nightcrawler cover by Milo Manara is finally offered for a fair starting price.
A big Mafalda sketch by Quino.
An illustration by Crepax, an early Ken Parker page by Milazzo, Tex by Ticci, a Kriminal page by Magnus.
A Tintin illustration by Hergé, a self-portrait by Carl Barks, a page by Delaby.
GOOD Auctions
A Gaston drawing by Franquin, many beautiful illustrations by Pierre Joubert, many pages by Fred and many strips by Paul Gillon.
See you next week!
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