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Comic Art Tips #67 - Starlin, Colan, Cheung and More!!

January 10 · Issue #67 · View online
Original Comic Art Tips
Welcome to #67 of Original Comic Art Tips! Things are slowly going better after Christmas… a few nice pieces on eBay and HA, but I have to say that the new ComicLink auction is pretty weak, very different from the last one in December which was their best ever (go back to see issue #61 here). Let’s see some auction results first:
ebay. The Namor page by John Byrne went for $1,000, the Batman splash by Garcia Lopez for $5,000. The Elektra cover by Mike Deodato was very iconic but I’d never imagine it going for $9,000… The Win Mortimer Spidey splash went for $1,700 while the full figure Cap by Mike Zeck went for only $290 and the Gene Colan Dracula portrait for only $160.
Heritage Sunday: the Garcia Lopez Batman pinup went for $1,000, the Curt Swan ad page for $2,000, the Jim Aparo title splash for $3,800 and the Black Cat splash for 2,100.
The Ryan Sook Spectre DPS went for only $200, and a nice Power Man original by George Tuska for $500.
This Dennis the Menace panel went for $900, the gag was funny but the art a bit static, usually late panels go for much less. An early 20’s Gasoline Alley daily made $1,300, again dailies without Skeezix usually end for lower prices. That nice Orphan Annie Sunday went for $660, we’re used to fluctuating prices based on art quality on 60’s Sundays, I thought this one would go for more.
The First auction by Taurus (see last week’s issue) went without surprises, bad descriptions and low traffic kept all prices down, they made many collectors very happy. (reply to this email if you bought something, I’m curious!).

This week on eBay
Jim Starlin - Thanos Original Art
Jim Starlin - Thanos Original Art
DC: a Penguin splash by Tony Daniel, a Flash page by Don Heck, very cheap Rick Leonardi Superman in action page, nice Howard Porter JLA page, Robin original art by Ed Benes. Many cheap Jim Lee sketches lately: Green Lantern.
Marvel: Conan page by John Buscema, Conan half-splash by Rafael Kayanan, cheap Thanos page by Jim Starlin and a Thanos head commission I’d like to buy (no int'l shipping…). Sal Buscema Captain America and Hulk end page with Sinnott, nice Herb Trimpe Thing page, Elektra by Mike Deodato.
Jim Cheung X-Men DPS, X-Men by Nick Bradshaw, cheap Steve McNiven Thor page, Hulk half-splash by Mark Bagley, rare (for eBay) Iron-Man page by Mike Allred.
Next-Men page by John Byrne, funny Tumbleweeds Sunday, Rusty Riley daily, Alley Oop daily, Tiger daily by Bud Blake.
Heritage Sunday Auction
Gene Colan - Captain America Original Art
Gene Colan - Captain America Original Art
The Sunday Auction is slowly returning to pre-festivities level, this week we have a bigger selection and some nice pieces.
It seems like Jim Aparo is back after a few months of absence, this week we have several Batman pages like this one. Teen Titans one and two by George Perez, Impulse splash by Ethan Van Sciver, a Flash ad page by Curt Swan and the title splash from Action #547.
Avengers/X-Men page by John Buscema, Gene Colan has a very nice Namor page, a Daredevil page and a Captain America page I really like: Cap, Spiderman and Harry Osborn inked by Bill Everett and 2 redrawn faces (Romita? not 100% sure). George Perez again with an Avengers DPS and Power Man by George Tuska.
Space 1999 splash by John Byrne, published Frank Frazetta sketch, Green Berets daily by Joe Kubert, Archie Sunday by Bob Montana and the usual Lubbers’ art, look at this illustration!
Comic link Focused Auction
Steven Hughes - Evil Ernie Cover Original Art
Steven Hughes - Evil Ernie Cover Original Art
It’s time again for a new ComicLink auction! Let’s see the first part of the lots, come back next week for more. As usual more than half of the art in this auction is just filler material, but that’s my job…
A great Conanesque illustration by Neal Adams (with a loose Deadman sketch in the background?), Thor page 1 and Thor page 2 by John Buscema, Spiderman by Sal Buscema, X-Men original art by Nick Bradshaw, a Spiderman illustration on black paper by Gabriele Dell'Otto.
Wonder Woman and Teen Titans page by John Byrne, nice WW page by Jose Delbo, Superman splash and Superboy cover by Tom Grummett, Hawk and Dove by Gil Kane, an Eternals cover by Ladronn and a Batman Vs. Nightwing DPS by Brett Booth.
Do you remember Kindred the Image superhero from the early 90’s? Me neither, but the art by a young Booth was good. 3 stunning Hellblazer pages by Simon Bisley, I like this one. Detailed Y The Last Man cover prelim by Massimo Carnevale, a Divine Right DPS by Jim Lee with many Wildcats and Gen 13 heroes, nice Evil Ernie cover and Lady Death pages by Steven Hughes.
See you Next Week!!!
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