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Comic Art Tips #68 - Larsen, Bissette, Platt and More!!

January 16 · Issue #68 · View online
Original Comic Art Tips
Welcome to #68 of Original Comic Art Tips! lots of great original art to see this week. We’ll start, as usual, with some auction results.
Ebay: The Ghost Rider #50 cover by Ron Garney made $1,500, a Conan page by John Buscema went for $560, the JLA by Howard Porter for $500, the Alley Oop daily for $500 and the Rusty Riley daily for $450. Mike Allred pages are rare to see on an auction, the Avengers pages all went for about $250. Happy collectors bought the Rafael Kayanan Conan half-splash for only $250, the Next Men page by John Byrne for $180, the all-Flash page by Don Heck for $300, a nice Ed Benes page for $350. A rare occurrence: a Jim Lee sketch went unsold at $300.
Heritage Sunday: the John Buscema Avengers page was sold for $4,300, the Space 1999 splash by John Byrne went for $2,300, high for Charlton work, the Captain America page by Gene Colan went for $3,100, the Namor for $2,300 and the Daredevil original for $1,500. The Curt Swan Ad went for $1,900, the Action Comics splash for only $780. The Power Man page by George Tuska went for only $400 and a New Titans by George Perez for $370.
The Frazetta sketch went for $3,600, a nice Longsam Sunday for only $300, the Robin Malone made less.

This week on eBay
Steven Bissette - Swamp Thing Original Art
Steven Bissette - Swamp Thing Original Art
Very good week on eBay for Original Comic Art! Some high quality pieces and many nice pages with low prices. By the way, seems like I “discovered” a technique to find new Buy It Now listings. Good deals only last a few hours, and they’re difficult to track if you’re not online reloading the page… (and I’m not) we’ll see if it works.
Marvel: A Spiderman/Dr. Doom 2/3 splash by Erik Larsen from Amazing #350. It started from $0,00, I’m curious to see the end price. Very nice splashy X-Men page by Andy Kubert, there’s also another less interesting splash. The Springer/Romita title splash from Web of Spiderman #52, another title splash, Warlock written by starling and drawn by Ron Lim, a Man-Thing action page by Don Perlin, then look at what Pablo Marcos is still able to do at 81 in this cover quality Conan illustration done in 2018.
Lots of nice pages with low BIN: Humberto Ramos X-Men page, Spiderman and X-Men by Ed McGuinness, Rogue original Art by Mike Wieringo, Captain America and AVX by John Romita Jr., really cheap X-Men by Sean Chen and Bishop splash by Georges Geanty, full-team Avengers by Mark Bagley, many Spidermans by David Baldeon and look at this Incredible Hulk half-splash by Scott McDaniel. I like a lot this vintage Cap/Spiderman sketch by Mike Zeck.
DC: the best piece of the week is this Steve Bissette Swamp Thing page from the Alan Moore run. Two Wonder Woman pages by Don Heck, Flash original art by Carmine Infantino, a Green Lantern splash by MD Bright. Looks like the 2 year long Don Newton Batman sale is slowly coming to an end, here’s another page. Superman daily by Jose Delbo, Metamorpho by John Byrne, Teen Titans by George Perez and we’re done with classic artists.
Teen Titans DPS and JLA original by Tyler Kirkham, Wonder Woman by Eddy Barrows, Green Lantern splash by Ethan VanSciver, Young Justice cover by Humberto Ramos, beautiful Blue Beetle cover by Stephen Segovia, Superman by Jurgens/Sienkiewicz, very nice Aquaman splash by Steve Epting, slick Robin #1 cover recreation by original artist Tom Grummett. $500 for a painted Batman bust by Ariel Olivetti seems like a good deal, I’m sure this JLA page by Ron Garney for $200 IS a good deal.
Nice Prophet page by Stephen Platt and a cheaper one from Soul Saga, Invincible full figure commission by Ryan Ottley, a Walking Dead page by Charlie Adlard with most of the cast, a Garcia-Lopez Tarzan splash and a Promethea DPS by J.H. Williams.
Strips: very rare 1932 Gasoline Alley topper by King, a 1957 Pogo daily and a great Corrigan daily by Al Williamson.
Heritage Sunday Auction
Hal Foster - Prince Valiant Original Art
Hal Foster - Prince Valiant Original Art
DC: only one Batman page by Jim Aparo, one by Gene Colan, an Hawkman Ad by Curt Swan and Clark changing into Superman, nice one. Two 1944 Superman dailies by Wayne Boring (one, two), three Titans pages by George Perez, Impulse by Ethan VanSciver and mad Joker page by Pat Gleason.
Not much from Marvel, a Blaze cover by Wagner/Sienkiewicz, a Silver Surfer page by Tom Grindberg and a Doc Strange commission by Chris Bachalo.
Animal Man cover prelim by Bolland, another Space 1999 by Byrne and a Mark Schultz Star Wars cover.
Many nice strips this week, we can only start with this Prince Valiant illustration by Hal Foster, a Dan Barry 1968 Flash Gordon Sunday, a Rip Kirby daily by Alex Raymond, a really great Dick Tracy Sunday, a Jack Davis cartoon from the 50’s, color Dennis illustration by Ketcham and a cartoon by George Herriman.
Comic link Focused Auction
Jose Luis Garcia Lopez - Batman Vs. The Hulk Original Art
Jose Luis Garcia Lopez - Batman Vs. The Hulk Original Art
This is part two (see last week’s issue for part one) of our ComicLink January auction overview. The second half is slightly better than the first…
A Thor page from the 70’s by Walt Simonson, nice Captain America page by Mike Zeck, Don Perlin Punisher splash, a Thing splash by Whilce Portacio, Iron-Man splash by Mark Texeira, Cap by Tim Sale, some recent Romita Jr. original art, like this Avengers page and Hulk Vs. The Thing.
Great Batman/Joker page by Jose Garcia Lopez from Batman/Hulk, The Ray cover by Joe Quesada, nice Lobo page by Val Semeiks, an Impulse original by Humberto Ramos, Wonder Woman half-splash by Aaron Lopresti and a lot of 100 Bullets pages by Eduardo Risso.
Not many interesting pieces, some sketched books by top artists you can try to win for low prices, like this nice Moebius.
See you next week, I’ll probably start to look into Heritage’s big February auction..!!
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