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Colan, Romita Sr., Wrightson! - Original Comic Art Tips 186

April 23 · Issue #186 · View online
Original Comic Art Tips
Welcome to #186 of Original Comic Art Tips! Long Results section and a few surprises on ebay.
eBay: let’s start from the top, do you believe that the Hero Initiative charity piece/Venom #35 variant cover by Humberto Ramos and Ryan Stegman was sold for $28k? I had to.
Somebody spilled the beans about the uncredited Romita Jr. Spider-Man page, it was sold for $4,5k. Sorry…
A Swamp Thing illustration by Bernie Wrightson went for $8k, a Teen Titans cover by Ed Hannigan for $4k, a Spectacular Spidey cover by Luke Ross for $5k, an Incredible Hulk page by Herb Trimpe for $5k.
Somebody was very smart in buying this very nice Spider-Man page by John Romita and Dan Green for a $3,8k Best Offer, the same can be said about this detailed Tomb Raider sketch by Adam Hughes, sold for a $950 B.O.
The UK Spidey splash went for $2k, a Carnage cover by Marcelo Ferreira for $2,4k, the Invincible page by Ryan Ottley and a Shazam splash by Gary Frank for $1,5k, a Batman page by Sean Murphy for a $1,3k B.O., a rare cover sketch by Daniel Clowes for $1,1k.
Usually, those Jim Lee limited action figures contain a quick profile sketch and sell for $800. One with a high-quality Joker drawing was sold for a $1,5k B.O.
Not enough space for all of the high eBay results, here’s the link to see them all.
Heritage Weekly Auction: Don Martin is the winner, with a 2-page Mad story sold for $7,8k and a single page story for $6,6k. A four-page early Golden Age story was sold for $5,2k, the Super Powers page by Jack Kirby for $3,6k, Thor by Keith Pollard for $3,3k.
Catawiki: an A3 Mafalda sketch by Quino was sold for €5k (!), a Corto Maltese strip by Hugo Pratt for €4,4k, a page from XIII by Vance for €2,4k, an AXA strip by Romero for €650, a page by Crisse for €600.
A quick sketch by Franquin for €500, a sketch by Moebius for €500, a page prelim by Will Eisner for €300. An illustration from Il Salgarone by Jacovitti for a low €320, a color illustration for €360.
Comiconnect auctions: April 2021 is a record month for Dave Cockrum X-Men pages, this one was sold for $70k, just below the Nightcrawler origin sold a few weeks ago on Heritage. A Dr. Strange splash by Frank Brunner went for $24k, the cover to Black Panther #8 by Jack Kirby for $40k, a G.I. Joe cover by Trimpe for $19k, a Spider-Man cover by Ross Andru for $45k.
In the past year, we started to build a little reference file for Joe Madureira‘s original art prices, this X-Men DPS was sold for $27k.
Iron-Man Original Art by John Romita Jr. is quite rare, this Marvel Age cover (with Byrne inks) looks like a good deal at $12k.
This Fantastic Four page by John Byrne sold for $10k looks a bit underpriced, a Thor splash by John Buscema went for $9k.
Comiconnect is also one of the few auction houses where you can still find a good deal, this Scarlet Witch/Iron-Man page by John Byrne went for $2k, a classic Avengers page by Don Heck for $3,3k, a Power Man/Iron Fist splash by Chan & Mignola for $1,5k, a Ghost Rider page by Don Perlin for $800 and a Dr. Strange page by Butch Guice for $200.
Comiclink: the highest result is $8,1k for a Spider-Gwen cover by J. Scott Campbell, a Superman page by George Perez went for $7,5k, several Infinity Gauntlet pages sold, as usual. The highest price was $6,4k for this Ron Lim page, a bit low compared to the latest sales.
A Deadpool cover by Tradd Moore was sold for $5,6k, a Chris Bachalo Dr. Strange commission, not touched by Neil Gaiman, went for $700, a published Hunger Dogs production page for $2,6k. Surprised by this Batman commission by Neal Adams sold for $6k when you can commission him for less.
Hundreds of affordable pieces too, the best were this Spider-Man page by Sal Buscema sold for $1,2k, Spidey by Stuart Immonen for less than $500, a nice Superman page by Gil Kane for $1,4k, Fantastic Four by Ron Frenz for $600.
A Valiant cover prelim by Barry Smith for $900, Dr. Strange pages by Rick Leonardi and Geof Isherwood for $600.

This week on eBay
Gene Colan - Iron-Man Original Comic Art
Gene Colan - Iron-Man Original Comic Art
DC: the cover to Flash #209 by Dick Giordano is the second big piece of the week, a Batman page by Ross Andru, one by Ric Estrada, one by Jim Aparo, a Batman commission by Neal Adams, a Mystery page by Grandenetti and Wally Wood.
Many pages from the ‘90s, Teen Titans by Tom Grummett, white Superman by Ron Frenz, an Aquaman splash a Superman page and a JLA page by Val Semeiks, Anarky by Norm Breyfogle, Aquaman by Jim Calafiore.
A Batman commission by Kelley Jones, Young Justice by Todd Nauck, full page Flash by Ron Frenz, a Harley splash by Chad Hardin, a Supergirl cover by Brian Ching and ten Shazam model sheets by Gary Frank.
Marvel: a classic Iron-Man #1 title page by Lee/Colan/Craig, an Avengers page and a Man-Thing splash by David Wenzel, a Spider-Man Sunday by Alex Saviuk.
A Thanos page by Ron Lim, Hulk by Bagley, an Avengers splash by Mike Mayhew, Peter Parker by John Byrne, a Spidey commission by Gabriele Dell'Otto.
Strips: nice X-9 by Mel Graff, a 1933 Moon Mullins, Buz Sawyer by Roy Crane.
Heritage Weekly Auction
Rich Buckler - Fantastic Four Original Comic Art
Rich Buckler - Fantastic Four Original Comic Art
Marvel: the best piece of the week is this Buckler/Sinnott Fantastic Four page, Sgt. Fury by Dick Ayers, Hellcat by Don Perlin, Dr. Strange and Galactus by Geof Isherwood, Dr. Strange by Erik Larsen, a Daredevil page by Ditko.
DC: Batman by Irv Novick and Gene Colan, World’s Finest by Garcia Lopez, Dick Dillin, Murphy Anderson, a Superman DPS by Curt Swan, and a page by Jim Starlin. A Golden Age Green Lantern strip by Paul Reinman, I like a lot this Swamp Thing page by Rick Veitch.
A Wildcats splash by Jim Lee, a TMNT illustration by Kevin Eastman.
Catawiki Auctions
Two Bernard Prince pages by Hermann, a Natacha page by Walthery, a page by Margerin, a pinup by Dany and some sketches: Durango by Swolfs, Schuiten, Gibrat, Lauffray.
A no reserve Corto Maltese strip by Hugo Pratt, a page by Manara, a big illustration by Jacovitti, great page by Micheluzzi, a cover by Jacono.
A Nathan Never cover by De Angelis, a page by Bottaro, one by Romano Scarpa, a Clara pinup by Bernet and a page prelim by Eisner.
Misc. Auctions
Nate Sanders:
Two very early Peanuts dailies, one from 1952 and one from 1953.
Heritage Illustration:
Hidden between beautiful illustrations there are three Charles Addams panels, here’s one.
See you next week!!!
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