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Covers Special + Romita Sr. on the Bay - Original Comic Art Tips #255

August 19 · Issue #255 · View online
Original Comic Art Tips
Welcome to #255 of Original Comic Art Tips!
Original Comic Art Auction Results:
eBay: a World’s Finest cover by Ernie Chan was sold for $5,2k, the Avengers page by John Byrne for $4,6k, the Gambit sketch by Jim Lee for $2,5k, the Joker commission by Tim Sale for $1,4k, a painting by Mike Kaluta for $2,8k.
A Bruce Timm pinup went for $1,3k, a Flash Gordon Sunday by Mac Raboy for $1,3k, an early piece by Chris Ware for $2,5k (probably a 1/1 print and not original art though).
The fake Kirby sketch went for a very high $2k. Remember this one, maybe the buyer will sell it again in the future…
Heritage Weekly Auction: $15,6k for the Batman Back Cover by Jerry Bingham, $11k for a Terry daily by Caniff, $7,5k for a MTU page by Sal Buscema, Spidey by Milgrom went for $5,5k.
A Wolverine commission by Geoff Shaw for a high $3,8k, an On Stage daily without Mary for $3,1k, the X-Men wraparound cover by Declan Shalvey for less than $3k seems a good deal, this Infinity Abyss splash by Starlin for $2k a very good deal.
Comiclink: a Mary Jane cover by J. Scott Campbell went for $24k, then not much happened, trust me 💀

This week on eBay
John Romita - Spider-Man Sketch
John Romita - Spider-Man Sketch
Marvel: the vintage X-men piece by Rick Leonardi and the X-Factor page by Larry Stroman are still going and the price is very low for now.
The best piece is this full figure Spidey sketch drawn by John Romita, since we’re here you can look also at a similar sketch by John Byrne with a pair of ugly hands.
An Avengers page by Herb Trimpe, New Mutants by Buckler, a Spidey cover by Pascal Ferry, an Avengers splash by Simone Bianchi, a Captain America sketch painted by Alex Ross, I’d cut it away from the comic book…
DC: a Batman page by Ryan Benjamin, price really lowered on the Superman pinup by Byrne, I’d buy it for that price. A Darkseid commission by Jim Starlin, Flash pages by Paul Pelletier, Spectre by Tom Mandrake, a Catwoman commission by Lee Weeks,
A Sandman sketch by Neil Gaiman, a Sandman DPS by Gary Amaro, Death sketch by David Mack, very nice Hellblazer page by Steve Dillon, a Mighty Love splash by Chaykin.
I like this early TWD page by Adlard, a nice commission of The Crow by O'Barr, Akira by DWG, an Invincible page by Ryan Ottley.
A Doonesbury daily.
Heritage Weekly Auction
Marvel: some more Pat Broderick Captain Marvel pages, Spidey by Bob McLeod, a modern X-Men page by John Byrne, Punisher/Moon Knight and Ghost Rider by Ron Garney. A Spider-Gwen cover by Iban Coello.
DC: a Superman pinup by Garcia Lopez, a Raven trading card by Sienkiewicz, MAD art by Aragones.
Top Gen13 page by Campbell, a Witchblade page by Silvestri, a Rocketeer sketch by Dave Stevens.
Strips: 1948 Tarzan by Dan Barry, more Terry strips by Caniff, a Buz Sawyer by Roy Crane, a Juliet Jones daily, a Flintstones Sunday.
Catawiki Auctions
Ivo Milazzo - Ken Parker Original Comic Art
Ivo Milazzo - Ken Parker Original Comic Art
A Ken Parker page by Milazzo, an illustration by Jacovitti, Brendon #1 by Rotundo, a page by Magnus.
An early Bernet page, Nekradamus by Lalia, a pinup by Luis Rojo, a Wolverine page by Salvador Larroca.
Heritage Signature Auction part 1: Covers!
Brian Bolland - Wonder Woman Original Cover Art
Brian Bolland - Wonder Woman Original Cover Art
Top pieces are this Wonder Woman cover by Bolland, Defenders by Gil Kane, a beautiful Avengers cover by Bob Layton, Batman by Jim Lee, Sandman by McKean, Joker by Mignola.
Then Batman by Tim Sale, Warlock by Starlin, Wolverine by Adam Kubert, 2 in 1 by Alex Ross and Jim Cheung, Titans by Perez, Ghost Rider by Texeira.
A perfect Spawn cover by Capullo/McFarlane, Venom by Bagley, a very nice cover by Cassaday, a beautiful Adam Strange cover by Kevin Nowlan.
I bought this X-Factor cover by Jeff Matsuda in 1997 for $250 (a couple years later the dealer even apologized for making me pay that much!) let’s see how big will be my regret for selling it too early…
Heritage Garfield Auction
Another batch of varied Garfield originals, some funny and early daily and Sunday strips, a Christmas Day strip, a New Years’ day Sunday, a few illustrations.
Nate Sanders Auction
A Peanuts daily with Snoopy.
See you next week!
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