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Comic Art Tips #69 - Kieth, Breyfogle, Cassaday, Jim Lee and More!!

January 23 · Issue #69 · View online
Original Comic Art Tips
Welcome to issue #69 of the Original Comic Art Tips Newsletter! A quiet week, some interesting auction results and some nice pieces on eBay.
Results, Ebay: An Alan Davis Namor cover went for $2,500, the Spiderman page by Erik Larsen for $3,500, the Swamp Thing page by Steve Bissette for $1,600, the Springer/Romita Spiderman splash for $1,200 and a Ron Lim Warlock splash for $2,000. A happy collector bought a Batman original by Don Newton for $280.
Heritage Sunday: You probably all noticed that last week I presented a Prince Valiant print as original art… I was probably half-sleeping in front of the computer late at night. the Wayne Boring Superman strips sold, to no surprise, for $2,200 and $1,900, the Star Wars cover by Mark Schultz went for $1,700, the Hostess Ad by Curt Swan for $1,400, a Jack Jaxon underground splash for $1,800, the George Herriman cartoon for $2,000.
A very nice Conan/Red Sonja commission by Ernie Chan went for only $150, the Chris Bachalo Doc Strange commission for $100, the Dennis the Menace illustration for $300, a nice Impulse page by Ethan Van Sciver for $75.

This week on eBay
Sam Kieth - Wolverine Original Art
Sam Kieth - Wolverine Original Art
We start with a classic Wolverine page by Sam Kieth, an Elektra action splash by Mike Deodato and a Cap Vs. Red Skull commission. Nice Captain America cover and a cheap Robo-Cap pinup by J.H. Williams. Deadpool cover by Jason Pearson, Nova #1 DPS and page by Ed McGuinness, X-Men half-splash by Humberto Ramos, Cap and Alpha Flight splash by Carlo Barberi.
DC: Batman original art by Norm Breyfogle is getting rare to find, we have two pinups for trading cards, Batman/Bane and Robin/Catwoman. A Bane splash by creator Graham Nolan, two very nice Don Newton Batman pages (one and two).
Flash original by Brett Booth, Demon page by John Byrne, JLA splash and a Krypton splash by J.H. Williams, a Superman cover by Stephen Segovia and a Green Lantern DPS by Darryl Banks.
Great Star Wars half-splash by John Cassaday, 2 Wildcats pages by Jim Lee, Spawn page by Greg Capullo, a Shade page by Chris Bachalo and a Vampirella splash by Butch Guice. An Optic Nerve cover by Adrian Tomine for $500 could be a great deal.
Strips: a Polly & Her Pals half Sunday, a Bringing Up Father daily, rare 1931 The Girlfriends daily by Chester Gould, a rare Texas Slim Sunday.
Heritage Sunday Auction
Wally Wood - The Wizard King preliminary Original Art
Wally Wood - The Wizard King preliminary Original Art
First, as usual, is the A of Aparo and his Batman page, another Superman daily strip by Wayne Boring, a Dick Dillin World’s Finest page, a Hostess Ad by Curt Swan starring Batman and a Superman half-splash.
Marvel: Thunderbolts and Avengers by Mark Bagley, Master of Kung-Fu by Gene Day, Terrax page by Ron Lim and Power Man by George Tuska.
A Wally Wood preliminary painting for The Wizard King, a Scalped page by R.M. Guera, Black Kiss by Howard Chaykin and some Strips: a 1938 Alley Oop daily with dinos, a George Herriman cartoon, a unique Rip Kirby daily by Alex Raymond with an outdoor setting, another nice Jack Davis 50’s cartoon, an Andy Capp daily and the usual Bob Lubbers batch.
Russ Cochran: a Jack Davis complete Tales From the Crypt story, a Beetle Bailey Sunday and some Hagar the Horrible dailies.
Nate Sanders: some rare Bloom County dailies by Breathed and a great 1943 war themed Terry daily by Caniff.
See you Next week!!
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