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Classic Comic Strips (W/Romita Spidey) - Original Comic Art Tips #234

March 25 · Issue #234 · View online
Original Comic Art Tips
Welcome to #234 of Original Comic Art Tips!
eBay: the Man-Thing illustration for charity by Mike Mignola was sold for $4,1k, much less than last week’s $10k Wolverine. Not the best Teen Titans page by George Perez but it went for $4,5k, a very nice X-23 cover by Adam Kubert for $3,5k.
A Spirit page by Will Eisner for $2k, a cover recreation by Ramona Fradon for $1,6k, Power Man by Mike Zeck for $1,3k, the Batman page by Gary Frank for $1k.
A Cosmic Ghost Rider cover by J. Scott Campbell went for a Best Offer lower than £9,5k, a Danger Girl page for a B.O. lower than $6k, a Harley Quinn headshot commission by Bruce Timm for a B.O. lower than $900.
Heritage Weekly Auction: The Infinity War DPS by Ron Lim was sold for $5,5k, the Batman page by Neal Adams for $3,3k, a Golden Age page by Bob Powell for $3,1k, a Spider-Woman page by Win Mortimer for the same price.
The nice Swamp Thing preliminary page by Wrightson for $2,6k, a Terry daily by Caniff for $2,1k. Unknown to me until now, I just discovered that Red Barry strips go for high prices, this daily went for $2k.
The Daredevil color guide over a Frank Miller DPS went for $2k, color guides are becoming real collectibles very quickly, while I personally would not spend a single dollar on them…
Catawiki: the page from El Gaucho by Milo Manara was sold for €1,7k, a Trigan page by Don Lawrence for €1,6k, the portrait of Lo Sconosciuto by Magnus for €860, the Captain America page by John Cassaday for €500.
Millon: very high results for Franquin, with €60k paid for the Gaston page (still no link), the sketch by Jacobs for €21k, the Hergé prelim for €25k, the Manara cover for €6k, the Spider-Man by Dell'Otto for €3,1k and more.

This week on eBay
Bill Sienkiewicz - Moon Knight Original Comic Art
Bill Sienkiewicz - Moon Knight Original Comic Art
Marvel: last week’s Fantastic Four page by Jack Kirby still has 3 days to go, the current price is $10k. A Wolverine page by John Cassaday, a 1984 Dr. Strange commission by Paul Smith, a Moon Knight page by Bill Sienkiewicz.
DC: Batman/Catwoman page by Gary Frank, a Promethea DPS by J.H. Williams, a Midnighter cover by Chris Sprouse, a Batman/Bane commission by Glenn Fabry.
A 1985 Penny Century title page by Jaime, a Red Sonja cover by Celina, a Spirit illustration by J.P. Leon, a Grendel page by Matt Wagner.
Heritage Weekly Auction
Marvel: a Conan splash by Alcala, Sgt. Fury by Ayers, Black Costume Spidey by Milgrom, a Spider-Man page by Sal Buscema and a Spidey splash by Bagley, New Mutants by June Brigman.
DC: a detailed Kamandi DPS by Ayers/Alcala, a Hawkman DPS by Jim Starlin, a Shadow page by Chaykin.
Catawiki Auctions
Giorgio Cavazzano - Disney Cover Original Art
Giorgio Cavazzano - Disney Cover Original Art
A Paperinik cover and a Donald Duck cover by Giorgio Cavazzano, a Mickey Mouse cover by Silvia Ziche, a 3 Musketeers illustration by Paolo Mottura.
Disney pages by Cavazzano, Chierchini, Scarpa, De Vita.
Borgia and El Gaucho pages by Manara, a pinup by Liberatore, a Druuna coloring page by Serpieri, a Hulk cover prelim by Claudio Castellini, a Torpedo pinup by Bernet, some magazine illustrations by Daniel Torres.
A 1952 Lefranc page by Martin, a great page by Tardi, a page and a cover by Hermann, a new auction of J.F. Charles original art with covers, pages and illustrations.
Heritage Signature Auction part 2: Strips
John Romita - Spider-Man Sunday Strips Original Art
John Romita - Spider-Man Sunday Strips Original Art
More great strips than I can show here, many Terry strips by Caniff again from the Murphy collection, like a Dragon Lady daily, the first appearance of Connie and some Sunday pages.
Several Frazetta strips, some top Peanuts, dozens of Garfield strips.
A Prince Valiant, a Tarzan by Hogarth, Flash Gordon by Raymond, look at this Bringing Up Father Sunday, a Spidey Sunday by Romita.
A Popeye by Segar, a 1937 Alley Oop, a Krazy Kat, a very nice, early Blondie and many more.
Nate Sanders: J.C. Murphy Estate Auction
500 lots from the John Cullen Murphy archives, most are Prince Valiant strips.
He saved many (all?) of the layouts Hal Foster sent him along with page scripts, a good opportunity for the many collectors who can’t afford a published Foster page.
The layouts are detailed enough to recognize Foster’s style, the earlier pages are at the same time sketchier but still show a firm hand, (like this and this one) the later pages are more detailed, and often signed too, but you can see the declining quality (see this, this, and this one).
There are some matching Foster/Murphy lots too, like this beautiful example with a pencil layout and an ink wash prelim by Foster and an incredibly detailed finished Murphy page.
Then hundreds of Murphy pages, divided by decade, the earlier the better.
See you next week!!
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