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Classic Marvel Pages on the Bay - Original Comic Art Tips #238



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April 23 · Issue #238 · View online
Original Comic Art Tips
Welcome to #238 of Original Comic Art Tips!
eBay: the Wonder Woman cover by J. Scott Campbell was sold for $13,3k, the X-Men page by Cockrum for $5,1k, four Batman pages by Gene Colan for a $6,6k Best Offer, the Action Comics page by John Byrne for $1,5k, a 1982 Creature from the Black Lagoon illustration by Art Adams for a $1,5 B.O.
The very dubious Spider-Man drawing by “John Romita” went for $2,9k, much lower than a similar piece by John Romita would sell for…
Again with the Fantastic Four page by Jack Kirby: offered for a pretty interesting $7,5k the first time, was ended by the seller, then the auction started again at $8k and it was ended by the seller at $10,5k, now the auction started for the 3rd time at $10,5k.
Mike Mignola: the 1999 Hellboy pinup was sold for $2,5k, then Mike’s own charity auctions, three 2019 Hellboy busts, probably leftovers from pre-pandemic conventions. Look, this one still has a $800 price tag, sold for $1,7k… then $1,5k for this one and $1,4k for the third.
Then Radio Spaceman 1 - $2k, Radio Spaceman 2 - $1,8k and Radio Spaceman 3 - $1,7k.
Heritage Weekly Auction: these top Terry strips from the Bobby Murphy collection will probably increase prices for all of the Caniff strips… a daily went for almost $10k.
The Groo DPS for $5,7k, the Marvel poster by Adi Granov for $5,3k, the Avengers page by Sal Buscema for $4,5k, the 2021 Spider-Man commission by Tim Sale for $3,1k, I think these go for less than $1k at the source -hint-.
The Spidey page by Mark Bagley for $2,8k, a Paper Girls page by Cliff Chiang for $2,6k, a 1994 Garfield daily went for a pretty high $2k, bidders liked the gag a lot… Jim Cheung prices are growing very quickly, this Children’s Crusade page went for $2,6k, very rare nowadays to find a page at auction going for less than $2k.
Remember when 3 weeks ago we looked at results for Hal Foster Prince Valiant layouts sold at Nate Sanders’? The highest price was $1,2k. Now this one is better (but unsigned), with nice Valiant panels, it went for $1,9k.
Catawiki: the Necron sketch by Magnus went for €550, the Scrooge sketch by Don Rosa for €400, the Napoleone cover by Paolo Bacilieri for €450, the Dylan Dog page by Micheluzzi for €250.
Heritage Illustration: record price for Mort Drucker at $21k, $37k for the Blade Runner piece by Bill Sienkiewicz.

This week on eBay
John Buscema - Avengers Original Comic Art
John Buscema - Avengers Original Comic Art
Marvel: from a Spider-Man annual, a Captain Marvel origin page by John Romita JR and SR. Look at this Avengers page by John Buscema, an Avengers cover recreation by JB and also a Nova page. A Hulk page by Sal, this Spidey DPS painted by Bernie Wrightson was sold last week but it’s for sale again, a Nova cover prelim by Marie Severin, a Dr. Strange title splash by Chris Marrinan, a Conan page by Rudy Nebres.
Excalibur by Alan Davis, Marvel Knights by Barreto, a Venom splash and a Spidey page by Mark Bagley, Morbius by JRJR, a Wolvie commission by Risso.
DC: a Batman prelim by Simone Bianchi, Batman by Paul Pope, a Power Girl commission by Mike Grell.
Some nice Vertigo pieces: a Crossing Midnight cover painted by J.H. Williams, Jesse losing his eye in this Preacher page, an ornate Lucifer and Morpheus commission by Craig Hamilton, very detailed 100 Bullets page by Risso.
Mike Mignola: Mr. Peanut, Quake, Quisp.
Tomb Raider prelim sketches by Mike Turner, a Backlash splash page by Brett Booth, a Red Sonja cover by Celina, Elric pinup by P. Craig Russell.
Heritage Weekly Auction
Esad Ribic - Fantastic Four Original Cover Art
Esad Ribic - Fantastic Four Original Cover Art
Marvel: Sgt. Fury by Ayers, Avengers by John Buscema, a Ghost Rider page by Saltares/Texeira, a 1993 Spidey page by Mark Bagley, a very nice Fantastic Four cover by Esad Ribic.
DC: some style guide illustrations by Garcia Lopez, Batman by Irv Novick, an early Y page by Pia Guerra.
A Godzilla cover by Art Adams, Black Cat by Lee Elias, a Crow painting by James O'Barr.
Strips: a Terry daily by Caniff, a Rip Kirby by Raymond, a beautiful Scorchy daily by Sickles, a very funny 1964 B.C. daily, a top Hagar Sunday by Dik Browne.
Catawiki Auctions
Magnus - I Briganti Original Art
Magnus - I Briganti Original Art
A Bruce Hawker page by Vance, a very nice Chick Bill poster and a cover by Tibet, a Tintin sketch by Hergé, Tuniques Bleues by Lambil, nice published pinup by Dany, a sketch by Moebius.
A Briganti model sheet by Magnus, very nice Ken Parker page by Milazzo, a Ranxerox sketch by Liberatore.
I like this pinup by Lapone, a Donald Duck page by De Vita, a Dr. Doom prelim by Simone Bianchi.
(not the best) X-Men page by Joe Madureira, an Andy Capp strip, a Skorpio page by Garcia Seijas.
Urania Aste part 1
The first 100+ lots, “Guido Crepax and the Masters of Erotic Art” are without images, so I can’t choose the best links. if you’re interested here’s a link to the auction.
We start with Giorgio Cavazzano: 50 great pages from Cavazzano, a 27 page complete Uncle Scrooge story, here’s the title page, a complete Altai & Johnson story, here’s a page, a cover homage to Gottfredson, a color Uncle Scrooge illustration and many more.
Some nice and rare pieces also in the Pinocchio section, with Samurai Pinocchio by Sergio Toppi, then Gianni De Luca, Giardino, Scarpa, and a very rare complete Stefi story by Grazia Nidasio, here’s a page.
Masters of Italian Comic Art: Dino Battaglia, with many beautiful pages from La Freccia Nera, a Corto Maltese watercolor by Hugo Pratt, I also really like this page from L'Ombra.
The First Sam Pezzo cover by Giardino, a Cocco Bill ice cream ad by Jacovitti, top page from Lo Sconosciuto and a published Tex strip by Magnus.
Many covers by Corteggi, here’s a Kriminal.
Nate Sanders Auctions
See you next week!!!
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